Best OBD2 Bluetooth

Are you making the most out of your smartphone or tablet device? Did you know you can wirelessly connect them to any vehicle you’re in by using the best OBD2 Bluetooth scanner?

A high quality OBD2 Bluetooth scanner should be able to read and clear codes, freeze frame, repair reports, do live data reporting, and other advanced functions.

OBD2 Bluetooth Reviews

BlueDriver LSB2


The diagnostics are made easier with the android or apple BlueDriver App. The BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool lets professionals in on almost any repair needs, car trouble codes, and even live data. read more

Best Vacuum For Car

Is your car constantly filled with pet dander, dust, dirt, and various substances you don’t even know? Don’t fret – because the best vacuum for car owners will help you out with your troubles.

Choose a car vacuum, which has powerful suction so that you draw in all of the dirt and dust on all areas of your vehicle. Depending on your needs, you may want to lean towards getting a battery-operated one.

Vacuum For Car Reviews

Dewalt DCV581H


Cleaning up the car gets easier with the Dewalt DCV581H car vacuum. Portability gets you to those hard-to-reach car crevices without losing vacuum power over the crush-resistant 5ft hose. You will need to purchase the battery and charger separately. read more

Best Snow Chains

Do you live in an area where the winters pour hard? If you want to be able to use your vehicle efficiently, you need to get the best snow chains in the market.

Good snow chains will let you have much-needed peace of mind during challenging weather. These are a must-have if the roads in your area are completely covered by ice or snow.

Snow Chains Reviews

Security Chain Z-539 Z-Chain


It is redesigned with a more flexible inner steel cable for easier storage. The Z-Chain by Security Chain maintains its aggressive road-grip for your wheels with the durability guaranteed by years of design experience. read more

Best Octane Booster

Are you searching for ways to increase your car’s performance? You’ve come to the right place. Take a look at this best octane booster selection.

Increasing your fuel’s octane level makes it more resistant to pre-ignition or detonation that robs engine performance. A working booster will ensure that your internal combustion is flowing safely and smoothly.

Octane Booster Reviews

Luca Oil 10026-PK12


It is for noticeable no-knock performance of high-compression engines. The Lucas Oil Octane Booster can significantly raise mileage while remaining safe for engine sensors and catalytic converters. read more

Best AUX Cable

Do you want to play audio while you’re on the road but can’t figure out how to connect your device to the car’s system? The simplest way to get connected is by using the best AUX cable.

An AUX cable should let you play virtually anything from any device that has a standard headphone socket. You can listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts by using the cable to connect your device to your car.

AUX Cable Reviews

Sentey LS-6620


At 3ft of soft PVC and carbon fiber cabling, you will want to consider the Sentey Aux Cable that offers near-universal connectivity. It is supported by a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. read more

Best Floor Jack

Do you like working on cars yourself? If you like getting your hands dirty in the garage, you need to have the best floor jack at your disposal.

A good quality floor jack makes working on vehicles a lot easier and safer especially for those jobs that require raising the car up to reach underneath.

Floor Jack Reviews

Goplus Heavy-Duty Steel Floor Jack


This floor jack from Goplus has a 3 ton rated capacity with a lift range of almost 20-inches, and features a dual plunger for faster lifting.

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Best Tire Pressure Gauge

Are you constantly finding your tires too soft during your trips? It sounds like you can use some of the best tire pressure gauge in the market today.

Having a tire pressure gauge can help you prevent untimely inconveniences while you’re on the road. By being able to test the pressure of your tires, you can take necessary steps to correct the amount of tire pressure before heading out of your garage.

Tire Pressure Gauge Reviews

Lantoo Five-in-One Tire Pressure Gauge


This multi-function digital pressure gauge from Lantoo reads pressure in four scales, including KPA and BAR, and includes emergency tools such as a window hammer and seat belt cutter. read more

Best Car Freshener

Did your cat or dog make on the floor of your car? Did the kids spill their juice during a road trip? No need to worry – having the best car freshener with you will take all bad odors away in a jiff.

Car fresheners should be able to give the air inside your vehicle a fresh and fragrant scent. You can use them regularly as part of your cleaning routine, or only when you need to get rid of a bad odor in the car.

Car Freshener Reviews

PURGGO Car Air Freshener


This auto air freshener from PURGGO uses bamboo charcoal to absorb odors, rather than simply covering them up with fragrance, and lasts for over a year. read more

Best Spark Plugs

Is your car giving you trouble when you try to start the engine in the morning? This may indicate that you need to be on the lookout for the best spark plugs for your vehicle.

A good, functioning spark plug should be able put a stop to any power surges and engine “hesitations” that you have been experiencing when starting and driving your car.

Spark Plugs Reviews

NGK BPR5ES, One Piece


This spark plug from NGK is made with high alumnia ceramics to ensure improved electrical insulation and heat transfer and a solid copper core for stronger spark. read more

Best Radar Detector

Have you been getting more speeding tickets than you can count? If so, you are in need of the best radar detector. Find out if you’re being monitored by the police right off the bat.

A radar detector should be able to tell you quickly if you’re going over the speed limit and have gotten the attention of law enforcement. Having one will help you avoid getting speeding tickets

Radar Detector Reviews

Escort Passport 9500IX


This advanced radar detector from Escort includes an AutoLearn feature that locks and unlocks signals after three passes to protect you against unwanted false alerts. read more