Best AUX Cable

Do you want to play audio while you’re on the road but can’t figure out how to connect your device to the car’s system? The simplest way to get connected is by using the best AUX cable.

An AUX cable should let you play virtually anything from any device that has a standard headphone socket. You can listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts by using the cable to connect your device to your car.

AUX Cable Reviews

Sentey LS-6620


At 3ft of soft PVC and carbon fiber cabling, you will want to consider the Sentey Aux Cable that offers near-universal connectivity. It is supported by a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

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iVanky IVANKY-AC02


It is temperature-resistant. This polymer cabling by iVanky comes in two colors – black and red. It can give you reliable, high-fidelity stereo audio transmission. Purchase comes with the iVanky Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

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This dual-shielded male-to-male cable from SecurOMax connects your car stereo system with almost any device sporting 3.5mm audio jack. Quality sound delivery comes together with the free lifetime replacement warranty.

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Cone C-nac02g01001


Braided carbon nylon and premium cabling materials makes for the Cone Auxiliary Cable’s reliable flexibility, stereo sound transmission, and durability. It comes at 6.6ft with a one-year warranty.

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Nicer Premium NC-AUXCNG01


With its 100% coppery core, the Nicer Aux Cable comes in four beautiful braided finishes for durability and music sound fidelity transmission. No-tangle cable design can get you busy listening sooner than you expect.

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Anker AK-A7123011


The durability-tested Anker Aux straight cable has slim extensions. You can expect near-universal fit with portable devices for that immersive stereo sound quality in your car.

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iXCC i-stereo-mm-3ft-01


It has flexible jacks at 3ft of dual-shielded cabling. The iXCC Aux Cable is designed for convenience and durability. It is supported by a 2-year warranty.

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Chromo Inc. 2x Pack 661657426


Choose across black, pumpkin, orange and green colors, these 5ft Chromo Inc. Aux Cables give a flat-wire for durability across car seats. It can swap out for an angled-jack for a clean looking dashboard all-in with the 2-pack set.

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VOJO Coiled Aux Cable


The VOJO Coiled Aux cable lets you listen to car music with its quality toughened materials and fidelity transmission even at a distance of 6ft using nearly any portable device supporting a 3.5mm jack.

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Ugreen 10605 Professional HiFi


It is designed with silver-plated coppery core and finished with plated-gold jacks. This 10ft of straight cabling will not tangle. You will have great quality car stereo sound off of your portable devices.

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Types of Aux Car Cable

An auxiliary cable is useful in connecting an MP3 device or your iPhone to your car stereo. To enjoy excellent audio, choose the best aux cable, which is compatible with your device.

The aux cable can affect the quality of the music that you play. There are four types to choose from with each one utilizing a different technology to transmit audio signals.

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) aux cable – It delivers the best audio quality. It provides surround-sound from a 19-pin single cable connector that transfers digital audio to 8 channels.

Optical aux cable – It carries a wider bandwidth than the coaxial aux cable. The thin glass fiber cables carry digital surround-sound using pulses of light that is not affected by electromagnetic interference.

Coaxial aux cable – It is more robust than optical aux cables. The surround-sound audio quality that it delivers to 5.1 channels is as good as that of optical cables.

Analog or RCA aux cables – It is suitable for analog stereo systems. The standard RCA cable provides a 2-channel stereo connection, but it is also available in XLR and multi-channel forms. 

How to Select an Aux Car Cable

Aux cables deliver higher quality audio than wireless systems. Follow these tips in choosing aux cables for your car to enjoy best music from your car audio system.

Avoid buying cheap, poorly made aux cables. The cable can melt in the heat when used with your car stereo, which leads to malfunction and poor sound quality.

Check the fit of the aux cable with the aux port of your car stereo. Cable connectors that do not provide good fit can slip out of the socket while driving.

Choose HDMI aux cables for high performance digital audio players. HDMI provides the best digital sound quality because it transmits uncompressed digital signals to your car stereo.

Opt for higher quality oxygen-free aux cables with tarnish-free gold plated connectors. These cables last longer and produce less interference in the audio signal transmission.

Buy aux cables of sufficient length, such as coiled cables that do not tangle. These provide sufficient slack when you connect your player with the car stereo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aux Car Cable

When is the coaxial cable better than an optical cable? If you require longer lengths, the aux coaxial cable is more economical. It is also recommended when the connection to your car stereo requires cables to be bent. 

What is the meaning of S/PDIF? S/PDIF means Sony/Phillips Digital Interface. This serial interface uses light pulses to transfer digital audio from your player to your car amplifiers without electromagnetic interference. 

What is an aux input? Aux input refers to the audio socket in a device that pairs with an aux cable with appropriate connector. It also refers to the aux port or aux jack. Most new cars feature the 3.5 mm aux socket, while older models may feature the 2-socket RCA Aux inputs.

What are the functions of the Aux input? The Aux input is used solely to transfer audio from your mobile device or media player to your car’s speakers. 

When I am using an Aux cable from my iPhone, can I use the car’s controls to select music? No. You have to select the music from your device. If you travel alone, set up your playlists from your iPhone before you go.

Tips in Using Your Aux Car Cable

Auxiliary cables provide a simple way of listening to music in your car. These cables have certain limitations but by following these tips, you get the best results from your aux car cables.

Keep aux cords away from power cords. Power cords can introduce interference into the signals transmitted by aux cables, lowering the quality of the transmitted audio.

Do not bend or kink your aux cables as this can cause potential damage to the wires. Also avoid stretching the cable because this puts stress on the connector.

Arrange excess lengths of your car aux cable in “S” or “8” coils and not in loops. Loops produce electromagnetic interference, while an “S’ or “8” coil minimizes interference.

Clean dirty jacks with a mild cleaning solution applied to a soft cloth. Dirt and grime produce a scratching sound on the audio and promote wear and tear on the connector.

Before playing your music selections, set the volume of your media player or iPhone to about 75%. Use your car radio volume control to further increase the volume.

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