Best Car Freshener

Did your cat or dog make on the floor of your car? Did the kids spill their juice during a road trip? No need to worry – having the best car freshener with you will take all bad odors away in a jiff.

Car fresheners should be able to give the air inside your vehicle a fresh and fragrant scent. You can use them regularly as part of your cleaning routine, or only when you need to get rid of a bad odor in the car.

Car Freshener Reviews

PURGGO Car Air Freshener


This auto air freshener from PURGGO uses bamboo charcoal to absorb odors, rather than simply covering them up with fragrance, and lasts for over a year.

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California Scents Spillproof Air Freshener


This high-quality air freshener from California Scents is made with organic fragrance oils to give your car a fresh scent for up to two months.

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KOKO Aroma Car Vent Clip


This unique air freshener from KOKO Aroma lets you select your own fragrance. Simply clip the locket next to air vents after adding your chosen essential oils.

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Bmbu Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer


This car air freshener from bmbu neutralizes odors using the power of bamboo charcoal. Simply hang the 300g bag in the desired spot to eliminate unpleasant smells.

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Glare Squash Marine Air Freshener


This air freshener from Carall features a strong, fresh scent that lasts as long as six weeks. The fragrance is extracted from fruits such as peaches and apples.

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BMW Natural Air


This car air freshener kit from BMW features fragrance sticks in three natural scents using essential oils plus a holder to be placed near ventilation grills.

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One Point Zero One Natural Air Freshener, Four-Pack


This air freshener from One Point Zero One consists of bamboo charcoal bags in attractive colors that will naturally purify the air without using fragrances.

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California Car Air Freshener, One Piece


This air freshener from Arotags is made with natural wood and is in the shape of the Golden State. It freshens with a “Cool Water” scent.

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Dollar Scent Luxury Car Air Freshener, Five-Pack


This premium air freshener from Dollar Scent freshens your car with a bold sporty fragrance that will mask unpleasant odors. It also comes with a striking design.

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Febreze Car Clip Air Freshener, Four-Pack


This air freshener from Febreze is clipped next to your car’s air conditioner or ventilation system to give it a refreshing and subtle Hawaiian air.

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Types of Car Air Fresheners

  1. Cardboard – Patented in 1954 and still being used today, these are the most popular and easiest to produce types of air fresheners.These are usually hung in the rear view mirror.
  1. Air Spray– These types come in compact aerosol cans designed to be kept inside your vehicle. You’ll have to manually spray your car with this type of air freshener.
  1. Gel – In these types of air fresheners, scented oils are suspended in gel contained in a small jar. The scent then slowly disperses through the lid.
  1. Vent Stick – These sticks are attached to the car’s air conditioner vents. The air from the AC carries out the scent of the oil. 
  1. Oil Wick – Scented oil is contained in a refillable bottle, with a wick inside to move the oil from the bottle to the collar.The scent is then ventilated through the bottle’s slits.

The cardboard types are the simplest, air sprays allow for more control, gel types are for long-term deodorizing, vent sticks are for a thorough cleansing feel, and oil wicks are long-lasting and refillable.

How to Select a Car Air Freshener

No car is complete without an air freshener. In choosing an air freshener to buy, these are the factors you need to consider.

Installation – Where do you want to put your air freshener? Hanging on the rear view mirror, or near the dashboard?

Longevity – Some types of air fresheners last longer than others. Oil wick types and vent sticks are among the longer-lasting types.

Scent – Choose your preferred “flavour” of scent and level of strength. All types have different varieties of scents, so choose any to your liking.

Replacement – If you don’t want to replace your air freshener too often, choose the refillable and/or long-lasting models.

Design – Do you want the traditional tree or dice-shaped air fresheners, or something more professional and sleek-looking? 

How to Maintain Your Car Air Freshener

  • Keep it moist – To make your air freshener last longer, give it a few sprays of water every now and then. A dry air freshener won’t produce any scents!
  • In oil wick types, you can add a bit of water to make them last longer. This will also lessen the strength of the scent, in case it’s too strong for your preferences. 
  • Keep it away from heat – You can increase your air freshener’s longevity by keeping it out of the sun and shielding it from heat exposure. 
  • When not in use, store your air freshener in a cool environment such as the glove box/compartment of your car. 
  • Keep it away from the air conditioner vents – If you put them near the air vents, they’ll dry out faster. Place them in the rear view mirror, or even the door pocket. 
  • This does not apply to the types of air fresheners that actually use the car’s air vents to circulate the scent.

Reasons to Have an Air Freshener

Air fresheners are an absolute necessity if you own a car— and here’s why:

  • It eliminates foul or unwanted odours that tend to get stuck in your car, such as food and smoke from cigarettes.
  • With the right choice of scent, it creates a relaxing atmosphere that you’ll thank yourself for in long trips.
  • Paired with a neat environment inside your car, air fresheners maintain cleanliness by keeping your car smelling nice and clean.
  • It improves your driving experience by masking unwanted odours that cause stress and irritation, especially in the middle of traffic.

For your own comfort, get an air freshener for your car. Otherwise, it’ll end up smelly and feeling stuffy inside.

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