Best Car Leather Cleaner

Cleaning leather upholstery on car interiors may seem like an overlooked task, since car owners think leather is way tougher than fabric and needs less cleaning. Actually, leather interiors need some care, too. The best car leather cleaner helps car owners keep their upholstery clean and strong.

Leather car upholstery is prone to cracks because of heat and frequent use. Good car leather cleaners remove grime, leave a protective layer, keep leather smelling fresh, and reduce chances of cracks and tears in the seats.

  • Lexol Leather Cleaner
  • Kevian Clean Interior Defense
  • Leather Honey Leather Cleaner
  • Leather Nova Leather Conditioner & Cleaner
  • Glacier Leather and Vinyl Cleaner
  • Armor All Auto Care Cleaning Pack
  • Auto-Chem Professional (807-032)
  • Bugs N All
  • Milsek LC-12
  • Lexol 0901 Leather Cleaner

Car Leather Cleaner Reviews

Lexol Leather Cleaner


Lexol Leather Cleaner is best suited for do-it-yourselfers.Features DH-60 UV sunscreen. It cleans and protects your car’s leather. The package also includes applicator sponges.

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Kevian Clean Interior Defense


Kevian Clean Interior Defense will bring a muted luster to your car’s leather seats. It does not contain any VOCs.It’s best for people who do their own car maintenance.

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Leather Honey Leather Cleaner


Leather Honey Leather Cleanerleaves very little to no residue.It removes embedded dirt, liquid residues, and even shoe scuffs. It may be a good option if you have to remove deep seated dirt from leather.

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Leather Nova Leather Conditioner & Cleaner


Leather Nova Leather Conditioner & Cleaner contains vital nutrients to protect leather seats from wear and tear. It prevents premature cracking and/or drying.Best for car owners with brand new seat covers and interiors.

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Glacier Leather and Vinyl Cleaner


Glacier Leather and Vinyl Cleaner is formulated for balanced PH.It makes old leather in cars smell great. It leaves a creamy consistency. It’s best for folks who have cars with old smelly leather.

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Armor All Auto Care Cleaning Pack


Armor All Auto Care Cleaning Pack is formulated for all tough automotive jobs. It leaves a natural matte finish. It is best suited for professionals and DIY folks.

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Auto-Chem Professional (807-032)


Auto-Chem Professional (807-032) is both a restorer and protectant for all of your car’s interiors. It deep cleans leather and it’s biodegradable. It’s best suited for people who want a deeper clean to their car leather.

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Bugs N All


Bugs N All by ProSol is a non-toxic and biodegradable cleanser. It also works great on other upholsteries. It’s best suited for people who prefer to use non-toxic solutions.

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Milsek LC-12


Milsek LC-12 is formulated to clean and condition car seats. It’s easy to use – just apply it on leather, wipe it down, and buff. It’s best suited for do it yourselfers.

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Lexol 0901 Leather Cleaner


Lexol 0901 Leather Cleaner is a leather cleaner, vinylex, and conditioner in one package. It prevents premature aging of your leather. It’s best suited for people looking for an all in one solution.

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Types of Car Leather Cleaners

Leather gives a stylish look on the car seats, whether real leather was used or a synthetic one. The material will wear out over time. This is the reason why you need a leather cleaner.

An all-purpose cleaner that is used for general car leather cleaning is available in the market. This is used for mild to medium duty cleaning on your car leather seats.

For heavy-duty cleaning, a more aggressive leather cleaner is used. It will help in removing excessive levels of dirt in your leather car seats.

Some cleaners also come with a leather conditioner to put a little shine on the leather since cleaning it will only give you a matte appearance.

There are also leather cleaners with a scrub brush included in the kit. The brush is used to scrub and clean the car seat after spraying the leather cleaner.

Many people would go gaga on what cleaners to get but in actuality, the leather car seats will last longer simply by keeping it clean in the first place.

How to Select a Car Leather Cleaner

Removing grime, dirt, or dust in your leather car seats can be tricky and may require time but with the right leather cleaner, you can restore its shine. 

Consider the type of leather your car seat is made of. Different leather types require different leather cleaners. Select the appropriate PH product that is best suitable for your car seat leather.

Consider the condition of your car seat’s leather. Is it dirty and just needs proper cleaning? Or is it full of stains? Get the leather cleaner that can fix the problem.

Consider testing the leather cleaner first before using it in your car. Some leather cleaners can deteriorate the color of the leather so it’s best to try it out first.

Consider the end result that you like to get after using the leather cleaner. Do you want the leather to be soft and clean or a little bit shiny?

There really is no perfect cleaner for all types of situations. The most suitable car leather cleaner depends on the leather itself and your needs. 

How to Use Car Leather Cleaners

Taking care of your car leather seats may be a tedious job but with the help of the right leather cleaner, it can be pretty easy. 

Before using the leather cleaner, remove any grime or dirt on the leather surface. For multiple layers of dirt, spray the leather cleaner on a microfiber towel and use it to wipe the seats.

Once the surface dirt has been removed, spray the cleaner directly onto the seats and use a bristle brush to gently clean the leather seat.

If the seat is made of perforated leather, do not spray the cleaner to the seats. Instead, spray the brush with the cleaner and scrub the leather.

If you choose to use the leather cleaner with conditioner, you may do so. But, you have to test it first to ensure it will not discolor your leather car seat. 

Follow the instructions in applying the conditioner on the leather and use a microfiber towel to wipe the seats. Allow at least an hour for the conditioner to soak into the leather. Use a new towel to polish the seats. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Leather Cleaners

What does it smell? Some leather cleaners have a smell similar to that of leather. Others have no smell at all. Check the product details to know the specifics.

Will it work on untreated leather without changing the color? It actually depends on the leather material and the brand of the cleaner. Some customers said that their leather got stained while others say that their work perfectly.

Is the cleaner compatible with a conditioner from other brands? Most cleaners have conditioners that come with them. Most are compatible with other conditioners. Check with the brand to be safe.

Will it work on black and white leather car seats? Most leather cleaners are suitable for all colors. It would be wise to check the brand and product details first.

How often should I use the cleaner? Most cleaners can be used as often as desired. Some customers use it every week. Others use it twice a week or once a month.

Will it give the leather car seats a shiny, greasy look? If you use a leather cleaner, the leather will look clean. If you use a cleaner with conditioner, then, the leather will be a little shiny.

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