Best Car Speakers

Isn’t it nice to go on a ride with great music in the background? Lively beats of the hottest hits and favorite tunes make driving enjoyable and memorable. The best car speakers will surely fire up the beats and keep the music and memories on.

Great car speakers liven up a dull driving moment by filing the car with entertaining music. Ideal ones should deliver crisp and clear sounds with depth and are not eardrum-busting. Tweeters and woofers must be made of quality materials to deliver great sound at all times.

Car Speakers Reviews

Kenwood KFC-6965S


Kenwood KFC-6965Scomes with 400W Sport Series 3-Way Speakers. It’s also outfitted with a polyetherimide cone tweeter and a ceramic super tweeter. It may be a good option for people who want to upgrade from stock speakers.

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Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime


Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime is configured as a 3 way full range speaker. It also has an integrated tweeter crossover. It may be a good option for audiophiles especially those with hearing issues.

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Kenwood KFC-1665S


Kenwood KFC-1665S has a max power of 300W. It comes encased in a steel basket to reduce noise cancellation. It may be a good option if you’re looking for powerful aftermarket speakers.

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Kicker 41DSC654 D-Series


Kicker 41DSC654 D-Series has a peak power of 480 watts. It also features a thin profile. It may be a good option for car owners who have trouble with the clearance when installing new speakers.

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Rockford Fosgate R1675X2 Prime


Rockford Fosgate R1675X2 Prime is designed as a full range car speaker. They are rated 45 watts RMS. They may be a good option for folks in need of factory replacement speakers.

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JBL GTO638 is designed as 180 watt 3 way loud speakers. It also features Mylar-titanium tweeter. They may be good option if you’re looking for better quality sound production.

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BOSS AUDIO NX654 Onyx comes with a max power of 400 watts. These are 4 way full range speakers. They may be a good option if you’re looking to rock your car when you drive.

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Kicker 41DSC44


Kicker 41DSC44 has a peak power of 120 watts and minimal tweeter protrusion. It may be a good option for people who want to replace stock speakers with superior aftermarket models.

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Pioneer TS-F1634R


Pioneer TS-F1634R may be a good option for people looking for full range car audio. It is outfitted with a shallow basket, which makes it easier to install. It has a max power of 200 watts.

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Lanzar OPTI6MI Opti Drive


OPTI6MI Opti Drive by Lanzar comes with a capacity of 500 watts. It is also outfitted with a die cast aluminium frame. It may be a good option for people looking for speakers with a smaller footprint.

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Types of Car Speakers

Tweeters produce very high frequencies and are used to reproduce high-pitched sounds. They are the smallest size and can be stand-alone or part of component systems.

Supertweeters produce the highest possible sound frequencies and are used as part of component systems. High frequencies are directed straight to them for a lossless range of highs.

Midrange speakers are dedicated to the frequencies between the high and low ranges and ensure that details are reproduced that tweeters and woofers cannot handle.

Woofers reproduce low to mid tones such as basses and handle a particular range of low frequencies in a component system as well as a full-range speaker.

Subwoofers reproduce the lowest end of the low frequencies and are the largest size of speakers, and also need their own separate amplifier to work properly.

Full-range and component speaker systems are also available that include sets of speakers as well as crossovers that are used to connect them for more accurate reproduction.

Features of Car Speakers

Sensitivity refers to the amount of sound a speaker generates. It is expressed in decibels with higher ratings indicating louder speakers. 90dB speakers are considered outstanding.

Power-handling refers to the ability of the speaker to handle power without sustaining damage and is measured in watts. There are two ratings – continuous and peak.

Speaker configuration refers to the way they are placed in your car. If you plan to buy new speakers, ensure that they will fit the existing receptacles.

Pivoting tweeters can be turned in order to focus the sound where you want it. You can move them towards you for a better listening experience.

Detachable tweeters, on the other hand, allow you to move them around to create the sound environment that you want and get the best sound reproduction.

External crossovers are an optional feature that cleanly separate the frequencies sent to the tweeter and woofer that creates more efficient and accurate sound reproduction.

Car Speakers Buyers Guide

The first consideration in buying a speaker system is whether you should upgrade the speaker components you currently own or replace them with new ones.

If you choose to replace, make sure that all the components have similar RMS ratings to ensure that they are powered properly and will fit your current setup.

When buying new speakers, check out their frequency range – the wider this is, the more sounds the speakers can reproduce. The peak frequency is around 20,000 Hz.

Also consider the sensitivity rating relative to the power output of your sound system. Low-powered systems should have speakers with high sensitivity ratings and vice-versa.

You should also get speakers made with high-quality materials. The casing should be a material that resists humidity and heat such as rubber or foam.

Woofers and tweeters should be made with soft materials such as polyurethane or polypropylene, which help produce more accurate sounds although stiffer materials can help produce higher tones.

How to Get the Most Out of Car Speakers

Install sound-deadening materials such as Dynamat where the speakers are located. This material will not only absorb speaker vibrations for better sound but also reduce exterior noise.

If you’re using component speakers, consider adding an external audio amplifier. This will help ensure much greater sound quality by ensuring the system is properly powered.

Also, check the amplifier’s gain control to ensure it does not result in audio distortion. This problem can result if it is set up too high.

Tune your car audio equalizer based on the kind of music or audio content you’re listening to.  You can use pre-set options or you can tune the equalizer yourself.

Subwoofers should be placed in a container specifically designed to accommodate it. The box should not leak sound and have the proper internal volume for good sound reproduction.

If your subwoofers consume a lot of power, install a separate power capacitor to handle it. Otherwise, it may result in electrical problems like involuntary headlight dimming.

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