Best Car Stereo

Have you ever wondered what else is better than having the car that you love? It is having the best car stereo for that perfect ride.

The ideal car stereo should not be just playing track. This stereo system must have top signal-to-noise ratio with its front-and-rear speaker. It would also need to integrate smoothly with any of your devices and apps.

Car Stereo Reviews

Boss Audio 612UA Digital Media Receiver


The Boss Audio 612UA is a Mech-Less (No CD/DVD) receiver with 50W x 4 Maximum Power. It plays music from an MP3, WMA, USB, SD and smartphones. It features switchable tuner, pre-amp outputs, ID3 tag, and built-in preset EQ, which allows you to easily change up music styles.

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Pioneer DEH-150MP Car Stereo


The DEH-150MP car stereo by Pioneer features WMA and MP3 playback, Advanced Sound retriever, and front AUX input. It lets you customize the sound with low-pass and high-pass filter settings, subwoofer control, and five-band graphic equalizer. It has an anti-dust design and single-line LCD display.

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Boss Audio BV9364B Receiver


Boss Audio BV9364B Receiver comes with a 6.2-inch touchscreen DVD player, wireless remote, and Bluetooth capability. It has front, rear, video, and sub pre-amp outputs, and USB, AUX, AV, rear camera, and micro SD inputs. It can also play music from MP3, WMA, AM/FM, and smartphones.

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XO Vision XD103 Car Stereo Receiver


The XO Vision XD103 car stereo receiver has an SD card slot and USB port for greater function. It features an FM radio tuner with up to 18 presets and AUX input that allows you to play music from an MP3 player. It also has a fully detachable faceplate and built-in equalizer for sound enhancement.

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Pioneer AVH-280BT Multimedia Receiver


The Pioneer AVH-280BT Multimedia Receiver comes with a 6.2-inch display with clear resistive touchscreen. It features five-band graphic equalizer that lets you enhance the sound and Bluetooth function so you can make a call and stream audio hands-free. It also comes with a back-up camera input and optional CD-IU51 cable for connecting to an iPhone or iPod.

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JVC KW-R910BT Car Stereo


The JVC KW-R910BT Car Stereo is built with a sleek, high-quality design. It has Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream and play music from external sources. It also has Android Control and a USB port, allowing you to play songs from your smartphone, MP3, iPod, or iPhone.

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XO Vision XOD1752BT Car Stereo


The XOD1752BT Car Stereo by XO Vision is equipped with a 6.2-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth capability, and AUX input connection. It has AM/FM radio with 18 presets and station seek feature. The intuitive user interface lets you watch movies and videos comfortably in your car.

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Ezonetronics LC044 Car Radio Receiver


The Ezonetronics LC004 Car Radio Receiver has FM radio function with 18 preset stations. It also has charging function and MP3 playback through the SD card slot and USB port. The front AUX input lets you play tunes from your iPad, iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, or smartphone.

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Kenwood KDC-162U Car CD Receiver


The KDC-162U Car CD Receiver by Kenwood has a built-in MOSFET amplifier and charging function for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android phones. The receiver plays CDs, CD-RWs, and CD-Rs pre-loaded with WMA or MP3 music files. It has a detachable faceplate with LCD display and red illumination.

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BESTREE JSD-520 12V Car Stereo Player


The BESTREE JSD-520 12V player is a single-din car receiver with wireless remote control and colored LCD display. It supports hands-free calls, streaming, and music playing via the built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity. The USB and AUX inputs can play music files in MP3, WMA, and WAV formats.

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How to Select the Best Car Stereo

In choosing the best car stereo, decide on the kind of system you want. Do you want a concert-like sound, or bass-rich music? The important thing is to focus on the kind of music you like to listen to.

Do your Homework – Research on the components that are right for your car. Also, know where to buy your car stereo, what they cost and what you want it to do.

Use your Head – You may be overwhelmed by accessories like amplifiers or subwoofers. Keep a clear head when composing your stereo system by considering how long you will keep the car and how you use it.

Use your Ears – Like any mobile phones, car stereo systems are personal things. While you may get advice from others, you always have the last say on the components to buy. Purchase a system that best fits your personality.

Turn it Down – You can’t always turn up the volume. If you hear distortion or you’re driving through the neighborhood, turn the volume down. You also don’t want to damage your ears by playing your music too loud.

Crank it Up – When shopping for a car stereo system, don’t hesitate to play the music out loud. You need to sense how a subwoofer or speaker performs. Most systems are meant to play loud music.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Stereos

Can I still use steering wheel controls if I have a new car stereo? You can still use the controls if you have a specialized adaptor. When you get an aftermarket car stereo, sellers give a discount on the adaptor.

How can the iPod be connected to the stereo? You can run a cable from the handheld device’s headphone jacks to the stereo’s auxiliary input. You may also utilize the iPod cable and insert it in a USB slot.

Can I use Bluetooth® to make phone calls and stream music? Yes, you can use Bluetooth®. It can even control and run Internet apps. A Bluetooth® connection works to connect your dash and your phone.

Can factory speakers handle a CD receiver that is high powered? The factory speakers can handle an aftermarket CD receiver’s output, but performance is limited. You may match your aftermarket CD receiver with aftermarket speakers.

How much power is needed to get optimum performance? As long as you are in the recommended speaker range, increasing power will add depth and richness to your music.

How powerful is the factory car stereo system? As factory car stereo systems are basic, you can expect less power than units sold in the aftermarket. While factory systems are powerful, you can still get nifty aftermarket features.

How to Maintain your Car Stereo

Aside from your car, your car stereo system also needs periodic maintenance. If you pay more attention to it, you get to enjoy your unit more. Plus, its sound quality may remain top-notch by keeping it clean.

Maintaining CD Players – To maintain your car stereo, make sure that the CDs you put in are still in top condition. A broken CD may damage your CD player. Keep your CDs safe by storing them properly.

Dirty CDs can also cause car stereo errors. While you think the CD may stop playing, your stereo, in fact, works harder. Using a dry cloth, clean your CDs.

Your car stereo manual may state what discs you can and cannot use. Severely damaged and warped discs may not be used as they will damage your car stereo. They may either decrease the unit’s lifespan or break it.

Maintaining Connectors – Your connectors need proper attention, as not maintaining it can lead to bad sound quality. Car manufacturers recommend wiping the connectors with a cloth with a touch of alcohol. Wipe them gently.

Maintaining CD Player Lenses – You car’s CD player lenses may have moisture issues caused by heating or humid conditions. Your CDs may skip while you play them. When the lenses malfunction, eject the CD and leave the unit on until moisture has evaporated.

Tips to Use the Car Stereo

If you’re always driving long routes, you may want to have a stellar car stereo system. Great music can be enjoyed, so you or your passengers won’t get bored during the ride. Some tips to use the car stereo include:

Replace Factory Systems – You can improve your car sound system by installing good quality aftermarket speakers. While most factory speakers have improved over the years, they still don’t produce top-notch sound.

Choose a Lower Compression Level – Don’t use the default setting when compressing your files. If you seek to use your smartphone, MP3 player, iPod, use little compression. Higher bitrate allows you to enjoy better sound quality.

Use a Sound-Damping Material – By reducing road noise and vibration, the sound-dampening material can make your car stereo system sound better. When the material is attached to the door panel, it reduces door vibrations.

Add an Amplifier – More than any car stereo, a separate amplifier can provide cleaner power. With an amplifier, your system may sound better. It’s an essential tool to getting excellent sound.

Use High-Quality Amplifier Cables – Don’t use undersized or cheap cables to power your amplifiers. An acceptable power cable allows current to flow freely, giving your amplifier the needed power, even when performing at its peak.

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