Best Garage Parking Aid

Car models get bigger every launch, while the typical home garage doesn’t. It’s common for people to have difficulties in parking their cars inside their garages. So, found some garage scrapes again? Not this time, as the best garage parking aid will solve the problem.

It helps drivers fit their cars properly inside the garage without damaging the garage itself. Parking aids range from handy parking mats to modern sensors. Ideal aids should be sturdy, clearly visible, and easily mountable on the garage spaces.

  • Universal Car LED Parking Sensor
  • Park Daddy PDY-100-AA
  • MAXSA Innovations 37314-W-RS
  • Car Dash Reverse Parking System
  • CAR ROVER Car Reverse Parking Sensors
  • Parking Sense
  • Park Zone Precision Parking
  • MAXSA Innovations Park Right
  • MAXSA Innovations 37312 Park Right
  • Smart Parking LED

Garage Parking Aid Reviews

Universal Car LED Parking Sensor


Universal Car LED Parking Sensor by Auto Safety features a premium quality radar system. It is also weather proof and adapts to different environments. This may be a good option for the absolute safety conscious.

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Park Daddy PDY-100-AA


Park Daddy PDY-100-AA by Invis-a-Beam LLC does not require any hard wiring. Its sensors are quite precise. They may be a good choice if you want hassle free installation.

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MAXSA Innovations 37314-W-RS


MAXSA Innovations 37314-W-RS is a good choice for people who prefer motion detections systems. It uses dual lasers, which is great if you have two cars. It comes with LED lights.

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Car Dash Reverse Parking System


Car Dash Reverse Parking System by Platinum Products UMD is a video recorder slash parking system. It gives you a 170 degree viewing angle. It may be a good choice if you want a highly sensitive crash detection system.

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CAR ROVER Car Reverse Parking Sensors


CAR ROVER Car Reverse Parking Sensors offers enhanced detection. It utilizes 4 sensors and a buzzer. It may be a good option for people who prefer simple wiring jobs.

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Parking Sense


Parking Sense by EasyPark Kit is a high performance parking aid. It is highly customizable and easy to install. It could be a good option for parking aid first time buyers.

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Park Zone Precision Parking


Park Zone Precision Parking by Generic only requires a one-time setup. It utilizes ultrasonic sensing. It may be a good option if you prefer a traffic light-like setup.

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MAXSA Innovations Park Right


It only takes a few minutes to install the MAXSA Innovations Park Right. It uses adjustable laser beams. It can be a good option for folks who don’t like to fuss with equipment installation.

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MAXSA Innovations 37312 Park Right


MAXSA Innovations 37312 Park Right is a good choice for laser style accuracy. Visible lasers serve as your parking guide. It’s a good choice for those who prefer visual parking aids.

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Smart Parking LED


Smart Parking LED by Neo Products USA uses 2 visible stop signs that you can install in your garage. They’re easy to install and adjust. It may be a good option for folks who prefer easy setups.

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Why Use a Garage Parking Aid

Parking in a garage can be challenging since you don’t know whether or not you’re properly positioned without having to get out of your car.

Without a parking aid, you might have to reposition your car if it’s not pulled all the way in that you can close your garage door.

This can be a hassle since you would have to get out, judge how far to back up the car, and then perform the parking maneuver.

Parking aids make it easier for people with larger cars to park in smaller garages, without the risk of accidentally bumping into the side or rear walls.

Parking is already a difficult maneuver for many drivers to perform, but these devices make it easier to do while still ensuring proper car positioning.

Parking aids allow you to maximize your garage, since you can use it for storage and still be able to park in the remaining space.

Types of Garage Parking Aids

People previously used to rely on improvised parking aids, such as a suspended tennis ball on a string, to help them park perfectly in their garages.

These days, there are a variety of garage parking aids available to help them, ranging from simple but effective devices to the more hi-tech gadgets.

The most basic garage parking aids are parking stops that you place where you want to position your car. You brake when the tire hits the stop.

LED parking signals work in a similar fashion. They are stop signs with weighted bases that flash lights when your car bumps into the post.

Ultrasonic parking sensors consist of a sensor and a signaling unit. When the car is near the sensor, a signal flashes that tells you when to stop.

Parking lasers emit a laser beam when activated by motion detectors. You simply stop when you see the red laser dot reach a predetermined spot.

How to Choose a Garage Parking Aid

How large is your garage? If you have a small garage, it is better for you to go with a low-tech solution such as parking stops.

Parking lasers and ultrasonic sensors work better with bigger garages since you can more accurately set them to where you want the car to stop.

How much work are you willing to put in? High-tech parking aids have to be installed in the garage, which you might find it difficult to perform.

Lower-tech parking aids, on the other hand, simply have to be put in the proper spot. A parking stop, for instance, just has to be glued in place.

How accurately do you need to park? If the garage has to accommodate two or more cars, a parking laser would be a better choice.

This device would enable you to not only back up the car more accurately, but also position it such that the garage can accommodate the other car.

Tips for Using Garage Parking Aids

Before you decide on which parking aid to buy, assess your needs first. Decide on which device would give you the results that you want.

Also consider the amount of space in your garage. Decide on the proper place to park your car so that it best fits your requirements.

Make sure you keep your garage tidy. Even with parking aids, it is more difficult to park if there are a lot of obstructions in the way.

You should also ensure that you don’t store too much stuff in your garage. Don’t make it harder to park by making the parking space narrower.

If your parking aid requires batteries, you should also periodically check it to see that the batteries have enough charge to keep the device working.

Don’t rely too much on the parking aid. While they are a great help, you should still continue to develop your parking and driving skills.

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  1. The Maxsa works great for me. The dual lasers are perfect and easy to adjust to get your parked right not just front and back, but from side to side. Love this product

  2. How about you cut (2) pieces of 2×4, or any other line of material you install behind your tires when you’re in the right spot, then when backing up you stop at those tire stops.

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