Best Led Fog Lights For Cars

Drivers traversing paths laid out with heavy rain, snow or fog likely experience little to no road visibility. While the car’s trusty old beams can help, there are times when it’s not enough. The best LED fog lights can help in these dire times.

Ideal aftermarket LED fog lights should have low, wide beams and should produce a white or yellow light. They must be mellow yet strong enough to provide adequate lighting in crucial situations, easy-to-install and look discreetly good in front of a car.

Led Fog Lights For Cars Reviews

Stanbow 72W 5040LM Flood & spot Combo


Stanbow 72W 5040LM may be a good option for people who mainly drive SUVs or jeeps. It’s bright and very compact. Mounting hardware is versatile and it’s built sturdy.

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PartsSquare Fog Driving Light DRL


PartsSquare Fog Driving Light DRL may be a good option for those who want to replace stock bulbs.No need for ballasts during install. It’s designed corrosion and shock proof.

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FISHBERG Waterproof Projector


FISHBERG Waterproof Projector has an aluminium frame for better heat dissipation. It is also built with a water resistant coating. This may be a good option if you prefer waterproof fog lights.

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ANNT Work Flood Round Light


ANNT Work Flood Round Light may be a good option for those who to light up an entire area in front of their vehicles. They emit a really bright light. They’re also easy to mount.

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Nilight Light Bar 12″ Combo


Nilight Light Bar 12″ Combo is a flood, spot, and drive light all in one. It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket. It may be a good option for jeep owners.

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Nilight2PC Flood Light Bar


Nilight2PC Flood Light Barmay be a good choice if you want to upgrade from a halogen. It provides bright and clean scope. Brackets are shockproof and easy to install.

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RolingerCREE 36W SPOT


The RolingerCREE 36W SPOT by Sun Road may be a good option for those who usually drive trailers and trucks. They’re really bright (3,600 LM). Brackets are made of stainless steel.

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Auxbeam CREE LED Work Light Bar


Auxbeam CREE LED Work Light Bar may be a good option for jeep, SUV, and especially ATV owners. It features solid construction. It has no no problems with condensation.

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Auxbeam 2Pcs 4″ LED Light Bar


Auxbeam 2Pcs 4″ LED Light Bar are easy to wire and install. Its housing is well designed and it’s waterproof. These lights may be a good option for DIY folks.

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SenlipsLED Light Bar


SenlipsLED Light Barmay be a good choice for people who drive off road. It has a nice 6000K color temperature. Lights provide more focused illumination.

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Types of Fog Lights

As its name suggests, fog lights were developed as a supplement to regular driving lights, and are used in conditions where heavy fog cannot be penetrated by regular lights.

Choosing the right type of fog light will not only help you become a better driver, but it can also help your vehicle look better and sexier.  There are three basic types of illumination for fog lights.

Halogen lights are the oldest type of illumination used for fog lights.  Created in the 1960s, a light is created when tungsten filaments are encased in a bubble of halogen gas.

Light emitting diodes, or LED lights, use the same technology as LED television sets and outdoor signs.They are the most commonly used illumination for fog lights.

High intensity discharge (HID) lights are the newest technology among the three, and use the inert noble gas, xenon, together with other rare earth materials.

LED lights are the most popular fog lights because they improve both your car’s exterior appearance and your ability to see when conditions aren’t ideal.

Advantages and disadvantages of using fog lights

LED fog lights generally create a lighting source that is gentle on the eyes, especially for drivers of oncoming cars.  They can become a safer alternative to high beams from regular lights.

LED fog lights also are able to provide brighter and more concentrated illumination, while driving in moderate weather conditions, such as light rain, snow and sleet conditions.

They are best utilized, however, for “cutting” through thick fog, and used properly, are designed to illuminate the road under the fog, instead of reflecting the light back.

Fog lights can provide some flair to a vehicle’s appearance, giving it a sportier look.  Fog lights can be place in various places on the vehicle.

LED fog lights may just reflect a blinding light back to the driver, and cause safety problems.In severe weather conditions, the increased illumination from fog lights can create a dangerous opaque wall.

Also, since most fog lights are usually add-on accessories, they tend to be placed in areas where they “stick out,” making them more susceptible to damage.

How to Select a LED light

Selecting the lights will come down to your budget, in what conditions they will be used, and how much of an ornament it is intended to be.

A good rule is to purchase an LED fog light that comes from the same manufacturer as the vehicle to minimize, and even eliminate compatibility issues.

As much as possible, select lights with yellow illumination, especially for the front area. Yellow light is gentler on the eyes, and is safer for oncoming traffic.

Try to purchase an add-on kit for your fog light, so that it will include mounting hardware, relays/fuses, and wiring harnesses to make installation and repair easy.

It is a good idea to have a professional installs the lights on the vehicle, especially for bigger lights, more complicated set-ups, and to make sure that nothing is missed.

Consider how high or low the lights will be installed. For example, in are as with more severe weather, the lights should be mounted a little further down.

Use and care of fog lights

Always keep the fog lights clean, because even just a few days of dirt can reduce the illumination of the lights significantly, even up to 50%.

Even in clear conditions, it maybe a good idea to drive with the fog lights on. They can be used as cornering lights at night when there are no street lights, for example.

Be aware of any local ordinances governing the use of fog lights and fog lamps.  Some jurisdictions may only allow its use during certain weather conditions.

It is imperative to keep spare bulbs/lights handy, especially when going on long trips.  Nothing is worse than losing illumination when it is most needed.

Be courteous, and mindful of other drivers.  Fog lights can be extremely bright, especially if placed higher up on the vehicle, and this may affect the driving comfort of other drivers.

Be aware of theft or vandalism.  Many fog lights are prominent accessories that can attract some attention. Secure them well, or even have them connected to the car alarm system.

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