Best Light Truck Tires

Driving a light truck is both easy and challenging. These trucks are designed for light-duty pickups and deserve only the best light truck tires that are dependable and safe.

Good light truck tires fare well in dry and wet pavements, and paths with a moderate amount of snow. They’re comfortable to use and deliver a quiet and safe truck ride.

Light Truck Tires Reviews

Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10


The DynaPro ATM RF10 from Hankook has up to 8% wider footprint. It makes turning better and provides better grip. If you need a highway tire that works well off road then this may be a good choice.

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Firestone Destination A/T


If you’re looking for an all-terrain radial then the Destination A/T from Firestone may be a good pick. It features single cable construction and noise reduction. They are lighter allowing you more mpg.

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Cooper Discoverer A/T3


The Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is a 4 ply P-metric tire that’s suited for a ½ truck. They are whisper quiet on the road. It’s may be a good choice for people who drive on road a lot.

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Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus


The Discoverer H/T Plus from Cooper may be a good option if you’re looking for durable tires. It features better all-weather performance. Pitch sequence is also optimized, makes it quieter.

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Michelin LTX M/S2


Michelin LTX M/S2 is a popular light truck tire. It features great traction even in rainy or winter conditions. It’s best for people who drive on ice or snow.

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Dunlop Grandtrek AT20


Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 features the Versa Load Technology for better stability. It also protects the tires from wear. These tires may be a good option if you drive around with variable loads.

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Mickey Thompson Baja STZ


Mickey Thompson Baja STZ features siping that is strategically shaped and placed. These tires do well on the road with little noise but perform best on snow. They may be a good option for winter drives.

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Milestar PATAGONIA A/T ensures a quiet ride on the road. However, it truly shines off road. It’s best suited for people who mostly drive on rough roads.

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Nitto Terra Grappler G2


Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires are surprisingly quiet. Its design also provides a smooth ride. If you’re looking to replace stock tires, they may be a good choice.

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Kenda Klever M/T KR29


If you’re looking for tires that grabs hard on mud then the Kenda Klever M/T KR29 may be what you’re looking for. They deliver a pretty smooth ride. These tires perform great in snow as well.

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How to Select a Light Truck Tire

Selecting the best set of tires can be a hard decision to make. You would want to get all the expert advice you can get to make an educated purchase.

When selecting a light truck tire, keep an eye on your safety, driving comfort, tire performance, and durability. Reading through blogs and customer reviews can also help you decide.

Consider the terrain you will be driving on. If it’s your primary car, you’ll need a tire that can give you a comfortable ride on paved roads. If you’ll use it on off-road, you will need a better grip.

Consider the tread wear warranty. A long tread warranty gives a guarantee that the tire will at least last for a minimum number of miles and provides coverage for defects.

Consider the tread wear ratings. While it’s not a result of a third-party company, the rating still helps in selecting the best tire. If the rating is high it means that the tire will last longer.

Consider the tire size. It is extremely important that all tires have the same size because the truck’s ABS system can be ruined if the sizes of the tire do not match.

Types of Light Truck Tires

Whether it’s a new purchase or a replacement, it’s always good to know your options. This can help you select the best set of tires for your light truck.

All-Season Truck Tires are well-designed and well-rounded tires that can work pretty well in different conditions. It’s usually about 15 to 22 inches in size.

All-Terrain Truck Tires are designed to be used on paved and unpaved roads as well as snowy roads. These truck tires are typically 15 to 20 inches in size.

Truck Winter/Snow Tires are normally 15 to 20 inches in size and are suitable for the cold weather because they’re specifically designed to work at freezing temperatures.

Mud Tires are perfect for off-road traction as they have a strong grip on dirt trails. The tread patterns help in breaking through the mud so you don’t get stuck.

Each tire type is different in design and use. A good set of tires can help you handle the truck around corners, get good traction on slick pavement, and good grip on off-roads.

How to Maintain Your Light Truck Tire

The actual tread life of your tires depends on several factors like tire type (all-season, high performance, and others), road and weather conditions, and driving aggressiveness.

Proper driving and maintenance will help you maximize your tires’ mileage and monthly tread inspections can help you determine if and when the tire needs replacement.

Responsibly following the weight capacity of the light truck can help the tires last longer. Overloading is not good for the tires as it may cause tire failure.

Tires need to be inflated based on the air pressures listed on the doorjamb or fuel-filler door. Checking the air pressure on a regular basis prevents under-inflation or over-inflation.

Checking if the tread wear is uneven will also help in identifying if there’s any wheel misalignment or worn suspension. In either case, have the tires checked in a shop.

Check for any crack or cuts on the tires and get them replaced if there’s any. Remember, it still pays to follow proper maintenance to have longer-lasting truck tires.

Frequently Asked Questions About Light Truck Tires

Reading through the comments, posts, and questions on blogs, review sites, and the likes can give you some ideas on the best light truck tire. Here are some commonly asked questions:

How do you know the maximum weight a tire can carry? You can look at the placards on the car door or check the tires’ sidewall.

What is the mileage warranty? Well, you have to check a specific product or brand to answer this question accurately. Most tires have a mileage warranty though.

How good are the tread wear and traction on the tires? This is another question that will depend on the brand of the tire. You have to check the details to get the answer.

Can you put LT tires on P vehicles? Yes, but you have to remember that LT tires are designed to carry more weight and are therefore heavier.

Is this a truck tire or a passenger tire? Check the specifications of the tire. The P in P-metric sizing means passenger and LT mean light truck.

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