Best Octane Booster

Are you searching for ways to increase your car’s performance? You’ve come to the right place. Take a look at this best octane booster selection.

Increasing your fuel’s octane level makes it more resistant to pre-ignition or detonation that robs engine performance. A working booster will ensure that your internal combustion is flowing safely and smoothly.

  • Luca Oil 10026-PK12
  • Gold Eagle 104+
  • Royal Purple 11757
  • Torco Accelerator
  • Throttle Muscle TM5853 FX805
  • Klotz Octane Booster
  • Blue Magic Turbo 108 NA30-12PK
  • Gumout 80001706
  • STP 78574
  • CAM2 80565-81344-12PK

Octane Booster Reviews

Luca Oil 10026-PK12


It is for noticeable no-knock performance of high-compression engines. The Lucas Oil Octane Booster can significantly raise mileage while remaining safe for engine sensors and catalytic converters.

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Gold Eagle 104+


Manufacturer recommended this only for off-road use. The Gold Eagle 104+ Octane Boost has been found to raise fuel performance by 10 to 20 points or 1 to 2 octane levels.

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Royal Purple 11757


It is tested to raise fuel performance up to 3 levels. The Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost also helps clean the engine leading to a quieter, longer run per gallon.

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Torco Accelerator


The Torco Accelerator lets you raise the octane levels to 105 with your custom-blend. You will need to manage transferring without spilling from this 5-gallon pail. It works best with unleaded gas for that race fuel-performance.

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Throttle Muscle TM5853 FX805


It is well-regarded for a synthetic. The Throttle Muscle TM5853 FX805 may just be the additive that your car needs. It cleans fuel spaces and boosts fuel performance.

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Klotz Octane Booster


It is ounce-per-gallon more efficient. The Klotz Octane Booster reduces engine noise while significantly improving fuel burn. You get noticeable mileage increase without worrying about engine checks specially with older car models.

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Blue Magic Turbo 108 NA30-12PK


It is best used for gasoline engines. The Blue Magic Turbo 108 Octane Boost provides increased fuel performance. It gives no-hesitation acceleration and noticeably smoother idling.

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Gumout 80001706


The Gumout 80001709 Octane Booster reduces engine knock as an additive to increase fuel burn performance. Though not highly recommended against race fuel, it may just be the cost-efficient booster your car needs for a longer, quieter ride.

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STP 78574


The STP 78574 Octane Booster does help improve fuel performance starting with a cleaner burn system. Slight mileage increase becomes more observable as more of the additive is used for every full tank of gas.

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CAM2 80565-81344-12PK


You will notice the savings from your lower-octane gas purchase as you add the CAM2 Octane Booster. It bridges the gap for your high-octane fuel requirement along with the cleaner combustion chamber.

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Types of Octane Booster

An octane booster contains additives that increase fuel octane rating to prevent pre-ignition and detonation. Pre-ignition of low-octane fuel can damage the piston during the power stroke, resulting to engine knock.

Octane boosters protect your car against engine knock. There are many brands to choose from, but these are generally produced from four major types of approved fuel additives.

MMT or Methylcyclopentadienylmanganestricarbonyl is the preferred additive used in refineries to replace lead. It does not affect emission control devices and is relatively environmental friendly.

Ferrocene is a cheaper alternative to MMT. However, the iron oxide formed during combustion can be harmful to the engine because it is abrasive and promotes engine wear.

Aromatic alcohol octane boosters include toluene, benzine, and xylene. These toxic compounds are effective in raising the octane rating of fuels at doses of 10% or more.

Ethanol is environment friendly, non-carcinogenic, and the least toxic octane booster. However, it requires engine tuning before use and at 50% dose, a larger fuel injector.

How to Select an Octane Booster

Adding an octane booster is important when the available fuel has low octane rating. Choose the booster that will raise the fuel octane rating to the level required by your car.

Read your car’s Owner’s manual to find out the required fuel octane rating. High performance cars require higher octane rating than regular models with less powerful engines.

Compare the capability of boosters to raise the octane rating of fuels. Do not rely on the amount or percentage of additives because this varies according to the booster type.

Read which type of additive is used for the octane booster. Purchase a brand that contains your preferred additive, and opt for ethanol if you want the least toxic product.

Choose an octane booster contained in an easy to pour bottle. Pouring from the bottle directly into the tank may result to spills that can damage the paintwork on your car.

Select a brand that offers other features on top of raising the fuel octane rating. Some brands contain other components such as materials that promote better engine performance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Octane Booster 

What is octane? Octane refers to the resistance of the fuel before it detonates when the car engine is fired. A higher octane number means the fuel is more resistant to pre-ignition. 

Does a higher octane rating increase gas mileage?No. the octane rating refers to the amount of energy required to ignite the car’s fuel. It does not refer to the energy provided by the fuel. 

What does octane boosters do?Octane boosters contain additives that increase the octane rating of the fuel. The additives prevent detonation or premature fuel ignition that can result to engine knock. 

Do octane boosters really work?Octane boosters are definitely effective in increasing the octane rating of gasoline. However, the extent to which the octane rating is increased varies from product to product. 

Are detonation and pre-ignition the same?Detonation refers to the spontaneous combustion of the fuel mixture after the spark plug has initiated normal combustion. Pre-ignition refers to the fuel combustion before the spark plug is fired. 

Care to Take When Using Octane Booster 

Observe all precautions associated with the use of octane boosters. Carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding product handling, storage, and disposal of used containers.

Use gloves to avoid skin contact and a mask to prevent fume inhalation. Most of the chemicals used as additives are skin irritants or harmful to your health when inhaled.

Observe fire safety precautions. Octane boosters have flammable components that can ignite when the container is opened near an open flame or a source of electrical spark.

Do not flush excess material into a sewer drain or in a location where it can contaminate ground water. Most octane booster additives except ethanol are harmful to the environment.

Contain spills with soil or dry sand, and then dispose the contaminated material in a chemical waste container. Do not hose down spills because water spreads contamination.

Do not eat, drink, or smoke when using octane boosters. Even when you wear protective gloves, wash your hands well to remove any possible traces of the chemical.

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