Best Parking Sensors

It’s tough to park a car sometimes, right? Most drivers agree that learning how to properly park their vehicles takes plenty of time and practice. Now, there’s a solution for all those who experience this difficulty – the best parking sensors.

It consists of a small kit with a system for detecting appropriate distance when a vehicle backs up. Good parking sensors are compact, easy to install, and packed with modern and useful functions to help drivers with their parking woes.

  • Rostra 250-1903-BZP Parking Ai
  • Rostra 250-1920-FZ
  • Universal Car LED Parking Sensor
  • Genuine Ford 3F2Z-15K859-BA
  • Ultrasonic Parking Distance Control Sensors
  • Issyzone Reverse Parking Sensor
  • C7 Stingray
  • Zone Tech LED Display Backup Radar
  • GAMPRO Back-up Alarm
  • Brandmotion 5000-CA5 Curb Alert PRO

Parking Sensors Reviews

Rostra 250-1903-BZP Parking Ai


Rostra 250-1903-BZP Parking Ai features ultrasonic technology. It also has an audible alarm. It may be a good option for DIY folks – detailed instructions included in package.

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Rostra 250-1920-FZ


The 250-1920-FZby Rostra is a front-fount parking sensor. They may be a good option for Ford owners. It features a consistent ultra-sonic based technology.

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Universal Car LED Parking Sensor


Universal Car LED Parking Sensor by Auto Safety features a radar system with four ultrasonic sensors. It helps you make smarter driving decisions. It may be a good option for folks who want to install their own equipment.

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Genuine Ford 3F2Z-15K859-BA


Ford’s very own 3F2Z-15K859-BA parking aid is of course specially designed for almost all Ford vehicles. It features easy installation and a sturdy build. This unit is best suited as factory fit.

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Ultrasonic Parking Distance Control Sensors


Ultrasonic Parking Sensors by Performance Parts Network is a good fit for many vehicles. They’re also very easy to install. If you like to do your own installation then this may be a good option.

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Issyzone Reverse Parking Sensor


Issyzone Reverse Parking Sensor is specially designed for Ford pickups. Installation is pretty much straightforward. This may be a good option for people who want to avoid the hassle of mismatching parts.

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C7 Stingray


C7 Stingray by Southern Car Parts is designed to fit your Corvette. It features infrared triangulation for better accuracy. It may be a good option for sports car owners.

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Zone Tech LED Display Backup Radar


Zone Tech LED Display Backup Radar is equipped with a radar sensor system. Beeps you as you backup and gives you a visible display on your dash. It may be a good choice for people with hearing difficulty.

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GAMPRO Back-up Alarm


GAMPRO Back-up Alarm is best suited for people who prefer a simple no frills parking sensor. It beeps at 105 decibels, which is practically loud. It features a heavy duty all weather design.

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Brandmotion 5000-CA5 Curb Alert PRO


Brandmotion 5000-CA5 Curb Alert PRO is a good option for folks who don’t want any drilling done on their cars. It is designed to be unobtrusive. It’s easy to install and remove.

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How Parking Sensors Work

Parking assistance systems are designed to make backing up your car into a tight parking space easier, since many drivers find this maneuver very challenging.

The way they work is that sensors are installed in your car that look for obstacles as you back up and then alert you if one is detected.

Parking sensors not only alert you to obstacles but, just as importantly, help you judge distances when backing up, since many drivers have difficulty with this skill.

While sensors are usually installed in the rear of cars, you also have the option to place them in front to further improve your safety.

Newer models actually help the driver by controlling the car’s acceleration and steering. However, the driver still has to use the brakes to control the car’s speed.

Installing parking sensors can not only help enhance the resale value of your car but also save you money by reducing your auto insurance premiums.

Types of Parking Sensors

Ultrasonic parking sensors work like sonar by emitting sound waves. When these waves hit an obstacle, they bounce back and the sensor emits an alert.

However, since the waves are emitted directly behind the car, there is a risk they will miss peripheral objects that are off to the side.

Electromagnetic sensors are a more recent technology and create an electromagnetic field around the vehicle. When an obstacle enters the field, an alert is triggered.

While they detect obstacles over a wider area, the main drawback of electromagnetic sensors is that they only start to work once your vehicle is in motion.

Rear facing cameras usually switch on automatically when the car is put into reverse and provides you with a view of the area behind your vehicle.

However, these cameras only offer a limited view and can be ineffective under low light conditions or at night. The lens can also get dirty, further limiting visibility.

Components of Parking Sensor Kits

The main component of the parking sensor system is the controller host, which links the various units together either using wire connections or through wireless technology.

The controller host may be powered using disposable or rechargeable batteries, by being connected to the car’s cigarette lighter, or a combination of the two options.

If the system is not wireless, then the kit should come with wire connectors. You should make sure that these are long enough to fit in your car.

The parking sensors are the most essential component. They may be fitted in the front or rear of the car and kits typically include four to ten sensors.

The kit also includes speakers that emit the audible alerts. They may come with volume controls as well as the option to change the alert’s sound.

Optional features of kits may include color LED displays for monitoring the system’s activity and direction indicators that tell you which sensor has been activated.

Considerations When Buying a Parking Sensor Kit

What type of vehicle do you have? You should buy a kit that is indicated as suitable for your vehicle, whether it is a car, SUV or truck.

You should also take into account if your vehicle has protruding components such as tow bars, which can cause parking sensors to give false alerts.

How much coverage do you want? If you want the maximum coverage for safety, you should buy kits with the most number of sensors (usually eight).

In addition, you should take into account the sensor’s distance range. The higher the range, the more coverage you get, with some sensors having up to 1.5m.

You should also consider if you want front parking sensors. These have to be activated manually and also shut down automatically when the car reaches a particular speed.

Do you want audio or visual alerts? Some kits come with color LCD or LED displays that show how far the vehicle is from the obstacles.

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