Best Radar Detector

Have you been getting more speeding tickets than you can count? If so, you are in need of the best radar detector. Find out if you’re being monitored by the police right off the bat.

A radar detector should be able to tell you quickly if you’re going over the speed limit and have gotten the attention of law enforcement. Having one will help you avoid getting speeding tickets

Radar Detector Reviews

Escort Passport 9500IX


This advanced radar detector from Escort includes an AutoLearn feature that locks and unlocks signals after three passes to protect you against unwanted false alerts.

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Beltronics Vector V995


This radar detector from Beltronics provides protection against all radar bands, including full Superwide Ka, K, and X, while the AutoScan intelligently filters false alarms.

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This radar detector from Cobra protects you against detection from 12 bands, including six laser and seven radar bands plus Spectre I and VG2 radar detector-detectors.

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Escort Passport S55


This advanced radar detector from Escort provides long-range alerts against all laser and radar bands currently used, while the proprietary Auto Sensitivity feature sifts out false alarms.

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Beltronics RX65-Red


This pro-series radar detector from Beltronics includes a programming mode that lets you customize the device to suit your particular driving style, with up to 7 options.

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Escort Redline


This radar detector from Escort not only detects full Superwide Ka, K and X bands, but also provides separate alerts for them and Safety Warning System radar.

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Valentine One Radar Detector


This radar detector from Valentine One provides 360-degree protection against K, X, Ka and Superwide Ka as well as Ku band and all kinds of Lasers.

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Uniden LRD750


This long-range radar detector from Uniden effectively detects K, X and Ka band radar and gives you the option to turn them on or off.

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Whistler CR85


This radar detector from Whistler provides greater detection range to give you earlier warnings while its low signal emission makes the detector harder to spot by VG-2 detectors.

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Cobra Electronics ESD 777


This radar detector from Cobra not only offers 12-band radar/laser detection protection but also provides safety alerts when it identifies road hazards and emergency vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Radar Detectors

Motorists use radar detectors to determine if there is a police officer in the area equipped with a radar gun to catch those who go over the speed limit. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding radar detectors:

Are radar detectors illegal?It all depends on your state or country. They are illegal in some parts of the world so you should make sure radar detectors are legal in your area before buying one.

What is the difference between radar jammers and radar detectors?Detectors pick up on signals emitted by radar guns, while radar jammers actually block the signals of radar guns, preventing the police from tracking their vehicle.

What are radar detectors used for?By determining whether or not your vehicle’s speed is being monitored, radar detectors can be used to avoid getting caught or receiving penalties.

What are radar guns?Radar guns are devices that use radio waves to keep track of and detect the speed of a vehicle. Law enforcement uses radar guns to make sure no one is going beyond the speed limit.

Is it dangerous to use radar detectors?There are some precautions you need to keep in mind, but it’s safe to use radar detectors so long as they do not obstruct your view and distract you from what’s happening in the road.

 Types of Radar Detector

  1. Corded – These detectors are usually attached to the windshield using suction cups. The corded radar detectors provide the widest range of radar gun detection.
  1. Cordless – These are more convenient than corded radar detectors, as there would be no tangling and messy installations. It is also easier to transfer between different vehicles.These radars use batteries.
  1. Remote-mount – These radars are hidden in several parts of your car and are permanently mounted into them.

The only difference between corded and cordless radar guns are convenience, installation method, and the cord (or lack thereof).If you want less mess and easier to transfer detectors, buy a cordless radar detector.

On the other hand, corded radar detectors are the cheapest, detect all radar signals, and do not require any batteries.

Lastly, remote-mount detectors are on the higher-end models and require professional installation. These are good if you want to avoid your radar from being stolen.

Tips on Using Radar Detectors

Here are some useful tips and guidelines in using a radar detector for your safety and convenience.

  • Don’t mount the detector too high. Mount it low in such a way that you can access the controls easily. This is also to make sure that the radar doesn’t block your view.
  • Understand the signals and alerts that your detector will provide you with.From highest false alarm rate to lowest, the types of bands that a detector can display are X band, K band, Ka band, and laser. 
  • Use the appropriate mode. The city mode and highway mode are for cities and highways, respectively. This may seem obvious, but not enough motorists consider using the right mode at the right place. Selecting the right mode optimizes your detector performance in accordance to your location and lessens false alarms. 
  • React immediately.If you don’t want to get caught as much as possible, react immediately and slow down.

 How Radar Detectors Work

It may seem like some hi-tech, cutting edge technology, but the mechanism is quite simple.

  1. Radar detectors work by alerting you to the presence of radio waves that radar guns emit. Thus, radar detectors are essentially devices that pick up specific frequencies.
  2. Since the air is full of different kinds of radio waves, not just that of radar guns, radar detectors are specially tuned to detect the specific frequencies that radar guns emit.
  3. Radar detectors not only pick up on radio waves, but emit them, too. This can be used to motorist’s disadvantage as police can use a device to scan for the distinctive frequencies radar detectors emit.
  4. Radar detectors have an oscillating current, meaning its current alters in direction. This is the reason that radar detectors emit radio waves as well.

And that pretty much covers the basics of how radar detectors work. Having a basic understanding of radar detectors will help you use it more efficiently, too.

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