The Best RV for a Family of Four (Top 3 Picks)

It wasn’t too long ago that the stereotypical RV owners were considered a late-middle-aged retiree couple who planned to live out their golden years traversing the highways and byways of the U.S.— but who would invariably end up spending most of their time parked at a campground.

In recent years, though, there has been a resurgence of interest in RVs and camping amongst younger people and families. And regardless of age or wealth, there are plenty of options available for a family of four.

  • Best Entry Level RV — Forest River Wolf Pup 15RD: At right around $8k the Forest River Wolf Pup 15RD is the perfect Entry Level RV. The leap from pop-up trailer to travel trailer is a big one and something that many campers appreciate. With bunks in the back and a larger bed upfront, this affordable travel trailer is one of the best entry-level models out there.
  •  Best Mid-Range RV — Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22R: This class C RV features a U-shaped dinette, extendable awning, and can sleep up to six people. It can be found new for about $60,000.
  •  Best High-End RV — Holiday Rambler Vacationer: Called ‘The Resort Favorite’ by Holiday Rambler, this RV comes with a WiFi booster and 100w solar panel to offset your reliance on outside energy costs. Also included are a king-size bed and a full residential refrigerator. At a starting price of $178,921, the Vacationer is a solid option.

The Best Entry Level RVs

Sometimes simplicity is the answer. If you’re just starting out with RVing, you might not be ready to drop a serious six-figure coin on a 45-foot long class A motorhome. Luckily, there is no shortage of entry-level, travel trailer options. (We’re specifically leaving fifth-wheel trailers off this list due to the fact that they require a heavy-duty truck for towing.)

Forest River Rockwood Freedom 1640LTD

The Forest River Rockwood Freedom can be had for under $10,000 and checks all the boxes when it comes to ultra-basic tow-behind camping. This featherweight pop-up weighs in at only 1,465lbs, allowing it to be towed by nearly any appropriate vehicle. The Rockwood Freedom can also carry nearly 800lbs of cargo. Though you won’t be living in the lap of luxury, you will be away from the mosquitos. This pop-up’s breezy mesh accommodates a family of four and integrates two beds, one at either end of the rig.

Forest River Rockwood Hard Side A122S

If the Forest River Rockwood Freedom was your basic ham sandwich, then you could consider the Rockwood Hard Side A122S a ham sandwich with cheese. At around $11,000, this cool A-frame style camper ditches the conventional canvas-and-mesh sides and replaces them with solid panels and wide, tinted windows. These panoramic windows (and sky-lights) allow ample view of your surroundings while also offering better protection from the elements. And the solid design means this pop-up still packs flat, but the set-up is even easier.

Forest River Wolf Pup 15RD

The Wolf Pup trailer is the perfect next step for those ready to migrate from a pop-up to a travel trailer and for right around the $8,000 mark to boot. This trailer offers two bunk beds in the rear and a larger bed upfront. The Wolf Pup also includes a private shower room with the possibility of adding a toilet. The rear entry on the Wolf Pup lends to an open-feeling floor plan and the interior colors and materials add a modern, utilitarian feel.

Coleman Lantern LT 17RD

The Coleman Lantern LT is a spacious choice for a tow-behind travel trailer and can often be found new for under $15,000. Featuring a very private bathroom with a walk-in shower, and an extendable awning with integrated LED lighting, the Lantern LT is easily the most accommodating of our entry-level RVs.

The Best Mid-Range RVs for the Whole Family

The logical next steps up from a tow-behind pop-up or travel trailer would be a class B or class C RV.

The class B is a campervan that packs a ton of utility into what would otherwise be considered a relatively small package. The ease of maneuverability is one of its best features, especially when put up against more spacious but more ungainly RVs.

The class C is nearly the size of the tour bus style class A but is built into a regular truck or van chassis. These class Cs retain all the normal features associated with driving a conventional pick-up so they lack the often intimidating big bus feel of class A.

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22R

The genericized Winnebago has been synonymous with American rambling since the mid-1960s and the Minnie Winnie could be the epitome of that early dream to pack up and go anywhere at a reasonable cost. This class C RV features a U-shaped dinette, extendable awning, and can sleep up to six people. It can be found new for about $60,000.

Jayco Redhawk SE

The Jayco Redhawk SE increases the privacy level with a closed-off master bedroom featuring a queen-size walk-around bed. The Redhawk SE boasts a cab-over bunk with a 750lb weight capacity and the ability to sleep 8. While these carry an MSRP of $90,000+, savvy shoppers can find them closer to $60,000.

Pleasure-Way Tofino

If your family plans to spend most of their time outdoors, the Pleasure-Way Tofino might be an appropriate choice. With its open, minimalist design, the Tofino is a blank canvas on which to plan your family’s rig. It features a cool pop-top overhead bunk that kids and adults alike will love. And with a fuel-efficient 3.6L V6 motor and a length of under 18’, the Tofino is a perfect rig for the adventurous family. Starting at $70,850.

Winnebago Travato 59G

The Travato 59G is the top-selling campervan in North America— and it’s for good reason. For those families looking into occasionally going off-grid, the Travato offers many cool features. One standard feature is the Pure3 advanced energy system that uses lithium-ion batteries to pump out 9,500 watt-hours of energy. Starting at $118,571.

The Best High-End RVs: Riding in the Lap of Luxury

Are you the ‘spared no expense’ type? If so, there is a world of luxury motorhomes just waiting to be found. Whether you’re a well-off nostalgia-holic or an affluent ATV enthusiast, there is no shortage of amazing options.

Airstream Classic

Airstream is synonymous with timeless style and Americana. Famous for its smooth, riveted aluminum shell and aerodynamics, this Classic model is instantly recognizable. But while it may seem a bit retro to some, it’s interior is anything but. Airstream prides it’s flagship model on having top-of-the-line everything. From a 60” projection screen TV with Bose sound to the bathroom with a heated floor and towel rack, the Airstream Classic is the epitome of travel trailer elegance. This tow-behind starts at $170,900.

Jayco Seneca 37K

The Jayco Seneca is a big class C motorhome featuring a warm, open floor plan that shouldn’t have any trouble keeping its occupants happy. This RV offers fantastic accommodations, featuring stainless steel appliances, a big fridge with 12 cubic feet of storage, king-size bed, and 1.5 bathrooms. It can be found well below its MSRP of $263,993.

Thor Outlaw

If your family wants to take along ATVs, dirt bikes, or other types of power sports, the Thor Outlaw might be the right choice for you. This class C toy hauler offers either an 8’ by 6’ garage with ramp or an 8’ by 8’ garage with drop-down queen size bunk, suitable for a multitude of toys. Starting at $130,500 makes the Outlaw a surprisingly affordable option for many.

Holiday Rambler Vacationer

The Vacationer is your last class A offering from Holiday Rambler before the jump to $300,000+ motorhomes. But just because this RV sports an MSRP under a quarter million dollars doesn’t mean it’s lacking on options. Called ‘The Resort Favorite’ by Holiday Rambler, this RV comes with a WiFi booster and 100w solar panel to offset your reliance on outside energy costs. Also included is a king size bed and a full residential refrigerator. At a starting price of $178,921 the Vacationer is a solid option.

An Ultra-Luxury Option

Newmar King Aire

Okay, so you’ve got money to burn! Like all RVs, ultra-luxury rigs have floor plans that are configurable, but unlike regular motorhomes, these monster machines take it to a whole other level. The Newmar King Aire boasts three slide outs, a private master bedroom with a king-size bed, and even a washer and dryer. King Aire comes furnished with beautiful leather furniture, recessed LED lighting, and gorgeous lacquered wood cabinets. There is no end to the opulence with this motorhome, and with a starting price of over $1,000,000 you can see why.

Warp Up

Every family is unique, and that fact is clearly reflected in the amazing range of options available on the RV market. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway rig, a camper to bring to the nearby campground, or a toy hauler capable of carrying not only the family but the toys as well, you won’t have to worry about a shortage of options. There is an RV to match nearly every budget.

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