Best Snow Chains

Do you live in an area where the winters pour hard? If you want to be able to use your vehicle efficiently, you need to get the best snow chains in the market.

Good snow chains will let you have much-needed peace of mind during challenging weather. These are a must-have if the roads in your area are completely covered by ice or snow.

Snow Chains Reviews

Security Chain Z-539 Z-Chain


It is redesigned with a more flexible inner steel cable for easier storage. The Z-Chain by Security Chain maintains its aggressive road-grip for your wheels with the durability guaranteed by years of design experience.

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Thule K-Summit K33


Small gauge steel over snow is smooth driving from the Thule K-Summit Snow Chains. It has alloy wheel bumpers that can keep your wheels from damage not to mention the ease of a quick-release feature.

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Spikes-Spider 14.500 Sport


It can be installed in less than a minute. The Spikes Spider Sport Snow Chain gets you back on the road with Swiss-quality chains for that road-traction safety you always need over ice and snow.

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It can be heavy for its class but the ALEKO Snow Chain does the job of keeping driving safe over snowed and iced roads. There is no need to re-tighten them along the way.

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Grizzlar GDP-247


The Grizzlar Diamond Alloy Tire Chains get great traction with that diamond-over-tire pattern. Its manganese alloy minimizes rusting and corrosion both of which are especially worrying after the winter season.

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Thule CB-12


The hand-made chains by Thule let you drive safely and in style. Color-coded attachment points help with the easy-installation. Make sure to choose the right fit for your wheels.

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Peerless 155505 Auto-Trac


Make sure to drive under 30mph with the Peerless Auto-Trac Tire Chain on your wheels. The diamond pattern will give the traction you need without having to re-tighten them.

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Glacier 1042


The steel rollers on cable lets you smoothly install the Glacier 1042 Tire Chain. It will give good traction over heavy snow. You will need to remember to take it off before hitting dry pavement.

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Gudcraft Size 100


Putting it on easily can be the advantage of the Gudcraft Size 100 Snow Chain. The chain will center itself and hug your wheels as soon as you start driving.

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Pewag SMX 67 Sportmatik


Safely install the Pewag SMX 67 Sportmatik Tire Chain without moving your car. Drive confidently knowing it tightens around your front or rear wheels automatically. Great asymmetrical design for that reliable drive.

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Types of Snow Chains

Snow chains are practical tools to have in locations that experience icy roads and blizzards. These add traction to your tires to help you navigate roads covered with ice or snow.

Snow chains differ in the shape and design of chain links. Square and D-shaped links provide the best traction in snow, while twist links are excellent for snow and mud.

Snow chains are made from steel, rubber or polyurethane. These are available in different patterns. The patterns refer to the manner in which the cross chains are arranged to cover the tires.

Ladder type snow chain is appropriate if you travel short distances. It offers the best value, but is harder to fit. Its cross chains provide less traction and produce a thumping sound.

Diagonal or V type chains crisscross the tire tread diagonally. Compared with ladder types, the off-center positioning of the chain provides better traction and gives good grip and stopping power during turns.

The Pattern type snow chain forms a net of diamond or multiple diamonds over the tire. This type combines superior traction and ease of fitting, but is more expensive. 

How to Select Snow Chains

Check your car’s manual if the model can be fitted with a chain. The wheel wells and brake system can suffer damage if a snow chain is fitted without sufficient clearance.

Choose the right size of snow chain that properly fits the size of your car’s tire. Tire size includes its width, diameter, and the height ratio. Do a test mounting.

Use front wheel snow tires if your car has a front-wheel drive, or rear snow tires for a rear-wheel drive. Buy both sets for a four-wheel drive.

Choose easy to fit snow chains. Since it is illegal to use the chains when the roads are clear, you will be putting the snow tires on only when necessary.

Look for features like plastic coating over the most handled portions. The coating prevents your fingers from freezing and makes the chain less cold to touch.

Choose a model with a quick release mechanism. This convenient feature for automatically adjusting snow chains means you will not stay out of the car long when removing the chains. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Chains

What are snow socks? Snow socks enhance the tire’s grip on the road, and provide an alternative to snow chains. It is used for car models that do not have sufficient clearance for attaching chains. 

How many snow chains do I need? You need a pair of snow chains to be fitted in your drive wheels. Two sets if your vehicle is a four wheel drive with sufficient clearance for both front and rear wheels.

How fast can I drive when using snow wheels? High speeds are not recommended in icy roads even when your tires are fitted with snow chains. Always drive with caution at speeds below 30 mph.

When I change cars, will I be able to use my snow chains? Snow chains are designed to fit specific types and sizes of car tires. Do not use the snow chain if it does not fit the tires of your new car.

When do I fit my tire with a snow chain? Snow chains are allowed only in roads blanketed with snow. Look for signs directing you to fit the chains. Choose a safe, level ground to fix your tire with snow chains.

Is it easy to fit tires with snow chains? You have to get familiar with the process before it gets easier. Practice putting and removing your snow tires so you can do these actions easily on the road. 

How to Maintain Your Snow Chains

Do not leave snow chains inside a toolbox. The chains can rust away into a tangled mess if these are left unattended when winter is over.

Clean the chains thoroughly by running warm water over each link before storing the chains. This will remove salt picked from de-iced roads. Salt can cause rusting and promote corrosion.

Allow snow chains to dry and then spray them down with a lubricant. A light coating of WD-40 is sufficient to prevent rust from developing while the chains are in storage.

Store your snow chains in a warm and dry environment. Secure them properly inside a storage bag to reduce exposure to conditions that cause rust.

Roll the snow chains into a compact mass for storage. To do this, lay one chain on top of the other and then fold the cam attachment pieces towards the center of the chains.

Roll the chains slowly to create a tighter, easier to store bundle. If pieces stick out, tuck these into the roll before storing the chains in a bag or storage box.

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