Best Spark Plugs

Is your car giving you trouble when you try to start the engine in the morning? This may indicate that you need to be on the lookout for the best spark plugs for your vehicle.

A good, functioning spark plug should be able put a stop to any power surges and engine “hesitations” that you have been experiencing when starting and driving your car.

Spark Plugs Reviews

NGK BPR5ES, One Piece


This spark plug from NGK is made with high alumnia ceramics to ensure improved electrical insulation and heat transfer and a solid copper core for stronger spark.

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Motorcraft SP534, One Piece


This highly adaptable spark plug from Motorcraft features an iridium tip that is highly impervious to corrosion and fouling, as well as daily wear and tear.

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Bosch 4428 FGR8LQP0, One Piece


This spark plug from Bosch ensures maximum engine performance through its four ground electrodes enhanced by yttrium, which delivers the most powerful and longest spark.

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Denso 4503 PK16TT, One Piece


This spark plug from Denso features two tips, a center electrode made of platinum and a ground electrode enhanced with titanium, providing improved performance.

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AC Delco 41-110, One Piece


This spark plug from AC Delco features an electrode made with fine-wire iridium that provides better fuel economy as well as faster acceleration and cold starting.

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Champion RE14MCC4, One Piece


This spark plug from Champion features a center electrode with copper core for extended life while the ULTRASEAL shells provide the best protection against corrosion.

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This high-quality spark plug from NGK features a core made of solid copper for bigger sparking while the zinc-dipped shell resists corrosion for longer life.

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AC Delco 14 Professional RAPIDFIRE


This spark plug from AC Delco has a center electrode enhanced by platinum to reduce voltage requirements and make the ignition system spark more quickly.

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Autolite AP104


This spark plug from Autolite features a center electrode that is necked-down to ensure a faster start from the ignition system as well as better fuel mileage.

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E3.48 Spark Plug


This spark plug from E3 features exclusive DiamondFire technology on the electrodes for superior sparking as well as improved performance due to increased localized pressure.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Spark Plugs 

Are you in the market for spark plugs? Here’s everything you need to know about spark plugs, on how they work, how they affect your car, and more. 

How do spark plugs work?Spark plugs receive high voltage electricity on one end and produce a spark on the other. This spark is what causes combustion in the air and fuel mixture and is what starts up your car and keep it up and running.

How important are spark plugs?Spark plugs are a vital part of your car—

without it, your car won’t start or even be able to go anywhere. The condition of your spark plug also heavily affects your car’s performance.

Do I have to change my spark plug often?Spark plugs last for several years, so you won’t have to change them very often.

What are the signs I need to change my spark plug?If you have trouble starting up your car, that’s a sign you need to change your spark plug. Other signs also include problems in accelerating, high fuel consumption, and engine misfires.

What is the benefit of replacing a spark plug?Replacing your spark plug when needed will ensure that your vehicle is working at top condition.

Types of Spark Plugs

Spark plugs have continually evolved over the years. From oldest to the most recent, here are the different types of spark plugs you should know about. 

  1. Copper Spark Plugs – These plugs have a solid copper core, with a nickel alloy on the tip of the electrode. Because these plugs have the largest diameter electrodes, they require the highest voltage to produce a spark. 
  1. Single Platinum Spark Plugs – These are modeled after copper spark plugs, except these ones have a platinum disc welded into the electrode. The platinum disc allows the spark plug to last longer. 
  1. Double Platinum Spark Plugs –These plugs are called double platinum because they have platinum discs on the side electrodes. These allow sparks to fly in both directions, making the ignition process more efficient. 
  1. Iridium Spark Plugs –These plugs have the smallest diameter electrodes, meaning that they use the least amount of voltage to produce sparks. Not only are these the most efficient spark plugs, but they also last 25% longer than platinum spark plugs for the reason that iridium is harder than platinum. 

You should base the type of spark plug you’re buying on your car’s ignition system. Copper spark plugs are used in high-energy ignition systems. Single and double platinum spark plugs are best for vehicles with electronic ignition, and iridium spark plugs are used mostly for COP ignition systems. You should also read the user’s manual to see which type is recommended.

Care to Take When Using a Spark Plug

There are several safety precautions you should keep in mind in repairing, replacing, and checking spark plugs.

  • Do not touch the spark plug while the engine is hot. This may cause the spark plug threads to seize.
  • Only use the spark plugs that are recommended for your vehicle. Otherwise, it could severely damage the engine.
  • Always tighten the spark plug according to what the manufacturer recommends. This will prevent any engine malfunction and damage from an unstable spark plug.
  • If the spark plug is difficult to unthread, do not force it. Use a penetrating lubricant and soak for 5 minutes.
  • Avoid damaging the cylinder head and spark plug by using hand tools only. There are specialized tools and accessories made for spark plugs as well.

Spark Plug Maintenance 

To make sure your spark plug is in good condition, you should have it inspected every 30,000 miles travelled by your vehicle.

You can also clean your spark plug when needed, to prevent any problem with your vehicle and engine.

Dirty spark plugs tend to cause problems such as inefficient fuel use, so make sure to check them for blackening, debris, and other foreign particles.

After removing your spark plugs using a ratchet wrench, you can use these two simple steps in cleaning:

Brush off any dirt with a clean rag, and clean the electrode of the spark plug with a quick-drying liquid.

Then, to clean of the any excess debris,you can use low air pressure to blow off small particles and a dry compound for dirt.

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