When Is The Best Time To Buy A Pickup Truck?

It’s an exciting feeling when you finally pick the day to buy a new pickup truck! As a young boy or even a young girl, you may dream about it. Even though it’s an exciting time, it’s a big transaction to make. When you figure out which type of truck you want to buy, you also should think when the perfect time is to purchase it.

Did you know the price can be different depending on what time of week and month you purchase a pickup truck? If you’re the type of person who can patiently wait for the perfect time, you can end up saving a decent amount of money!

The best time to buy a pickup truck is at the end of the year, during holidays, and when new models are released. That means the perfect time to shop around is before the new year and holidays, such as Black Friday, Memorial Day, and Presidents Day. You can also get great deals during the week when there are not as many customers. Most customers when buying a new pickup truck typically like to shop on the weekends.

The best time is also when it’s the end of a truck’s model year. Before new models are due to be released, dealerships will try to push older models to  get them off the lot. This means big sales for the dealership and bigger savings for you!

There are many tips and tricks you can learn about that will save you money on your big purchase. If you want to save big, always make sure you conduct the research first!

End of the Year

Truck dealerships try to do their best sales pitches around the end of the year. There are typically high incentives during the end of the year holiday season since many families like to purchase new cars/trucks for family members as a gift. Before the new year begins, many dealerships want to move any inventory that is unsold to make room for new inventory coming in. Personally, this is my favorite time to shop around for a new vehicle!

Dealerships want to carry as little  inventory as possible when transitioning into a new year. Therefore, one of the best times to buy a pickup truck is during the end of December, between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. There are many analysts who say that consumers who decide to go shopping around for a new pickup truck receive the best deals in December.

Let’s face it, dealerships and salesman have goals they need to hit. Normally these goals also come with bonuses attached. Companies may sometimes even raise their incentives so they can reach their own goals. If you’re unable to make it to dealership on New Year’s Day, don’t worry! December 24th is one of the prime days in December to shop for a new pickup truck when there aren’t many customers out shopping.

Scoring Holiday Sales Deals

You may have noticed when a holiday comes around, you start to see commercials about buying a new vehicle. One of the best times to buy a new pickup truck is on a 3-day holiday weekend, such as, Memorial Day and Presidents Day. You can also even score great deals on 4th of July weekend and Labor Day weekend.

Each of these holidays fall in different seasons, which make them significant. President’s Day falls in the winter, Memorial Day kicks off the Summer, 4th of July falls in the dead of Summer, and Labor Day is at the end of the Summer to kick off Fall. Dealerships will promote commercials that catch the eye of the consumer with incentives like cash rebates and 0% financing for however many months. Special advertising ultimately will come down to the dealership.

During holiday weekends, as a customer, you may even be able to negotiate with your salesman. There are typically advertising expenses so don’t be surprised if your salesman is up for negotiations in order to boost their sales to cover costs.

Did you know that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year? Who doesn’t love a great deal? When you think of Black Friday, you think of crowds of people pushing and shoving to get to the newest and best item. You think of waiting in the long lines in the early morning hours just to be first.

Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year for consumers who are in the market for a new pickup truck. Dealerships will put out promotions who are in the mood to spend money, which is basically everyone on Black Friday. Not only can you find deals on pickup trucks, but you can also find deals on SUVs and luxury vehicles. One thing to remember when looking for a sale is that they will vary depending on the region.

What most promotions don’t advertise, is in order to get some of the best deals, you need to have excellent credit (apart of the fine print that no one reads.) I would give you a few tips on scoring a Black Friday deal when buying a pickup truck.

  1. Do your research ahead of time. If you’re in the market for a new pickup truck, don’t wait until the day of to go look for the best deals. When wanting to make sure you’re getting the most savings, you want to look around and compare deals from different locations. You should know the exact make and model that you’re in the market for, as well as any additions you’re considering.
  2. Contact the dealership. If you see a pickup truck that you’re interested in, make contact with the dealership online. Typically you’ll be asked to provide a phone number and email address and a salesperson would contact you shortly after. You can then explain what exact type of pickup truck you’re looking to purchase. Once you’ve established the basics, then you can meet with the salesperson in person to discuss costs and sales.
  3. Be patient. If you’ve previously purchased a vehicle, you know to plan on being at the dealership for hours or most of your day even. During Black Friday, most will be in a rush to get in and out. Lower your expectations and come to realization that this is a larger purchase that will require extra time if you want to save the best amount.

Release of New Models

If you’ve ever noticed, when new models are due to release, older models will become discounted. Purchasing a new pickup truck that is from a previous model year can sometimes save you thousands of dollars! Normally only minor changes are made in models, so you can still find something similar if not the exact type of pickup truck that you’re looking for. If you’re wondering when new models are released, it’s typically anywhere between July and September.

Before driving down to the dealership, make sure you can check their website first. I only say this because you want to check how much stock they currently have of prior models in their inventory. You can find larger discounts on the pickup trucks that are slower selling or ones that will be discontinued. When looking at older models, it’s important again to lower your expectations.

You could run into the issue of finding the right color you want with an older model, and other additions you’d hope to get. So make sure you’re willing to be flexible if this is something you are considering. Another thing to keep in mind, is that when you purchase your new pickup truck, it will be a year older once the model year is over.

Tips to Save on Your Pickup Truck Purchase

Day of the week. Dealerships are normally open six to seven days a week, and the day you choose to buy a pickup truck makes all of the difference. The best day to buy a pickup truck is Monday thru Wednesday. Weekends are typically the go-to days to buy a pickup truck because that’s when consumers are normally off of work and have the time, therefore, you won’t get the most deals out of it. The salesperson and financing department are also more available during the week.

Buying Used. Buying used pickup trucks are different than buying a new pickup truck. There are many factors to take into consideration when buying used such as driving habits and braking, which have a role to play in the truck’s current condition. When these conditions come into play, the prices will vary on a used pickup truck. My advice is to research for at least six weeks when purchasing a used pickup truck once you have taken all areas into consideration.

Negotiations. When buying a pickup truck, you want to make sure you are negotiating effectively. When you start your negotiations, start from what you know best. Start with your opening bid and competing bids from other dealerships. If the salesperson switches over to what your monthly payment would be, don’t take the bait. This puts the salesperson one step ahead of you.

Instead, you want to negotiate one thing at a time. Your first step is to go for the lowest price. After you have negotiated lowest price, only then can you begin negotiations on trade-ins or financing. Always remember to hold your ground, know when to walk away, and know when to say yes.

Overall, buying a pickup truck can be an exciting process. Do your research before heading out to make a big purchase. Take advantage of all of the sales and promotional offers out there. Get advice from friends or family members to see if they know of any deals you can come across. When taking advantage of end of the year sales, holiday deals, and the release of new models, you can save thousands of dollars! Not only will you leave happy, but your salesperson will go home happy too.

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