Can You Drive A Pickup Truck For Uber Or Lyft?

With my pick-up, I always wonder what else I can do to make extra money for new gear on my truck. Uber and Lyft classify as a modern and less expensive taxi-option. People have gathered to these websites not only for travel or acquiring a designated drive but also as an employment option.

Can You Drive A Pickup Truck For Uber Or Lyft?

Yes, you can use pick-up trucks to drive for Uber and Lyft. There are a few ground rules you have to check off before getting the black-grey U or the pink neon saying “LYFT.” The most essential guideline is you must be able to sit comfortably (and legally) four people with your truck having four doors. Including you, there would be five people in the car. If you can sit more with the corresponding seatbelts, then you can drive your pickup for Uber and Lyft. read more

How Much Propane Does An RV Furnace Use?

Camping in the woods of Maine over Columbus Day weekend isn’t common because of the chilly New England weather. But last year, after purchasing my first teardrop camper, I found myself embarking on as many spontaneous mini-adventures as I could fit into my schedule, regardless of the temperature outside. While most people consider camping a warm-weather activity, those with an RV know they can venture out whenever their hearts desire without having to sacrifice the comforts home. Programmable heating systems are commonplace in most of the RVs and campers on the market today, the majority of which are fueled by propane. But just how much propane will you need before venturing out? How much propane does an RV furnace actually use? read more

How Much Can A Jeep Wrangler Tow? [Payload / Towing Capacity]

The Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate adventure vehicle and a popular choice for those who like to explore and engage in a multitude of outdoor activities. From boating to camping to dirt biking— If you own or are planning to own a Jeep Wrangler, there’s a chance you’ll be doing some towing in the near future. Let’s go over towing basics and tips to help you hit the road running.

Jeep Wrangler Towing Capacity

Stock Towing capacity for the 2020 Jeep Wrangler ranges from 2,000 pounds for 2-door models to a maximum of 3,500 pounds for 2020 4-door Wrangler Unlimited models. read more

What Are The Common Problems With Jeep Grand Cherokee?

SUVs make a great option for personal transportation. They tend to be safer, capable of towing, usually have a 4 wheel drive option for inclement weather or road conditions, and provide more passenger space than a truck. Among the many mid size SUV options to choose, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a popular choice. You can use it as a daily driver or take it on an off-roading adventure. It is also one of the best selling SUVs in America with a loyal following and one of the most awarded SUVs. However, despite its popularity, it still has some flaws and is far from perfect. read more

What is the average size of a half-ton pickup truck?

Whether you need it for work or your lifestyle at home, or you just want to have one of the biggest non-commercial vehicles on the road the pickup truck can do your job. A lot of the time when you look at purchasing your first pickup truck you can be intimidated by the size. But that begs the question is this truck just big or are they all that size? The average size of a half-ton (full size) pickup truck is the question we aim to answer in this article.

The average size of a half-ton truck is as follows, height: 6 foot 3 inches, width: 6 foot 7 inches, length: 19 foot 5 inches and weight: around 5000 pounds.  read more

Do Any Minivans Have 4WD?

Buying a new Minivan is an important decision when it comes to your family. When having larger families especially, having the right one could provide extra comfort and reliability on days you are taking the kids back and forth to soccer and baseball practices. As parents, we are all about comfort and what is the safest vehicle to drive in the event of bad weather.

Living in the northern states as a parent, parents want their Minivans to be reliable. Will it transport their kids comfortably? Can it fit their stroller and travel bags? Does it come with 4WD that would come in handy during the snowy winter months? Can it fit their groceries? read more

Roadside Assistance for RV’s: Good Sam or AAA?

So you’ve purchased your first RV, planned an awesome trip across the country, and now it’s time to pack up and go, right? Well, there’s still one important matter to take care of. Roadside Assistance. Through my personal experience, I have found two wonderful options, both of which I have turned to for a few, mostly minor, roadside repairs: Good Sam’s RV plans and AAA’s Plus/Premium RV. Both coverage providers do things a little differently, which raises the question- Which Roadside assistance provider is a better fit for you and your RV: Good Sam, or AAA? read more

What Is The Ford V10 Life Expectancy?

So, you’re looking to buy a used heavy-duty truck, and Ford is at the top of that list. Now you find yourself curious about just how much can be gotten out of that the V10. Well, read no further! My fathers say the V10 will outlast any truck on the road, so go ahead and buy it! I kid, I kid! But I have done my research, you know, just to put his thoughts to the test! And what I have found, is that for the most part, he isn’t wrong.

So, is it worth the investment? Will it last, and how long? Or, are you better off just forking up the dough to get that new diesel? Well, I’ve done some extensive research to hopefully answer all those pesky little questions that have been hiding out un the back of your mind. read more

Truck Engine Sizes (And What They Mean For You)

What you see from the outside of the truck is just the beginning of its allure; under the hood is the heart of the pickup truck, its engine.  I always wondered what the key things to understand about an engine and its size.  There are so many engine sizes, without research it’s hard to know what you even have or decide what is the right engine size for me?

Let’s look the main types of engines and the parameters for engine size:

  • Engine Type: Gas or Diesel?
  • Number of Cylinders and Cylinder configuration
  • Engine Volume (in Liters)
  • Torque & Horsepower
  • Turbo Charged Engines

Smaller truck engines sometimes called a “light” truck will be more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.  If you’re not towing anything and want the independence of being able to move a tv or a pair of snow skis whenever you want, then a light-truck engine would satisfy those needs.  A midsize truck may still offer some environmental features while also being roomy and strong.  If you need to tow things occasionally, or you are the friend everyone calls when they’re moving, a midsize truck engine may be right for you.  A full size or “heavy-duty” truck will offer powerful towing capabilities and dependable performance.  The cost of expensive engine repairs from overworking a smaller truck’s engine will likely exceed the upfront costs of a larger engine.  If you’re hauling heavy things on a regular basis, a heavy-duty truck engine is best for you. read more

How To Choose The Best Color For Your Pickup Truck

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” (Henry Ford, 1909) In the century since Ford’s time, car color choices have grown to the point where almost every vehicle comes in nearly every color. So how do you know the best color pickup truck to choose?

The most popular color for pickup trucks is white but that does not mean you have to buy a white truck. First, you need to decide what you want your truck to say about who you are. Are you the rugged gravel company that needs to display both an air of hard physical work and a smart business mind? Then perhaps a white truck would be best. Or are you the adventurer who doesn’t care where they go just so long as they are going. Then a bright orange may be just what you are after. read more