What To Do If Car Shakes When Idle Or Driving At Slow Speeds?

How your car feels when you start the engine and begin driving is important. This is the time when you are most likely to notice unusual sounds or vibrations. All car engines vibrate to some degree, but it should be smooth. If your car’s idle RPMs are erratic or the car shakes when you are driving it needs some attention. If you ignore unusual car vibrations, it can lead to worse problems down the line.

A car engine needs the right mixture of spark, fuel and compression to give you a smooth ride. Many systems work together to create this precise blend of elements. If one of these systems fails your car will vibrate or shake, so this is a good place to start troubleshooting. read more

Is Driving A Pickup Truck Hard?

Over the last several years pickup trucks have risen in popularity, not just as a work vehicle for hauling construction equipment or making dump runs, but as a family car. In fact, pickup trucks are quickly becoming one of the most desirable options for a family vehicle in the United States. With an abundance of models featuring luxury upgrades and safety technology, you might be wondering if a pickup truck is right for you. One major question remains, though. Is driving a pickup truck hard?

Yes, driving a pickup truck can be harder than a regular car, especially at first. Pickup trucks are longer and heavier than the average commuter or family van. There is a definite learning curve when it comes to parking, turning, and controlling such a powerful engine. read more

What is the Most Expensive Pickup Truck?

Finding the perfect truck for your lifestyle can be difficult. When it comes to mine, I want what is going to last a long time. That is why choosing the most expensive truck is an obvious choice. You cannot pay a small amount and expect to have something luxurious. Not all trucks are made the same, and thankfully not all are priced the same either.

Finding the perfect truck for your lifestyle can be difficult. There is wide range of options in pickups, right from budget to luxury. Personally, I prefer a well-made and durable pickup truck. We all know quality does not come cheap. This got me wondering what is the most expensive Pickup Truck? read more

Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Have a Third Row?

Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Have a Third Row?

You love Jeep – it’s a brand build on vehicles known for their ruggedness and ability for off-roading. You like to off-road but know that sometimes life gets crazy and you need to cram all the things into your vehicle. Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee capable of taking you off-road one weekend, then giving you the much-needed space of third row seating the next?

No, the Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have a third row (yet). Take a look behind the second row of seats, and you’re not going to see the third row that you’re after. Instead, you’ll find 36.3 cubic feet of cargo area. That cargo space may be great for some, but if the third row is a necessity, you’ll have to wait for the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee to hit the market. read more

How Much Does A Pickup Truck Weigh?

We often don’t consider the weight of our cars until we’re looking for a new one or we run out of gas and have to push. When it comes to pickup trucks, many buyers prefer them for their weight. Heavier vehicles like pickups give you better traction and momentum. When choosing which pickup to buy, comparing curb weight can help you make the right decision.

A pickup truck has two weight measurements: base weight and curb weight. Manufacturers measure base weight while the truck is empty of everything but essential fluids. read more

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Pickup Truck?

It’s an exciting feeling when you finally pick the day to buy a new pickup truck! As a young boy or even a young girl, you may dream about it. Even though it’s an exciting time, it’s a big transaction to make. When you figure out which type of truck you want to buy, you also should think when the perfect time is to purchase it.

Did you know the price can be different depending on what time of week and month you purchase a pickup truck? If you’re the type of person who can patiently wait for the perfect time, you can end up saving a decent amount of money! read more

What is Payload Capacity For A Pickup Truck?

Are you thinking of getting a brand new pickup truck? There are a lot of essential factors to look into, including its payload capacity. It is critical to study its payload capacity so we can find out how much weight your truck can carry. Today, we will be going over what payload capacity is. Also, we need to understand why it’s so important, and how to calculate your max payload.

Payload capacity is the weight that your truck can carry – without towing. In other words, it is the amount of weight the vehicle can take within its cabin or on the truck bed. read more

Does The Nissan Rogue Have Third-Row Seating?

Have you found yourself interested in the Nissan Rogue, yet curious about that third seating option? If you are like me (a travel-bug with three kids and a dog), third-row seating can be almost a necessity. Being crammed up on a 1,700 mile road trip can be nothing less than nerve-wrecking!  So, does the Nissan Rogue offer third-row seating?

In short, the answer is “Yes” and “No”. While certain models offered third-row seating, others did not. In earlier year models there was an optional upgrade for the extra seating (The Family Package), in the later models this option was eliminated. While it can be frustrating trying to understand their reasoning behind deleting the option, there are most definitely advantages and disadvantages to each answer, in which we will cover here today. read more

How Long Is A Minivan?

My family owned two or three minivans while I was growing up, and I had many a long car ride in the backseat. My wife had never owned a minivan, let alone driven one. Which of course prompted an exclamation of “How long is this thing!” when she tried to park for the first time. I laughed but it got me thinking, had all my minivans been the same size? I decided to do a little research to find out.

About 17 feet. Basically, all minivans are between 200 and 204 inches long nowadays. So most commonly they are just shy of 17 (16.9 on the high average) feet in length. In comparison to the Ford F-150 being anywhere from 209 to 250 inches, it seems pretty tiny. But if you put it next to a Toyota Camry at around 192 inches the average minivan is nearly a foot longer. read more

How Long Is A Chevy Silverado?

You need a truck. Whether you’re buying a new truck to haul a crew and equipment or for recreation one of the things you’ll need to know is how long the truck is. Today we’ll be looking at the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 which comes in different lengths depending on the size of the cab and the length of the bed or “box”. Let’s look at some of the different options you have.

The overall length of a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ranges from 229.5” – 241.2”. You have three different cab sizes to choose from: Regular cab, Double cab, and Crew cab. There are also three different bed sizes to choose from: Short bed, Standard bed, and Long bed. read more