Best Car Freshener

Did your cat or dog make on the floor of your car? Did the kids spill their juice during a road trip? No need to worry – having the best car freshener with you will take all bad odors away in a jiff.

Car fresheners should be able to give the air inside your vehicle a fresh and fragrant scent. You can use them regularly as part of your cleaning routine, or only when you need to get rid of a bad odor in the car.

Car Freshener Reviews

PURGGO Car Air Freshener


This auto air freshener from PURGGO uses bamboo charcoal to absorb odors, rather than simply covering them up with fragrance, and lasts for over a year. read more

Best Spark Plugs

Is your car giving you trouble when you try to start the engine in the morning? This may indicate that you need to be on the lookout for the best spark plugs for your vehicle.

A good, functioning spark plug should be able put a stop to any power surges and engine “hesitations” that you have been experiencing when starting and driving your car.

Spark Plugs Reviews

NGK BPR5ES, One Piece


This spark plug from NGK is made with high alumnia ceramics to ensure improved electrical insulation and heat transfer and a solid copper core for stronger spark. read more

Best Radar Detector

Have you been getting more speeding tickets than you can count? If so, you are in need of the best radar detector. Find out if you’re being monitored by the police right off the bat.

A radar detector should be able to tell you quickly if you’re going over the speed limit and have gotten the attention of law enforcement. Having one will help you avoid getting speeding tickets

Radar Detector Reviews

Escort Passport 9500IX


This advanced radar detector from Escort includes an AutoLearn feature that locks and unlocks signals after three passes to protect you against unwanted false alerts. read more

Best Car Stereo

Have you ever wondered what else is better than having the car that you love? It is having the best car stereo for that perfect ride.

The ideal car stereo should not be just playing track. This stereo system must have top signal-to-noise ratio with its front-and-rear speaker. It would also need to integrate smoothly with any of your devices and apps.

Car Stereo Reviews

Boss Audio 612UA Digital Media Receiver


The Boss Audio 612UA is a Mech-Less (No CD/DVD) receiver with 50W x 4 Maximum Power. It plays music from an MP3, WMA, USB, SD and smartphones. It features switchable tuner, pre-amp outputs, ID3 tag, and built-in preset EQ, which allows you to easily change up music styles. read more

Best Car Wash Soap

You always want to care for your car paint like you care for your own skin. Keeping your car clean needs more than just foam. What is the best car wash soap to use?

Besides paint preservation, car wash soap must not strip the wax off your car. It must be easy to apply and even easier to wash off while staying environment friendly.

Car Wash Soap Reviews

Meguiar’s G7164 Gold Class Car Wash


The Gold Class Car Wash shampoo and conditioner by Meguiar’s contains a rich formula that safely and gently foams away road grime, heavy dirt, and contaminants. It is biodegradable and safe to use on all types of paint. It restores clarity to your car without compromising wax protection. read more

Best Car Amplifier

What are stereo speakers without sustained power to push it? Choosing the best car amplifier to support your sound system can be really easy with a little math.

Choose an amplifier that will power your speakers at the highest levels of consistency. Better known as the ‘RMS rating’, matching amp and speaker ratings will mean consistent sound quality output and longer speaker life-spans.

Car Amplifier Reviews

Boss Audio R1100M Riot Monoblock Amplifier


The R1100M Riot Amplifier by Boss Audio features 1100 W Max Power with MOSFET power supply. It comes with Bass Boost and Variable Low-Pass Crossover for sound customization and Remote Subwoofer Control for enhanced performance. It also features Short Protection that automatically shuts off the amp to prevent it from overheating. read more

Best Headlight Restoration Kit

Are your headlights still as bright as they were or not anymore? You will need the best headlight restoration kit before you drive again without the foggy front-lights.

A headlight restoration kit must be easy and safe to apply. It does no good to scratch surrounding surfaces other than the headlight lens. Consider proven UV light-blocking which should make any restoration durable and economical.

Headlight Restoration Kit Reviews

3M 39008 Headlight Restoration System


The 3M 39008 Restoration System is used to restore taillights, headlights, directional, and fog lights. It features a unique polishing compound and abrasive technology to make hazy and yellowed headlights look like new. It follows a simple restoration process that can be accomplished in an hour. read more

Best Oil Filter

What keeps your car engine running choke-free from oil contaminants? Oil filters purify engine oil. Your car’s engine-type dictates the features of the best oil filter to use.

While considering your engine-design, choose an oil filter that meets recommended filtration-efficiency without sacrificing durability. Finding intuitive oil flow management is also as important as ease-of-replacement.

Oil Filter Reviews

Mobil 1 M1-110 Oil Filter


Mobil 1 M1-110 Oil Filter promises to provide long-lasting performance for longer oil change intervals. It has a total capacity of 28 grams to hold larger amounts of contaminants. It uses a silicone anti-drain valve to prevent internal oil leakage and dry starts. read more