Types of Chevy Trucks: 5 Options to Consider

Wading into the pickup truck market for the first time can be overwhelming. To begin it’s a good idea to decide on what you need from a pickup truck from a performance standpoint. Is it going to be a work truck, a family vehicle, an offroader, or a camper trailer hauler? How do you decide which option is best for you?

If you are reading this article then there is a good chance that you have decided on a manufacturer: Chevrolet. This is a great start! You may be wondering if Chevrolet will have an option that will meet your needs, though.

Chevrolet has an incredible lineup of vehicles that Americans have relied upon since 1911. These are the 5 types of Chevy trucks

  • The Colorado: Chevy’s mid-size pickup is smaller than your average truck which makes navigating tight city streets and small mountain trails a breeze.
  • The Silverado: Chevy’s three-quarter-ton pickup is built for work, play, or to be your next family vehicle.
  • The Silverado HD: Chevy’s one-ton variant is perfect for hauling horses or a fifth-wheel camper trailer.
  • The All-New Silverado HD: Chevy’s brand new Silverado HD for 2020. It’s more powerful than ever with larger engine options and a bigger frame.
  • A Chevy Resto! Nothing can beat the sight of a restored 1950s Chevy Advanced-Design or C/K rumbling down the street.

The Colorado

The 2020 Chevy Colorado pickup truck brings something to the table that not every truck can boast: extreme versatility. It’s comfortable to drive anywhere, whether it is in the big city or crawling up roadless hills.

Impressively, its smaller frame does not sacrifice very much in terms of power. With a max towing capacity at 7,700 pounds, this truck is more than capable of pulling the family boat to the lake or hauling a trailer loaded with supplies between worksites. The optional GM-exclusive Duramax 2.8 Liter Turbo Diesel engine provides the Colorado with the best gas mileage in its class, with an estimated 30 mpg on the highway. 

This truck starts at $21,300 and, with all the bells and whistles, can be upwards of forty grand. Keep in mind that a pickup truck is expensive across the board, no matter what model it is. The smaller trucks are slightly less expensive, yes, but are designed for a different purpose than the larger models.

A Chevy Colorado is perfect for someone who loves camping but doesn’t need a large amount of space in the cab. It can be kitted out as a top of the line rock-crawler, hunting truck, or a great work truck for a tradesman in a large city.

The Silverado

The Chevy Silverado has been an American household name for the last twenty years. Before their emergence, as we now know them, Chevrolet’s line of pickups have made a powerful impression since they first hit the roads over 100 years ago. The new Silverado continues that legacy.

The Silverado is just as comfortable to take out on date night as it is hauling its max of 13,500 pounds. If that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will. The optional 6.2L V8 engine offers the best in class V8 power and towing capacity, while the Duramax 3.0L TurboDiesel makes the Chevy Silverado America’s most fuel-efficient truck, at 23 MPG city and 33 on the highway.

The Silverado’s base model starts at $28,300. A custom rig with the towing package, leather seats, four-wheel drive, and other desirable features can breach into the fifty thousand dollar range, so make sure you have your expectations set accordingly!

A Chevy Silverado is a great truck for someone who wants to blend work and family needs into one vehicle. It will perform at the worksite and on the camping trip, or even taking the kids to their soccer game. A three-quarter-ton truck is big, but not contractor big. If you need a serious work truck that you will use heavily an HD will fit you better. For a healthy mix of work and play though, the Silverado will never disappoint you.

The Silverado HD

Nothing radiates power and durability quite like Chevy’s Silverado HD. Ranging from 2500 builds to 3500s and available as a dually, or DRW (Dual Rear Wheel), the HD can provide the power you need for just about any task you can come up with.

This truck is often used for commercial purposes but is by no means limited to the world of construction contractors and tradesmen. The largest fifth-wheel camper trailers you can find will be easily pulled behind a Silverado HD, which is a job made all the easier with modern technology. An HD can come fitted out with trailer braking control, rearview cameras, trailer sway control, and a whole host of exterior sensors and interior luxury.

Who said driving the biggest truck in town had to be uncomfortable?

The Silverado HD starts at $53,195 and can nowadays push into the seventy grand range. This is a huge amount of money, but you get a huge amount of truck. This vehicle was designed for heavy work and is most often purchased to be used commercially. Even if you don’t want or need an HD for commercial reasons you may still have to obtain a commercial license to drive one while towing, due to their massive power.

A Silverado HD is designed for hard-working men and women but loses none of the comfort or advancements of modern luxury vehicles. These trucks were designed to haul massive loads, as such they are best for people who will be using them heavily. Whether it’s pulling a horse trailer, a fifth wheel, or hauling construction equipment to the worksite, an HD will always rise to the challenge.

The All-New Silverado HD

The only thing better than the last generation of Silverado HDs is the all-new 2020 Silverado HD. The 2020 HD has the largest and strongest Durabed to date bringing the volume for the optional large bed to 83.5 cubic feet–which is a class-leading feature.

The interior of the truck provides increased head and legroom in the front and back seats, creating a comfortable space for passengers no matter how long the road trip is. The increased size of the bed and cab does make the HD larger and taller than average, but its expert design renders the difference mute. When you take the HD to the job site or on a trip into town, all you’ll notice on the road is comfort and confidence.

The All-New Silverado HD is slightly more expensive than the previous model, starting at $53,300, but the price is practically the same aside from that and can quickly rise to sixty or seventy thousand dollars.

This newer model of the HD, just like previous models, is designed to be put to work and is most often used commercially. Whether your business is in the trades, a ranch, the old family farm, or hauling the biggest fifth-wheel on the market the All-New HD does it better than ever before.

The Chevy Resto!

The future of pickup trucks is here, and it is exciting. But there is no world where we will stop loving the Chevys of the past. The Advanced-Design model, Task-Force model, and C/K model will never lose their luster, no matter how many years go by. The ultimate Chevy purchase would be one of the above models, either to restore yourself or to buy ready to turn heads as soon as you hit the road.

The world of Chevy restos (restorations) is an exciting one to get into. If you have the mechanical ability, money, and time to put into a classic model to bring it to its former glory, you won’t regret it. A Chevy resto could be an invaluable family heirloom or a nest egg to sell for an eye-popping sum of cash. It is not uncommon for sales to break into six figures. One 1957 Chevy 3100 pickup sold for $214,000 in 2016!

However, not all restos are that expensive. You can find some in the $20,000 dollar range that looks great, which is pretty inexpensive compared to modern trucks. If you are looking for one to restore yourself you can spend just a few hundred dollars to pull a decrepit one off someone’s property.

A Chevy Resto is a vehicle collector’s dream. Even if you have a collection of only one, your resto will make any garage look like a car show.


Whether you are looking to buy a truck that will meet your work needs and comfortably transport your family at the same time or are hunting for a vintage pickup, Chevy has got you covered. Their lineup, both past, and present continues to impress the people who own them and deepen their brand loyalty. Chevrolet has always built trucks that push the bar higher year after year with their power, size, and technological advances.

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