Class C RVs That Have Twin Beds (Best Options)

Class C recreational vehicles (RVs) are smaller campers that can be driven. Class C RVs have many advantages over other campers. They are sometimes called mini motorhomes because they are more compact than the larger Class A RVs. They are easier to navigate because of the smaller size which makes them safer to drive and have less space to heat and cool.

They range in size from 23 to 36 feet. It is built on a truck or van chassis. There is an attached cab that contains an overhead bunk bed. Class C motorhomes are also able to tow a car behind them. That can be nice because then the RV does not have to leave the campground. Class C RVs come in many different styles, colors, and floorplans.

However, finding a Class C RV with twin beds can be difficult. People that have children do not necessarily want their kids to have to share a large king-size bed either. Here are nine RVs that come with twin beds and have other unique features such as holding tanks, the bathroom, and so much more.

Class C RVs That Have Twin Beds

These are our picks for the best Class C RVs that have twin beds

Tiffin Wayfarer 24TW

The Tiffin Wayfarer has a three-liter turbo diesel engine with a seven-speed transmission. Road noise is kept at a minimum in this RV. It is built on a Mercedes Sprinter van chassis. It has improved lane assist to help with drifting on the road. There are two twin beds in the back with a nightstand in between them. The toilet and shower are close by these beds. The shower also has a skylight. There is a tri-fold sofa that helps create more space in the kitchen and living room area. Storage and closet spaces are also in the Tiffin Wayfarer. A person can pack plenty with this particular feature. The GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) for this vehicle is 10,360 pounds. The GVWR is about how much the vehicle weighs counting cargo and passenger weight. It is very important not to exceed the GVWR weight. The freshwater tank holds 38 gallons of water. The gray water tank holds 32 gallons while the black tank holds 28 gallons. The fuel tank holds 24.5 gallons of fuel.

Winnebago Navion 524V

The Winnebago Navion also has a Sprinter van chassis. The twin beds are located in the back and are 32 inches by 74 inches. The two twin beds convert into one king-sized bed with a wardrobe on each side. There is also a bunk bed over the cab that is 49 inches by 75 inches. The bathroom is across from the kitchen. The Winnebago Navion is fairly spacious. This Class C RV costs about 161,000 dollars and sleeps four. The fuel tank holds 24.5 gallons of diesel. The freshwater tank holds 31 gallons. The black and gray tanks both hold 41 gallons each. Finally, the GVWR is about 11,000 pounds.

Winnebago View 524V

The Winnebago View is very similar to the Winnebago Navion. It is also built on a Sprinter van chassis. It has advanced safety features like brake assist, lane-keeping assist, navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot, and so much more. The twin beds are located in the back. The overhead bunk also has premium thermal and acoustic insulation so it is extremely comfortable and relaxing. This Class C RV is luxurious with plenty of storage space. The only difference between the View and the Navion is that the color is different. It is exactly the same in length, storage, and layout. On the plus side, this recreational vehicle allows for more time off the grid. The holding tanks are fairly large, it has 200W solar, and Group 31 batteries that can also be lithium smart batteries. It has a 2,000W inverter. All these things allow the motorhome to be in the middle of nowhere for a while.

Winnebago Fuse 23A

The Winnebago Fuse has a different layout than the Winnebago Navion and View. It is a foot and a half shorter than the other two. The bathroom is located in the back of this RV. Then, there are the twin beds and a spacious kitchen and living area. It sleeps about two or three. This recreational vehicle costs about 127,000 dollars but it also has a lane departure warning system. The freshwater tank holds 33 gallons, the black holds 40 gallons, the gray holds 43 gallons, and the fuel tank holds 25 gallons. The GVWR is over 10,000 pounds.

Thor Chateau 25V

In the Thor Chateau, the twin beds are located at the rear and can be changed to one large king-sized bed. There are ten different floor plans from which to choose. This recreational vehicle can sleep four to seven people. The GVWR for this type of vehicle is around 12,500 to 14,500 pounds. The engine is a Ford 6.8 liter V-10 with 305 horsepower. There are some nice features in this vehicle. There are ports for a cell phone and Bluetooth for hands-free calls. There is also a navigation screen that serves as a back-up camera and side view camera monitors. The Thor Chateau also has washer and dryer hookup. The fuel tank holds 55 gallons. The freshwater tank holds 42 gallons and the gray and black both hold 30 gallons. The color choices for this Class C RV are Ocean Pearl, Saddleback, and Imperial.

Thor Fourwinds 25V

The Thor Fourwinds RV is nearly the same as the Thor Chateau. The cost is about 97,000 dollars. The interior colors come in choices of Nautical Blue, Summit Grey, and Gemstone, which are the main differences between the Thor Fourwinds and the Thor Chateau. This Class C RV comes with a choice of either a Ford or Chevy van chassis. With that being said, the powerful engine will either be a Ford Triton V10 or Chevy Vortec V8.

Coachmen Orion T21TB

The Coachmen Orion T21TB Class C RV is about 24 feet long and 91 inches in width. It has a restroom in the rear of the vehicle next to two sofas that convert into two twin beds. There are also bunk beds at the other end of the RV that measures 48 by 87 inches. There are no slide outs and the pictures on their website make the space look rather cramped. The fuel tank holds 25 gallons. This RV can hold 30 gallons of freshwater and the black and gray water tanks hold 32 gallons each. The GVWR is about 10,000 pounds. It is built with a Ford Transit chassis and as a fuel-efficient V6 engine.

Coachmen Orion T24TB

The Coachmen Orion T24TB is very similar to the Coachmen Orion T21TB. The big difference is that it does not have twin bunk beds. Instead, it has twin beds behind the driver and passenger seats. The beds can be sofas during the day and then turn into two beds at night. Now, there is room for a large entertainment center with the bathroom still in the back. There are no slide outs for this recreational vehicle. The GCWR for this Class C is 12,125 pounds. The freshwater tank holds 28 gallons, the gray and black water tanks both hold 32 gallons, and there is a fuel capacity of 25 gallons.

Gulfstream Conquest 6315

Last, but certainly not least on the list for RVs with twin beds is the Gulfstream Conquest. This recreational vehicle is spacious because it has a slide-out and is perfect for large families. It has a length of 32 feet and a width of 100 inches. There are actually two sets of twin bunk beds that can sleep four people with the front overhead bunk for the parents. The chassis is either a Ford E350 or E450 so it is a little older than some of the other RVs that can be found on this list. The freshwater tank holds 37 gallons, the gray holds 38, and the black holds 31 gallons.

Wrap Up

It can be difficult to find a Class C recreational vehicle that has twin beds for families that do not want their kids to fight while sharing a larger bed. Plus, where would the parents sleep if the kids take the big bed? Besides having twin beds, these nine RVs also have some unique features that help them stand out from other motorhomes. Each motorhome has a different amount of space and sleeps different amounts of people. Based on these listed features, it should be a little easier to decide on one that is perfect for the whole family while traveling on the road to your destination so that everyone will be happy and comfortable.

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