15 Cool Things For Trucks (Simply Amazing)

Treating and taking care of our vehicles is truly a passion among car-people. Most days we spend a lot of time in our vehicles, that’s why people tend to improve the interior of their vehicle so it can fulfill their needs on the road or in the day to day life. Your truck’s interior for sure needs a little spark that will make you feel comfortable and pleased so you are lucky you stumbled across our article and you can inform yourself better about many coll things to add to your truck’s interior.

Quick Answer

Level – up your interior for you to enjoy with: a night vision system, radar detector, USB charger, custom dash kit and a dash cover, vehicle desk, waste bin, an air purifier, heated seat cushions or under-seat storage for extra space, floor liners, custom seat covers or a cool gear knob.

Read and browse through our article to find the perfect match accessory for your liking, learn quick DIY tips for a cleaner, shinier interior and treat yourself, your truck with a new gadget using the recommended online shops for the coolest accessories.


15 Cool Accessories to Add to Your Trucks Interior

Your truck’s interior should have it’s wow moment, making the interior better for sure helps you in different but effective ways. Browsing through accessories is truly a fun thing to do, enjoy.

1.Night vision gadget

Having the ability to see in the darkest places on the road and detecting animals is for sure a huge plus. A good number of luxury carmakers offer versions of night vision systems, but you can also have it in your truck with these cool gadgets. Today on the market we have a night vision accessory at every price point. Some of the choices are the cameras from the companies Lanmodo, MASO, LeeKooLuu, US Night Vision and many more.

2. Radar – laser detector

Speeding is not a great choice, but it happens from time to time and there’s nothing better than a reminder to slow down because nobody likes speeding tickets. Using the radar detector you can have the nice benefit of driving safer, slower and ticket–free. Radar detectors have many good performances like max speed warning system, GPS for red light camera & speed camera, voice alert some even have dashcam features.

3.Dash kits and dash covers

The aesthetically pleasing interior can be achieved with many details, speaking of details a perfect choice can be a custom dash kit and you can even choose from a wooden, aluminum, carbon fiber, molded and even a camouflage dash kit. A special touch to the interior can also be a front dash or rear deck cover, made from a beautiful suede, velour, or polyester material in many shades and colors.

4.Air – purifier

Sometimes long destinations and even day to day ride expose us to harmful polluted air and bad smell on the roads. Going a step above to protect yourself and your loved ones from the bad air, you can treat yourself with a nice air- purifier. When choosing the best product there are a couple of factors that play a role: capability/effectiveness, the right type of technology and good usability like an easy setup. The companies NOVA, Air Oasis, Luoyiman,iDOBBIi have a nice product offer of air- purifiers.

5. Heads- up display

New inventions come to the market every day but a nice surprise for the drivers is the first of its kind HUDWAY Cast that makes your smartphone into a HUD display using GPS onto a transparent screen. This nice upgrade even controls calls, music and you can read your messages with its help.

6. Handpresso Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker

A nice surprise for coffee lovers is the little Handpresso Auto. The designers of this product did a great job providing their customers with a gadget that can fit in the cup holder, connected to the cigarette lighter it delivers a nice shot of espresso and joy. You can enjoy your coffee on the road made from pods or ground coffee.

7. AutoXscape Life-Saving Tool

When we are talking about highly useful tools the AutoXscape’s life-saving tool for sure makes the list. Accidents on the road are the worst thing but everyone should be prepared for a sudden critical moment, this emergency 3-in-1 tool serves as a window breaker, seatbelt cutter and a flashlight.

8. Mini Tire Inflator

Aside from your friends, a great companion on the road can also be a mini tire inflator ready to use at any time. A good example of a useful and affordable mini inflator is the DBPOWER Portable Mini 12V Tire Inflator or the Norshire Mini Tire Inflator. Easy to use and practical this gadget is a must-have.

9. Massage seat cushion

What’s the best way to relax yourself during a drive through a stressful stop and go traffic or a longer road trip you ask? You could use a nice massage possibly and the SNAILAX massage seat cushion can fulfill your needs for a nice vibrating and heated massage. Offering 5 massage modes, 4 intensities and a universal fit this product is a blessing.

10. Floor liners

Going in and out of our vehicles we constantly bring dirt in for that particular reason a very nice investment is some cool floor liners. Floor liners are a good interior improvement because they protect the carpet of the car and make our cleaning easier.

11. Cooler/warmer

What’s better than a cool drink on a hot summer road trip or a nice little warm snack? Nicely compact designed with interesting features and even a feature to play music the cooler- warmers are stealing people’s hearts every day. Choosing the best one for yourself is a matter of personal choice, some of the good cooler – warmers are made by Cooluli, Gourmia and Coleman.

12. Vehicle desk

Working from your car has just been made easier, with a vehicle desk you can turn your vehicle into a mobile workplace. Car – desks are multi usable interior improvements, you can even find a nice view and have a little fine – dining moment, nice right?

13. Wastebin

The vehicles are becoming more advanced with new features but waste disposal is a problem still. Thankfully products on the market try to find a solution. What we need is a leek proof disposal that’s compact and keeps the smell away. The described product is the SNAPBAG car waste bin and it’s amazing.

14. Lightning accessories

Lights make everything more unique and that goes also for our vehicles. LED lights to make a vibrant atmosphere on the road with features that don’t mess with the driver’s attention, the market is full of these fun accessories.

15. Cup Holder Swivel Tray

Having your food from your lap or looking for your phone all over your vehicle will no longer happen with the Swivel tray you can have everything at your fingertips at any time. With non – skid surface and the ability to swivel the tray to the passenger side whenever you don’t need it, having the Swivel tray provides great help in the vehicle.

DIY Detailing Tips That Will Make Your Truck Shine

No one likes driving around a messy, scratched and dirty vehicle, we all love the smell and how clean our vehicle looks when we take it from the car detailer’s wash. But what if I tell you that you can do the same all by yourself and even fix little details?

Remove minor paint scratches:  Things you will need 3,000-grit sandpaper, rubbing and polishing compound and polishing pads. You’ll also need a portable drill or dual action (DA) polisher unit. First, you’ll need to sand the truck paint scratch and then squirt rubbing the compound onto the polishing pad and spread it around with the pad. Then run the polisher or drill at 1,200 rpm until you get a light haze. Follow up with a polishing compound to restore the shine.

Wash plastic and vinyl:  Use SEM Soap on the surfaces and scrub with a scuff pad. Try to put a little extra effort into textured and recessed areas for better results. Finish with a clean, damp and lint-free cloth.

Lubricate Window Tracks: A great detailing tip that makes a big difference is using siliconE spray or dry Teflon for spraying window tracks. Silicone will help windows slide smoothly, lessening the wear on your window motors and it even stays slick in cold weather.

Wash carpet and velour: Spray plastic and Leather prep on the carpet or velour surface scrub gently with a nylon bristle brush. Let the cleaned surface dry and vacuum for the best result.

Use synthetic wax for the “wet look”:  When your car dealer sells you a paint sealant, what he is doing is really just applying a high-quality synthetic wax on the car to achieve the modern “wet look” which is something you can do yourself for a fraction of the price. Simply apply synthetic wax in small sections using a wax applicator sponge.

3 Best Online Sites for Truck Accessories

ActionTracks.com makes shopping for your vehicle easier with free delivery on most items, price protection guarantee and financing available online and in-store. On the market, for more than 40 years they provide the right accessories for cars, trucks, vans and fleet vehicles. Action Car and Truck Accessories is now Canada’s leading automotive accessory retailer!

RealTruck.com is a U.S – based company, starting its story in 1997. RealTruck is America’s #1 online truck accessory retailer with free delivery, easy returns and they are even involved in volunteer work.

TufftTuckParts.com is a company for trucks, jeeps, and SUV’s discounted custom parts, performance parts, and accessories. TuffTruckParts also provides full-service custom parts and accessory installs, repairs and custom build.

As a bonus, we can mention Amazon.com. The most amusing and small but useful things and gadgets can also be found on the website. You can browse for hours and still find something interesting for your vehicle.

Wrap Up

Treating our vehicle right is an important thing because for most of us the vehicle basically is our second home. I hope you got the needed information and some cool ideas for decorating or improving your vehicle, most of the cool things listed in our article are a very nice necessity that for sure will be of great use. Every one of us has cool plans for leveling up a vehicle, we will be grateful for your tips or experience in this interesting field.

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