11 Cool Things To Do To Your Truck For Free

Modifying a vehicle can provide a lot of practical and style benefits, but it can also be extremely expensive. If you want to make some changes to your pickup truck, here are 11 cool modifications you can make for free.

Truck modifications that don’t cost money include:

  • Removing badges and decals
  • Blacking out your chrome details
  • Painting your truck axels
  • Adding a phone holder
  • Using a heated seat cover
  • Covering your steering wheel
  • Tinting your windows
  • Inserting rain guards on your windows
  • Increasing storage space
  • Installing LED lights
  • Buy a cordless car vacuum

Each of these items adds benefits and style to a vehicle while being extremely cheap.

More details about the benefits provided by these mods and how to use them are listed below, as well as other cheap ways to get more out of a truck.

11 Free / Cheap & Cool Ways to Improve Your Truck

Below is a list of 11 ways to improve your truck without having to spend any money. These are all relatively easy and quick fixes that you can do yourself in a little bit of time, which is great for people who don’t have much spare time or money.

1. Remove Badges and Decals

One way to modify your truck that is absolutely free is to remove the decals and badges from the vehicle. As long as you have a hairdryer to soften the glue under the decals and a soft, thin string like floss to pick the decals off, you can do this in your garage in less than half an hour without damaging your car.

2. Black Out Your Chrome

Another cheap and easy way to enhance the look of your car is to paint the chrome on the truck black for a darker style. You can do this with regular car paint, but rubber coating is often cheaper and more durable than paint do that might be the better call if you want a long-lasting change.

3. Paint Elevated Truck Axels

You can also paint the axels and calipers on your truck if you have an elevated vehicle or a truck that is raised high off its axels. This can be done with something as simple as a cheap can of black spray paint, but rubber coating is not a good idea here since the axel needs to move and rubber can interfere with that.

4. Use a Phone Holder

One simple addition that is both practical and increases driver safety is a phone holder, such as a cup holder attachment or a suction cup stand. These help the driver keep their hands free while allowing their phone to operate by keeping it standing up nearby, which is great for navigating or having to pick up calls without having to fish the phone out of your pocket.

5. Add a Heated Seat Cover

While many trucks come with heated seats built-in, not every truck has this feature and even in trucks that use this technology not every seat is heated. If you want to make sure every seat in your car is padded and heated, then investing in a set of cheap, heated seat covers can help with that.

6. Add a Steering Wheel Cover

Steering wheel covers also add a level of comfort and control to a driver by protecting the steering while from extreme temperatures and offering a better grip. These covers also come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures making them extremely customizable and stylish for the driver.

7. Lightly Tint Your Windows

While full window tinting is both expensive and regulated, using a small tinting kit to change the color of your windows is both cheap and easy. Lightly tinting your truck windows can not only make the vehicle look more stylish, but can also help block out glare and dangerous UV light.

8. Install Rain Guards

Another useful and cost-effective window mod is a set of rain guards, which fit into the top of car windows to prevent rain and snow from falling in. They can also keep sun and glare out of the window, to an extent, without blocking your view of the road, making them very useful for staying safe and comfortable on the road.

9. Add Extra Storage Space

There are a variety of organizers, expanding cases, and containers that you can use to increase the overall storage space inside your truck. These can fit under seats, in your center console, in your truck bed, and some can even fold up and tuck away when not in use, making them convenient for different trips.

10. Install LED Lights

One way to cheaply increase the overall brightness and power of your headlights is to replace them with LEDs, which are readily available at most auto part stores. Not only are LED lights cheap, but they can be easily installed at home with the right know-how and some common household tools.

11. Buy a Cordless, Compact Car Vacuum

If you have particularly messy passengers or are just prone to getting the inside of your car dirty, then investing in a compact vacuum is a great way to keep your car clean. These vacuums are cordless and come with their own portable recharging station, letting you keep them charged on the go.


Each of the modifications listed above is cheap, easy to use or install, and can help add some comfort or style benefits to your truck.

Tips for Saving Money With a Pickup Truck

Beyond using cheap and efficient modifications, there are other ways to save money on a pickup truck. These primarily include changing how you drive and interact with your vehicle to make the truck more efficient, and for the best results, you should use as many of these tips as possible at the same time.

Take a few long trips. Driving to multiple locations in one outing is more fuel-efficient than making multiple small trips to a few locations. This can also be enhanced by carpooling if you have a truck with a lot of seating space since this can further reduce the number of trips you need to take.

Try to keep your vehicle light. The more weight in a vehicle, the more the engine has to work in order to get the vehicle moving, so keeping the truck light will help the engine work more efficiently. You can do this by removing unnecessary cargo and only taking the items you need whenever you leave the house.

Ensure your truck is regularly maintained. While spending money on inspections and repairs to save money might seem counterintuitive, keeping a truck in working order is often much cheaper than repairing a vehicle. As such, regular tune-ups and other maintenance work are cheaper in the long run than fixing major issues as they come up.

Learn to do simple repairs at home. An even cheaper way to keep your car in working order is to learn how to do some maintenance work at home. Individual car parts and tools are often cheaper than paying for a mechanic’s help, especially if you live near a reliable auto parts store with good prices.

Cheap Truck Accessories and Upgrades

The modifications listed above are some of the cheapest available while still being effective, but there are other cost-effective ways to modify a truck. The mods listed below are specifically designed for trucks and as such fit most pickup trucks better than the general mods listed above.

Modified Tires. Special tires including snow and off-road treads are available relatively cheaply and offer more performance in bad conditions. Even buying larger tires can increase the ground clearance and traction for better off-road driving, so a small change in tire type can make a big difference in performance.

Bed Extenders. There are a variety of racks, braces, and bars that can be fitted onto a truck, letting you lower the tailgate without letting cargo fall out of the truck. This extends the truck bed to carry larger amounts of cargo or longer individual items, as long as the items are large enough to be caught by the extender.

Light Racks. If you work a lot in dark or rural conditions, one very useful modification to have might be a rack of extra lights on top of your cab. These high-powered lights can not only help to navigate roads at night but can be used to light up dark tunnels and work areas to help you see.

Bed Mats and Boxes. These items don’t increase the storage space for a truck, but instead, help you secure and organize the items in your truck bed better. Mats provide a firm surface that cushions cargo and prevents it from sliding around, while boxes can be used to protect and organize small items like tools.

Wrap Up

Adding new mods or accessories to a truck can be expensive, but there are a number of upgrades on the market that are affordable and easy to use. These range from taking parts off a truck for free to installing small quality of life tools like heated seat covers. If you have any questions about cheap truck mods, comment with them below.

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