Dodge Grand Caravan’s Cargo Space: Seat Up & Seat Down

There is no question that there is a ton of room and versatility available in the new Dodge Grand Caravan with 31.1 cubic feet of space! The Caravan gets roomier with 78.9 cubic feet of cargo space when the third row of seats is folded and 140.3 cubic feet of cargo space when fully folding the second and third rows together.

Check out these stats to compare cargo space with seats up versus seats down:

  • Second and third-row seats up will give you 31.1 cubic feet of space
  • Second and third-row seats down will increase space to 140.3 cubic feet
  • The third-row alone down will provide 78.9 cubic feet of cargo space

The secret to all the extra space is the signature Stow ‘N Go seats of the Grand Caravan that when folded change the interior dimensions of the vehicle to 90 inches  or 7 ½ feet  in length, 54 inches or 4 ½  feet in height, and  63.6  inches or 5.3 feet in width all by simply folding the seats into the floor. No seat removal necessary!

While at one point it was feared that the Caravan would be retired along with other minivans, it seems as if it is not becoming extinct anytime soon. The Dodge Caravan is one of the most versatile vehicles with its ability to go from family vehicle to utility vehicle to bedroom on the go almost instantly. Read on to discover more info regarding the history of the Caravan’s cargo space and just what can fit into one of these roomy vehicles.

The New Stow ‘N Go

The second-row seats of the Caravan became able to fold into the floor starting in 2004, no longer requiring removal to provide additional space. This amazing innovation also allowed for storage space for luggage, groceries, or other objects- big and small- when seats are in the upright position. When seats are not folded into the floor, the in-floor bins give an additional 12 cubic feet of extra space for hidden storage.

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How Does the Caravan Compare to the Grand Caravan?

While both the Dodge Caravan and the Dodge Grand Caravan were still available in 2007, the regular Caravan did not survive to the fifth generation which began in 2008, but the Grand Caravan is still going strong. Perhaps the biggest reason for the success of the Grand Caravan and the demise of the regular Caravan is due to the overall length of each. The regular Caravan was 189.1 inches long while the Grand Caravan was 200.6 inches making it 11.5 inches longer. Therefore, we can say the Grand Caravan does what its name implies—it offers a “grand” amount of interior space.

Take a look at how the cargo dimensions compared in 2007:

Caravan 2007

  • There were 142.3 cubic feet of space with the second and third rows down
  • With just the third row down there were only 44.2 cubic feet
  • Behind the third row was 15.1 cubic feet
  • Offered 155.7 cubic feet of passenger space

Grand Caravan 2007

  • There were 167.9 cubic feet of space with the second and third rows down
  • With just the third row down there was still 51.3 cubic feet of space
  • Behind the third row was 17.6 cubic feet of space
  • Offered 168.4 cubic feet of passenger space

The Modern Grand Caravan

Today, the Grand Caravan still exists in the fifth-generation model. There has not been a significant change between the fourth and fifth generations. Minor adjustments were made with Stow ‘N Go seating and the cargo space was slightly reduced. Today’s Grand Caravan also comes equipped with an available overhead bin that provides easy storage for smaller items, so you won’t lose them. Also, for the driver and person riding “shotgun” there is a front seat storage area that allows for sunglasses and other essential items to be stored within arm’s reach, so attention doesn’t have to be diverted from the road. These additional storage areas allow for the cargo storage space to be utilized for other important items.

Like Stow ‘N Go features, many buyers are also interested to learn if there are any Minivans that offer 4WD?

Within the last few years, 2015-2020 to be exact, cargo space has adjusted slightly. We researched the changes in dimensions for these years using U.S. News Cars. Here’s what we found:

Dodge Grand Caravan Changes in Dimensions Between 2015-2020:

  • The range of space with the second and third rows down is 140.3 – 143.8 cubic feet- an increase of 3.5 cubic feet
  • The range of space with just the third row down is 78.9 – 83.3 cubic feet- an increase of 4.4 cubic feet
  • The range of space behind the third row is 31.1 – 33 cubic feet – an increase of 1.9 cubic feet

These ranges convey that the Dodge Grand Caravan offers a significant amount of cargo space that can be used in a variety of ways.

Is There Room For Sleeping In The Dodge Grand Caravan?

Whether you’re in need of a little cat nap in the grocery store parking lot, you’re on a long road trip and need a sleep break, or you just want the simplicity of camping without setting up a tent or hauling a camper, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get some comfortable shut-eye in the Grand Caravan. The answer is yes- just fold down the second and third-row seats and you will have a fully functioning nap space with plenty of legroom.

So, you’ve folded down the seats and stowed them, but what can you sleep on?

Is There Room For A King Mattress in Dodge Caravan? 

A king-sized mattress measures 76 inches by 80 inches. So while the length seems possible with 90 inches of length available when second and third-row seats are stowed away, the width certainly is not since it is roughly 13 inches too wide.

Is There Room For A Queen Mattress in Dodge Caravan?

A queen-sized mattress has dimensions of 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. Recalling that when the second and third rows of the Grand Caravan are stowed, it provides a space of 90 inches long and 63.6 inches wide. There is more than enough length room for the queen mattress, but the width cuts it close. It would be best to measure your Caravan and take into account the trim and hatch which may prevent your queen mattress from laying flat.

Is There Room For A Full Mattress in Dodge Caravan?

A full-sized mattress has dimensions of 75 inches long by 53 inches wide, leaving fifteen inches in length and just over ten inches in width of extra space in the Caravan, as its dimensions are 90 inches by 63.3 inches when seats are stowed away. It is still recommended to measure your Caravan to be sure the mattress lies flat.

The Best Choice

The best option to have a comfy sleeping arrangement with your mattress laying flat and space to spare, according to Dodge Caravan owners would be to either design your own bed, inflate an air mattress, or use a twin-sized mattress. A twin mattress is 75 inches long by 38 inches wide which leaves plenty of elbow room and you wouldn’t need to bring an air pump, worry about refilling your bed halfway in the night, or reinvent the mattress.

Long Live The Cargo Space of the Dodge Grand Caravan

With the spacious interior provided by the Dodge Grand Caravan, other SUV’s and minivans today are not too threatening. With versatility on its side, the Grand Caravan gives two major options. First, you can leave the seats up and get enough room for seven passengers and their belongings. This allows you to strategically place your children to reduce sibling rivalry or have enough seating to be the carpool soccer parent. Don’t have passengers? The second option is to easily stow the seats away and create room for almost any cargo big or small. Whether it be the materials you need for spring landscaping, hauling that new furniture you purchased, or taking an exciting road trip, the Dodge Grand Caravan has the space to suit your needs.

Have There Been Any New Features?

Most of these amazing features are remaining the same. With that in mind, how could the Grand Caravan get any grander? Well, today’s Dodge Caravan model now offers 60/40 split seating. This means that when in the park, you can flip the third-row seats to face rearward offering a tailgate position. Fire up the grill and get ready for the tailgate season. Or taking a trip? In addition to leaving the tent and camper at home, you can leave your folding chairs too! Simply turn your third-row seats around to sit back and enjoy the comfortable seating while eating or observing nature on your camping trip.

So go ahead and plan that summer camping trip without the tent, camper, or folding chairs just be sure to measure your space and mattress and go on your adventure!


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