Is the Dodge Journey a Van or SUV? [Surprising]

There are many different types of vehicles that fill different roles, but some cars have the features of more than one category. An example of such a vehicle is the Dodge Journey, which has traits of both a van and an SUV, making some wonder what the Journey is.

The Dodge Journey is neither a van nor a SUV, it is a crossover vehicle with traits from both types of vehicle. Crossovers are marked by having traits from multiple types of car at the same time, and the Journey’s combination of a van’s seating space with an SUV’s towing power makes it a crossover car.

This article will go over what makes the Dodge Journey a crossover and what traits it takes from both vans and SUVs.


What is a Dodge Journey?

The Dodge Journey has many traits in common with both vans and SUVs, as well as other special features that are unique to the Journey.

Van Traits, Is The Dodge Journey A Van?

The Dodge Journey has several features in common with most vans, and makes it an excellent choice for a family car. These traits include comfortable space for extra seating, an excellent fuel economy, and other general quality of life features like an intuitive touch-screen system and parking sensors.

Extra rows of seating. The most iconic van trait that the Dodge Journey has is extra seating space, with seven seats spread across three rows inside the vehicle. Besides the number of seats, these rows are designed to give passengers space to feel comfortable without crowding on top of each other.

Comfortable interior design. Apart from extra space around the seating rows, the Dodge Journey also comes with comfortable seat designs and an intuitive touch-screen display. These and other minor measures are designed to make the car comfortable not only for the driver but for the passengers as well.

Excellent fuel mileage. While not every van has a great fuel economy, most SUVs are known for having terrible fuel mileage due to their massive engines and bulky frames. The Dodge Journey, by contrast, can get up to 21 miles per gallon which is the same as most average vans on the street today.

SUV Traits, Is The Dodge Journey A Full-Size SUV?

Visually, the Dodge Journey has a lot in common with SUVs, having a large frame with extra carrying capacity and some optional features that make it an excellent off-road vehicle. All of these are traits common to SUVs, and are all present in some form on the Dodge Journey.

Additional cargo space. Even with three rows of seating, the Dodge Journey has both the space and the power to carry an extra 1,000 lbs of weight in cargo. This type of cargo capacity is common among SUVs as it helps the cars carry more equipment for off-road adventures and other side trips.

Built-in towing package. Beyond its internal capacity, the Dodge Journey also comes with a towing package built into the system. This towing package can pull up to 1,000 lbs of weight, less than the average for most typical towing packages but still impressive for a vehicle like the Journey.

Optional off-road features. Certain models of the Dodge Journey come with a six-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive, both of which make the vehicle better at driving off-road. One of the most common features of SUVs is strong off-roading capabilities, so these optional features help the Journey serve as an SUV.

Special Features

Beyond the Dodge Journey’s van and SUV traits, the vehicle comes with a host of other special features for the convenience of both drivers and passengers. These range from small quality of life improvements to important safety features, and some depend on which model of Journey you buy. The standard Dodge Journey comes with:

  • Uconnect with Bluetooth and voice command features
  • Automatic SiriusXM satellite radio
  • USB connectivity
  • Rear park assistance
  • An automatic sunroof
  • Collapsible seats for extra storage space

More advanced versions of the Journey come with a range of extra features that are optional and designed to make driving your Dodge Journey more convenient. Not all of these features come with a more advanced Dodge Journey, depending on what model you choose. These include such items as:

  • Apple Carplay
  • A remote start feature
  • Integrated garage door openers
  • A shift knob system
  • Heated front seats and steering wheel
  • Surround sound and a subwoofer
  • A built-in navigation system

It is important to know what features your model of the Dodge Journey comes with, since not all of the advanced features can be installed in a standard issue Dodge Journey. Advanced features will also increase the price of the vehicle and can make repairs more complicated.


With the features and abilities of the Dodge Journey laid out, the question remains as to what type of car the vehicle is. The Dodge Journey is not a van or an SUV, but a crossover vehicle that doesn’t fit into either category.

What is a crossover? Crossover vehicles are cars and trucks that have traits from multiple types of vehicles, such as sedans, vans, and SUVs. Generally, they combine features from one or more vehicle types to make the overall car more versatile.

The Dodge Journey’s Crossover traits. The Dodge Journey has the comfort and seating capacity of a van with the cargo and towing abilities of an SUV. Besides these features, the Dodge Journey has the body design of a midsize vehicle, not a van or SUV.


The Dodge Journey is a versatile crossover vehicle designed to offer the benefits of both a comfortable family van and a high-capacity SUV with towing capabilities.

The Dodge Journey’s Specs

Beyond its special van and SUV like features the Dodge Journey comes with a long list of specs and features. Physically speaking, the Dodge Journey is built with a galvanized steel alloy frame with the following dimensions.

  • A length of 192.4 inches
  • A width of 72.2 inches
  • A height of 66.6 inches
  • A gross vehicle weight of 5,300 lbs

The Dodge Journey also comes with a range of mechanical and internal features not listed in the vehicle traits and special items above. These unlisted features include items such as the Dodge Journey’s fuel milage and towing package capacity. Some of the standard features that come with the Dodge Journey are:

  • 173 horsepower engine with 166 lbs-ft of torque
  • A 20.5 gallon fuel tank
  • Front wheel drive with a 4-speed transmission system
  • An integrated roof antenna
  • 6 internal speakers
  • Front, side, and overhead airbags for both the driver and passengers.
  • Rear parking sensors

The dimensions and features listed above are all for the standard model of Dodge Journey without special items or aftermarket modifications. Buying a more advanced model of Dodge or buying a modified, pre-owned vehicle can change the overall size of the vehicle as well as its abilities and features.

Good Mods and Accessories for the Dodge Journey

There are many ways to modify a Dodge Journey to get more power, performance, and comfort out of the vehicle than the standard model offers. These accessories range from engine mods to simple add-ons for the inside of the vehicle.

Air Intake. An air intake mod is a device that attaches to the engine of a vehicle, increasing its power and fuel efficiency with less risk of damage or overheating. An air intake is a great way to get more performance out of a Dodge Journey for both on and off-road trips.

Floor and Seat Liners. Family vans can be messy vehicles and the Dodge Journey is no exception, so investing in some liners can help protect your floors and seat covers from stains. You can also buy removeable cargo liners for the back seat of the car to help protect the collapsible seats from damage.

Window Deflectors. Window deflectors keep rain, snow, and other debris from seeping into the vehicle through the tops of the windows. This is a great mod for those who do a lot of off-roading or who live in snowy areas where cleaning off the outside of your car can mean dirty and snow getting inside.

Roof Rack. To increase the storage space of the van without having to keep the back seats down or haul a trailer everywhere a roof rack is the way to go. Even a small rooftop container can increase your storage capacity without having to sacrifice seating space.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Dodge Journey

Just like with figuring out if the Dodge Journey is a van or SUV, there are a lot of common questions about the Dodge Journey. Some of these questions include:

How Many Rows Of Seats Are In A Dodge Journey? The Dodge Journey comes with seven seats spread across three rows of seating with two up front, two in the middle, and three in the back. The back row of seats is also collapsible, letting you choose between more passenger space or more cargo space.

Does The Dodge Journey Have Apple Carplay? The standard Dodge Journey package does not come with Apple Carplay although it does have Bluetooth. Some more advanced models of the Dodge Journey do come with Apple Carplay, however, so be sure to check your vehicle’s specs before buying.

Can I Tow With A Dodge Journey? Yes, the Dodge Journey comes with a built-in towing package that can haul up to 1,000 lbs of weight. The Journey can also carry up to 1,000 lbs of cargo, but not while hauling a heavy load since the vehicle isn’t a dedicated truck.

What is The Dodge Journey Fuel Mileage? The Dodge Journey has a fuel milage range of 21 miles per gallon on average. Keep in mind this number can be affected by how fast you are driving, how much weight the vehicle is carrying, and how rough the terrain you are driving through is.

Wrap Up

The Dodge Journey has many features of both a van and an SUV, leading to some confusion about what type of car it is. Looking at all of its traits, the Dodge Journey is a crossover vehicle, combining multiple types of car into one. If you have any questions about the Dodge Journey or crossovers in general, comment with them below.

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