F150 Mods: How to Make Your Ford F150 Faster & More

While the Ford F-150 is a powerful truck, there are ways to get more speed and power out of your vehicle. One way to do this is by using a truck mod to make your engine more efficient, although not every modification has this effect.

The best modifications for making a truck faster are:

  • An engine supercharger
  • A computer tuner device
  • A new exhaust system
  • An air intake for the engine

Each of these aftermarket modifications increases the speed of a vehicle be allowing the engine to use fuel more efficiently and effectively, making the motor more powerful.

This article will go over descriptions of these modifications, how they work, and how to use them in your Ford F-150


The Best Ford F-150 Mods for Speed

Below is a list of the best aftermarket modifications to make a truck faster than before, as well as explanations for how they work.

Engine Supercharger

A supercharger is a device that, when attached to a car’s engine, forces more air into the system. This, in turn, causes fuel to burn hotter and more quickly, increasing the amount of power the engine can put out. There are some factors to consider when using a supercharger, however.

Fit. While it is important to make sure your modifications fit before you try to add them to your car, superchargers are especially large and connect to a variety of systems. Make sure you have the engine space and tools to handle a supercharger before buying one.

Safety. Since superchargers work by making fuel burn hotter and faster, they can also cause overheating and engine damage if you regularly push your truck to extreme speeds. To avoid this make sure your radiator is full, your fluids are topped off, and you give your engine time to cool off between drives.

Ford F-150 Tuner

A tuner is any device that allows you to read and program the computer in your car, which controls how your vehicle operates. This can not only give great diagnostic information but can also be used to make your vehicle more efficient, as long as you keep the following factors in mind.

Small Boosts. Using a tuner will allow you to make modifications to your vehicle like streamlining engine function or toggling certain features, but the overall impact of these changes will be minor. Don’t expect a massive boost in speed if you use a tuner on your Ford F-150.

Other Changes. Besides tinkering with your engine you can also change settings like headlight intensity and fuel usage. This makes a tuner a lot more versatile than other modifications if you want to get the most out of your vehicle.

Moderation. While a tuner can be a great way to get the most out of your vehicle, depending on what you change and where it can also be a liability. Making too many changes can cause problems, especially for vital systems, so it is important not to overuse a vehicle tuner.

Replacement Exhaust System

An aftermarket exhaust system works in the same principle as a supercharger, but in reverse. Rather than injecting more air into the engine, a new exhaust system will release carbon dioxide from the system faster, clearing the engine to burn fuel and oxygen more efficiently. However, you will need to consider a few factors before buying a new exhaust system.

Noise. Removing the old exhaust system on your car, especially the muffler, will make your vehicle much louder while driving. In some cases you may even violate noise pollution laws if your engine gets too loud, so be sure to check local laws about noise to see if you might be in violation of them.

Catalytic Converters. One way to improve your exhaust system is by removing the restrictive catalytic converter. Doing this is illegal in some states, however, so before you take the component out you should make sure it’s a legal modification where you live.

Air Intake

An air intake system works similarly to a supercharger, by bringing more air into the engine to help fuel burn more efficiently. Unlike a supercharger, however, air intakes don’t force air into the engine and can actually help keep an engine cool by running cold air through it. Like most modifications, you’ll need to consider the following factors.

Installation. Like with most modifications, be sure that the vehicle you drive has enough space and the right connections to fit an air intake before buying. Also be sure you have the right tools and technical understanding to install an air intake at home, otherwise you will have to go to a professional mechanic.

Power. Of all the modifications on this list, an air intake provides the fewest benefits since it primarily makes your engine cooler and more efficient. Superchargers offer more direct power while tuners and exhaust systems offer more benefits besides speed.


Each of these modifications can give your engine more power, along with other benefits, but there are more ways to speed up your Ford F-150.

How to Increase the Speed of Your Ford F-150 Without Mods

If you don’t want to modify your Ford F-150 but are still interested in boosting your speed there are other methods to increase the power of your vehicle. Some of these methods will provide a more permanent boost while others are temporary and will need to be repeated occasionally for full benefits.

Reduce your vehicle’s weight. The most direct and permanent way to get more speed out of your vehicle is to reduce its body weight. The less weight the engine has to move, the more power it can send to the driveshaft, generating more speed for you. The easiest way to reduce your vehicle’s weight is to carry les equipment, but there are more extreme ways of making your Ford lighter.

You can remove extra seats, pull up the carpeting, and invest in lighter parts such as tires and batteries to make your vehicle lighter. If you really want to make your vehicle as light as possible, however, then consider replacing some of the heavy metal parts on your vehicle with plastic and fiberglass to make the overall frame lighter.

Get a tune up. If you have had your vehicle for a long time or if you have bought a pre-owned Ford F-150 then getting a tune up can easily increase the speed and power of your truck. You should ideally get a tune up every few thousand miles, along with an oil change and other necessary maintenance work.

While this won’t increase the speed of a new car it can easily increase the performance of an older vehicle and can help keep your Ford in good working order. Also, if you have the tools and skills you can tune up and repair a vehicle at home rather than going to a professional mechanic.

Use higher octane gas. Octane can be thought of as a gauge for how pure gasoline is, with higher octane fuel having fewer chemicals and contaminants in the mix. These contaminants can build up in your fuel system over time, making your engine worker harder for less speed. If you want to make your Ford faster, then use cleaner, higher octane fuels for a more efficient engine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making the F-150 Faster

Performing any kind of vehicle modification can be a confusing mess of questions about legality, safety, and vehicle performance. To help answer some of these questions and make the modification process much easier, here some questions and answers about modifying a Ford F-150 to make it faster:

Will modifications void my car’s warranty? Making modifications to your car does not automatically void your warranty, but it can put you at risk. If the dealer can reasonably point to your mod as the cause of any damage you need repaired, then the warranty will be voided. Otherwise just having a vehicle mod will not automatically effect your warranty.

Do I need a professional to modify my car? Most modifications you can buy in stores don’t need to be installed by an official mechanic, as long as you have the skills and tools to fit the mod yourself. Alternatively you can use the internet to research how to use and install a new modification if you don’t know already.

Will making my vehicle faster impact my fuel efficiency? The general answer is yes, the faster a car goes the more fuel it will consume to drive its engine, making its fuel economy less efficient. However, if you are using a tuner system to speed up your car there are ways to lessen the impact by making your vehicle both faster and more fuel efficient.

Does driving faster cause more wear and tear? Yes, driving faster in any vehicle will decrease the life of your engine and other vehicle parts, since you need those components to work harder to gain more speed. Regular maintenance and tune up can help with this, and only driving fast in small bursts will also stop damage from building up quickly.

Can I use multiple mods for more speed? Yes, but there is an upper limit to how fast a vehicle can go just based on how heavy it is and how much power the engine can produce. Also, some mods are not compatible, like superchargers and air intakes, or adding too many modifications can cause problems.

Wrap Up

If you have a Ford F-150 and are interested in getting more speed and power out of your truck, then mods are a good way to tune up your car. If you have any questions or suggestions for making an F-150 faster, comment with them below.

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