11 Fifth Wheel RVs With A Front Living Room (Best Options)

These days, fifth wheel RVs come with a variety of layouts, making it easier than ever to choose the rig that best suits your needs. Over the years, layouts with front living rooms have moved to the forefront of necessities when it comes time to purchase an RV (pun intended).

Does My RV Need a Front Living Room?

If you’re not sure what a front living room is or if you should be looking into getting one in your RV search, we’re here to help. As with anything, front living rooms come with pros and cons to consider before making a purchase.

Fifth wheel trailer front living rooms are perfect for travelers who want to feel like they haven’t left their home. Front living rooms have a more traditional living room vibe, similar to a den, and typically mean that the bedrooms and bathroom at the rear of the rig are a little more spacious.

While the rest of the trailer may feel more spacious, some may find the front living room to be a little cramped. However, front living rooms offer additional flexibility throughout the rest of the cabin, offering residents a little more separation from guests if desired.

The front living rooms also provide plenty of variety when it comes to the way the space is furnished. Ever wanted to deck out your living room with theater chairs while you watch a movie or the big game? What about separate seating for guests/friends/other family members? Although they come pre-furnished, with front living rooms, there are plenty of possibilities for utilizing the space effectively—you just need to find your favorite layout.

5th Wheel RVs With A Front Living Room

To further optimize your search, we’ve created a list of the best fifth-wheel trailers with front living rooms, complete with virtual tours to get a better feel for the layout you’ll love most:

Forest River Cardinal Luxury 3700FLX – $45,000 – $70,000

Just like the Sierra, the Cardinal Luxury is all about, well, luxury! The front living room on this model offers a more cinema-like experience, with three sofas uniquely positioned around the entertainment center so you feel like you’re front and center of the action when you gather around the television.

The Cardinal Luxury comes with a queen bed, but residents have the option to swap it out for a king, and sleep up to six people with the hide-a-beds in the living room.

You can check out more details on this RV here.

Jayco North Point 381FLWS – $65,000 – $95,000

The Jayco North Point may be one of the other biggest trailers on the list. Luxury features like butter leather sofas (that, of course, double as beds), theater seating, room for a king-size bed in the master, and many more mean that you may never want to leave your North Point unit when you get to the next camp stop.

You can find more information, floor plan layouts, and gallery images on the Jayco website.

Forest River Cedar Creek Hathaway 38FLX – $45,000 – $70,000

The Cedar Creek Hathaway model offers a more traditional, homely vibe compared to its luxurious counterparts. Complete with three sofas surrounding the entertainment centers (that also double as beds), double vanities, and the option for a queen or king-size bed for the master bedroom, this trailer can also easily sleep six people.

What makes this model unique is that it’s made to withstand more extreme temperatures. So, if you find yourself traveling—and staying—in particularly hot or cold locations, this rig may be the one for you.

Check out more details on this trailer here.

Coachman Brookstone 344FL – $47,000 – $60,000

For those looking for a more functional fifth wheel front living room, look no further than the Coachman Brookstone. This trailer offers plenty of storage space, as well as flexibility for residents. The open layout of the front living room is nice and open and also includes a half-wall between the kitchen and living quarters.

The traditional design makes you feel right at home. This model is also able to sleep up to six, and offers a wonderfully spacious bathroom at the back of the trailer.

Read more on the layout and details of this trailer here.

Forest River Sierra 379FLOK – $50,000 – $60,000

If you’re looking for the height of RV luxury, this is it. The Forest River Sierra boasts a professionally-designed interior with a sleek, modern aesthetic (it even comes with a fireplace for colder nights). The front living room includes three sofas, two of which are hide-a-beds. Combine that with the queen bed in the master bedroom, and this trailer can easily sleep up to six people.

You can check out the full gallery, request quotes from a local dealer, and even take a 360-degree virtual tour here.

Coachmen Chaparral 370FL – $45,000 – $70,000

The Coachmen Chaparral is the longest trailer to make the list, meaning that there’s plenty of space to roam around! In fact, the bedroom and bathroom are pushed to the back of the trailer, leaving a lot of room between the living room/kitchen and the other spaces.

You may also find that this model runs a little cheaper than the others, which is a major bonus. Just like the other trailers included in this list, the Chaparral sleeps up to six and includes three sofas in the front living room, which are laid out around the television.

For more information on this trailer, check out the Coachmen website.

Keystone Montana 3760FL – $47,000 – $80,000

The Keystone Montana’s front living room is another modern, sleek layout. This trailer also boasts two on-board bathrooms, as well as motion-censored lights. While it is a big trailer, you may find it’s not as big as others included on this list, but still offers plenty of space and the ability to sleep six residents.

Head over to the Keystone website for more information.

Heartland Milestone 379FLML – $45,000 – $65,000

If you’re looking to take a big trip with family or friends, you may want to check out the Heartland Milestone. Not only can it sleep up to eight people, it also offers two bathrooms on board, as well as the traditional, spacious three-sofa front living room layout around the entertainment center.

When purchasing one of these models, double check to make sure it comes with a TV. If it doesn’t, that part of the journey will have to come out of your pocket. (However, that’s not always a bad thing depending on how big you like your televisions!)

Check out more details about this expansive trailer here.

Keystone Avalanche 383FL – $40,000 – $60,000

While this model may feel smaller than the Montana, the Keystone Avalanche is perfectly suited for travelers who see themselves trekking across the country full time. As with many of the other trailers included on this list, the Avalanche can sleep up to six, and features a kitchen island and three sofa beds in the living room.

The rest of the cabin is also spacious, with a large bathroom connecting to the master suite to give occupants a little more wiggle room.

You can check out more details here.

Jayco Pinnacle 38FLWS – $55,000 – $83,000

A long-trusted brand, the Jayco Pinnacle boasts plenty of luxurious features in their fifth wheel trailers, including the front living room, which holds two folding sofas and two power-operated theater seats. (Popcorn, anyone?)

The latest 2020 model is complete with a sleek interior, adding to the overall sense of riding in style. Add in a king or queen-sized bed in the master bedroom, and you’re ready to go! The Pinnacle can also sleep six.

Head over to the Jayco site to check out images, floor plans, and more.

Heartland Big Country 3902 FL – $47,000 – $76,000

For those who are looking into more luxurious rides, the Heartland Big Country trailer may be another good one for you to check out. Not only does it offer plenty of space and a kitchen that’s separate from the front living room, it also hosts two bathrooms and an incredible master suite.

This trailer can sleep up to six, but one of the biggest takeaways of this model is that everyone would have plenty of room and not feel like they were traveling on top of one another.

Check out the Heartland website for more details.

The Perfect Place to Gather

As with any big buying decision, it’s important to test out or tour a fifth wheel trailer front living room if you can to ensure that this type of RV layout that’s perfect for you. Not only will it help you get a feel for the space, it will also help you better envision how and where you can place furniture, as well as how many people would be able to gather together on your trips.

We’re committed to helping you make the best RV decision when it comes to you and your friends or family. No matter what front living room layout you choose, we know the memories you create there will be priceless!

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