Roadside Assistance for RV’s: Good Sam or AAA?

So you’ve purchased your first RV, planned an awesome trip across the country, stocked up on propane, and now it’s time to pack up and go, right? Well, there’s still one important matter to take care of. Roadside Assistance. Through my personal experience, I have found two wonderful options, both of which I have turned to for a few, mostly minor, roadside repairs: Good Sam’s RV plans and AAA’s Plus/Premium RV. Both coverage providers do things a little differently, which raises the question- Which Roadside assistance provider is a better fit for you and your RV: Good Sam, or AAA?

Narrowing It Down

Good Sam offers standalone RV roadside assistance plans meant to give you peace of mind while on your extended trips. This is a little different from AAA’s roadside assistance plans, which are add-ons to their normal auto coverage plans. You will need to be a AAA member in order to cover your RV with their roadside assistance plans.  For a RV traveler, Good Sam Roadside Assistance is likely a better choice. Good Sam offers the same level of roadside services as AAA with fewer restrictions and fewer hidden costs.

As I said above, AAA offers two add-on options for their existing auto coverage plans specifically for RV’s- AAA Plus RV and AAA Premier RV. Both plans come with all of the perks of their standard coverage plans, including (but not limited to) travel interruption insurance, towing assistance, and access to AAA’s wide variety of discounted goods and services.

Good Sam offers three levels of roadside assistance for RVers- RV Standard, RV Platinum, and RV Platinum Complete. All three levels of service include unlimited towing miles (to the nearest RV repair shop), trip interruption insurance, and the normal spread of roadside assistance services such as: Battery jumpstarts, flat tire repairs, and emergency fuel/fluid delivery.

AAA: A Closer Look

Coverage Across All Vehicles: Since AAA’s roadside assistance options require you to first be a member of AAA, you’ll get the coverage you need for your RV while also enjoying the benefits of the standard AAA plans. One of these benefits is coverage for any vehicle you are operating- whether you own the vehicle or not. This means that even if you find yourself in need of roadside assistance while driving your friend’s car, you’ll still be covered as a AAA member.

Wide Array of Member Services Available: Members enjoy access to their huge network of partnership companies. Goods, like plane tickets, are often offered at a discounted rate. AAA is also partnered with Hertz, one of America’s largest car rental agencies. Shopping for tickets to see your favorite band? AAA’s 24-hour/worldwide concierge service can help you get those tickets at a discounted price. The discounts don’t end with your trip either.  We always use our AAA card at restaurants for even more savings!

Legal Defense Reimbursement: One of the often overlooked perks of choosing AAA for your RV is their Legal Defense Reimbursement offering. AAA will reimburse you for attorney’s fees to defend yourself against a covered traffic charge or violation. Coverage varies depending on your service package. AAA Plus members are covered up to $1500. Coverage raises to $2000 for Premier members.

Trip Interruption Insurance: If you’re a seasoned RVer, you probably already know that what can go wrong, at some point, will go wrong. Even the most detailed of plans can be completely derailed due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or sickness. This could pose a major problem. What if you’ve already pre-paid for tickets to a sporting event that gets snowed out? Usually we’re left to accept the losses and move on while hoping for better weather next year. AAA has a solution for this. With their trip interruption insurance, members will enjoy coverage of up to $1500 for non-refundable travel expenses that are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances as long as you are travelling more than 100 miles from your home.

Pros of AAA

In addition to roadside assistance when you need it, being a AAA member comes with a full spread of complimentary services including:

  • A wide variety of travel-related discounts
  • Legal defense reimbursement
  • Trip interruption insurance
  • Coverage across all vehicles

Drawbacks of AAA

Roadside Call Limitations: While AAA does offer 24/7 roadside assistance in most states, there is a limitation to the number of service calls you can make. Members at every level are limited to just 4 service calls per year. This means that you could potentially find yourself in a situation where you need roadside assistance, but you can’t rely on your roadside assistance provider. This is especially troublesome for people like me who may go on extended trips multiple times a year.

Towing Limitations: AAA’s Plus and Premier RV plans both include towing assistance. However, members of AAA Premier RV are limited to 200 miles. That number drops to just 100 miles if you’re a AAA Plus RV member. What happens if the nearest authorized RV repair shop is 250 miles away? Unfortunately, you’ll be stuck paying out of pocket for any mileage over your plan’s included covered miles.

Costs of AAA Plus RV and Premier RV

As mentioned above, you will need to be a AAA Plus or Premier member to be able to add RV coverage. Prices vary by state, but generally Plus memberships start at $105/year while a Premier membership will run you around $138. From there you’ll need to add RV roadside assistance which will tag on an extra $50 to either plan.

Good Sam: A Closer Look

Every Family Member is Covered: Good Sam offers three levels of RV roadside assistance, and each one brings along coverage for your spouse and any dependent children. This is huge in my opinion. With your family covered, you don’t have to worry about being the sole operator of your RV. That’s right, you can switch from driver to passenger without the stress of your spouse not being covered. And what if your kid’s dirt bikes break down while on your trip? Since your dependent children are covered, that means their dirt bikes are covered too!

Unlimited Service Calls: One of the most impactful benefits of choosing Good Sam for your RV roadside assistance is the unlimited number of times you can request service. Yes, you read that correctly. Unlike AAA’s limit of four service calls per year, Good Sam will be there for you whenever you need them. All three of their RV plans include unlimited service calls, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be covered no matter what.

Extra Services Included With Membership: Much like AAA’s Plus and Premier memberships, all three of Good Sam’s roadside assistance plans come with a slew of extra services available to their members. These include free fuel/fluid delivery, battery jumpstarts, tire changes, and locksmith services (for when the kids accidentally lock everyone out of the RV). Good Sam will even send a qualified technician out to your location to assist with all of your roadside needs, at no extra charge. Good Sam also offers AAMCO discounts up to $150.  Aside from roadside assistance, Good Sam also offers discounts on hotel rooms and car rentals.

Unlimited Towing Miles: One major difference separating Good Sam’s RV protection offerings from AAA- Unlimited towing miles. All three levels of Good Sam’s RV protection service include unlimited towing miles to the nearest authorized RV repair shop. This is especially beneficial during those trips that take you hundreds of miles from the nearest town. Instead of having to pay for every extra mile over 200, as is the case with AAA, you’ll rest easy knowing that no matter how far the next RV repair shop happens to be, Good Sam will get your vehicle there for free!

Trip Interruption Insurance: Much like AAA, Good Sam also includes trip interruption insurance on all three of their service levels. Good Sam’s RV Standard will protect your non-refundable travel expenses up to $1200. If you’re a Platinum or Platinum Complete member, you’ll enjoy coverage up to $1500.

Pros of Good Sam

Good Sam obviously designed their service offerings with RVers like you and I in mind. The pros of a Good Sam membership include:

  • Unlimited towing miles
  • Unlimited service request calls
  • Trip interruption service.
  • Travel-related discounts and services
  • Coverage across all family members

Next, we’ll explore the costs associated with each of Good Sam’s service packages.

Costs of Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance

As previously mentioned, Good Sam has three levels of RV roadside assistance- RV Standard, RV Platinum, and RV Platinum Complete. RV Standard, their cheapest option, starts at $129.95 RV Platinum comes in at $159.95 and RV Platinum Complete will run you $239.95. Good Sam comes in quite a bit pricier than AAA, but also brings with it the added benefits of unlimited towing miles, unlimited service calls, and coverage for all members of your family.

Alternative Roadside Assistance Plans

While I only touched on AAA and Good Sam, there are other options for you to consider.

Coach-Net starts their roadside assistance plans for motorized RV’s at $249 per year. Much like Good Sam’s all-inclusive coverage, a Coach-Net membership ensures coverage for your spouse, children, and any rented vehicles.

Allstate is a car insurance company that also offers insurance for mobile homes. Since RV insurance would be an add-on to an existing membership, Allstate might be a cheaper option to consider.

Motor Club of America (MCA) was founded in 1926, and since then has expanded to be one of the largest providers of roadside assistance in North America.

RV Advisor claims to be the number one roadside assistance plan available today, with plans starting at $99 per year.

Better World Club has two options for RV coverage, the cheaper of the two starting at just $58.95. They even offer coverage for your bikes that may be attached to the front of your RV!

In conclusion, finding the right RV roadside assistance plan is absolutely crucial if you want to relax and enjoy your travels. Both AAA and Good Sam have great service offerings that will leave you with peace of mind in knowing that if something does go wrong with your RV, you’ll be covered. So, which service provider offers the best plan for your RV needs?

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