How Miles Does A Ford Fusion Last ? (Quick Answer)

Buying a car is a big commitment, it’s not something to take lightly. Because it is such a big investment, you want to ensure you make the right choice. Preferably, you want to purchase a vehicle that is reliable and long lasting without racking up thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Ford Fusions can last as long as fifteen years, it is not unusual to find one that has over 200,000 miles on it and is still running. Fusions have a reputation for being sturdy and long-lasting cars. The Fusion was first rolled out in 2006 and there are still first and second-generation Fusions on the road today.

However, Fusions are not without their problems. In recent years, the late model Fusions have been plagued with multiple recalls every year since it was redesigned in 2013. Despite all its issues in the later years, the Ford Fusion is still a sturdy reliable family sedan.

Ford Fusions are well known for their longevity, they have been running the roads since 2006. Some of those first generation Fusions are still on the roads today.


What is The Average Lifespan in Miles of a Ford Fusion?

It is true that when you purchase a Ford Fusions you can expect it to last ten to fifteen years and to put several hundred thousand miles on it. However, that lifespan will depend on the upkeep.

A well maintained Ford Fusion will last you a long time. This includes regular oil changes, performing any scheduled maintenance on time and even regular washing, waxing, and keeping the interior clean.

Keeping up with the maintenance schedule designed by Ford is instrumental in extending the lifetime of your Fusion. Replacing parts before they become too worn and topping off and changing fluids will prevent expensive damage that can occur. Also, your mechanic may detect potential problems and you can address them before they become bigger problems.

Washing and waxing your vehicle regularly will help your exterior to avoid rust by giving your paint job a protective layer of wax. You can avert damage to your interior by keeping it clean and free of dirt that can become like knives damaging the fabric.

What is the Average Mileage for a Ford Fusion?

If you strictly follow the maintenance schedule, change the oil every 5,000 miles, and use synthetic oil, an early model Ford Fusions usually runs for about 200,000 miles.

Once your Fusion hits 75,000 miles, you should begin using an engine oil that is formulated for high mileage vehicles. Many high mileage engine oils contain compounds called seal swells that maintain flexibility and restore shape of seals and gaskets to help prevent leaks.

Also, high mileage oils usually have viscosity modifiers to extend the thickness of the oil, and cleansers to keep the engine from building up debris quicker.

What is the Average Lifespan in Years?

Many early model Fusions (2006-2013) are still on the road. You can count on a Fusion to last ten to fifteen years, that is with proper maintenance.

Later model Fusions have not been around long enough to know if they will have the lifespan of the first generation.

The 2013 models had a complete overhaul and they have not fared as well. There have been numerous recalls in the last seven years, but it seems they have finally worked out all the bugs.

These days most cars are reliable, they don’t have too many problems. The Ford Fusion has been celebrated for its reliability since it was introduced in 2013. However, there are some model years that are known for having transmission problems

What is the Reliability by Model Generation?

The 2010 has been deemed the model to avoid as they were built with defective transmissions. The first generation of Ford Fusions was rolled out in 2006 and was manufactured solely in Mexico until 2013 when the US manufacturing plant was opened in Detroit. With the opening of this new factory came the second generation.

What Recalls Do Ford Fusions Have?

Recalls are not unusual, most makes, and models have bugs that need to be worked out. The good news is the dealer will replace the defective parts free of charge. If you suspect your vehicle is affected by a recall, there should be information on the manufacturer’s website. You will probably have to type in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to find out if you need to take your car in for to repair the defect.

Many models of the first generation of Ford Fusion were recalled due to the Takata Airbag recall that occurred in 2014 and affected 63 million vehicles nationwide. The airbags were recalled because they could potentially explode on impact. After six years the issue has not completely been resolved.

Currently there are thirty seven recalls for Ford Fusions. The first generation suffers mostly from safety issues such as seatbelts with bad tensioners; defective seatbacks and head restraints; driver side floormats that slip. The 2010 was recalled for a leaky fuel tank, problems with the power steering, regarding the powertrain transmission.

The second generation Fusion is plagued with several recalls. The 2013-2016 had the most issues, they were recalled for defective front passenger seatbelts, and losses in power steering, and faulty manual and automatic transmissions. 2016 for improperly welded seat track assembly.

Is Ford Fusion Expensive to Maintain?

All vehicles require maintenance. If you own a car, you will always need to budget for repairs and scheduled maintenance. Fords generally have one of the highest average costs to maintain than other carmakers. The average yearly maintenance costs for a fusion are around $600.

What is the Battery Longevity?

In a late model Fusion, a battery will last three to five years under normal conditions. If you keep it charged, drive it every day and avoid extreme weather temperatures to extend the life of your battery by a year or two. When you take your vehicle in for an oil change or other scheduled maintenance, always make sure your service person checks the level of charge in your battery. If the battery is low they will charge it for you but you will need to remember that the battery is nearing the end of its life and will need to be replaced soon.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Parts?

Parts for any Ford vehicle are generally more expensive than other carmakers. Fortunately, there are many resources for car parts on the internet so you can comparison shop for the best price. If you need to take your Fusion to the dealer to fix a recall, the parts will be free. Recall parts aside, you should expect to pay almost $600 every year for maintenance and repairs. More than half of that will be for parts. If you own a first generation Fusion, you can expect more repairs due to the age of the vehicle and normal wear and tear.

Is Ford Fusion Hybrid a Good Buy?

Fusion has two electric vehicles. The Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi. The Fusion Hybrid operates like a typical hybrid. Instead of being plugged into a separate power source the battery is charged on board through regenerative braking. The Energi has the option of running only on electricity so you can drive about twenty five miles without having to use any gas.

What is Battery Life Expectancy?

The Fusion Hybrid and Energi actually contain two batteries: a high voltage lithium ion battery that powers the engine; and a twelve volt that powers the electrical system when the car is turned off. The lithium ion battery is built to last for life. The Hybrid and Energi come with an eight year/150,000 mile warranty.

How Long Do the Brakes Last?

The average Ford brakes last anywhere from 20,000 to 80,000 miles depending on how the vehicle is driven. Hybrid brake pads, however, can last around 100,000 miles due to the stopping power being put on the regenerative brakes. Some Energi owners do report issues with the rotors rusting from lack of use.

How Long Does the Transmission Last?

The Ford Fusion Hybrid and Energi come equipped with a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT). This means that instead of shifting gears the transmission directly applies speed to the engine. Instead of belts, a CVT is chain driven which makes it sturdier and more reliable than an automatic or manual transmission. A CVT should last the life of the vehicle.

Why is Ford Fusion Being Discontinued?

When carmakers discontinue a model, it is to make room for new models. Ford has made the decision to phase out sedans in favor of crossovers, SUVs, and pickups.

Are the Sales Declining?

Ford seemed to waffle a bit in 2020 regarding their decision to retire the Fusion. As of July 31st, they have ended production at their plant in Mexico. This announcement comes after Ford already announced to end production of Fiesta, Focus, and Taurus.

The Fusion’s sales have declined by 40% since 2014. They tried in 2016 to resurrect the Fusion model by highlighting the Fusion sport. But it did not increase interest in the brand.

Pickups and SUVs.

Ford has decided to move away from compact cars and sedans and only manufacturer SUVs, crossovers, and pickups due to changing trends in car sales versus SUVs and pickups. They will use the money they save and invest it in hybrid technology and developing new safety features.

In the early 2000s when gas prices were high, consumers avoided SUVs and pickups for more fuel efficient compact cars and sedans. Now that fuel prices are lower, the tables have turned. Drivers aren’t concerned with how much it cost to fill up at the pump, and they have shifted the trend toward larger vehicles. SUVs and pickups had 70% of the market share in the US.

Ford is listening to their consumers and discontinuing the manufacture of sedans and compact cars. But maybe not completely phasing them out, the Fusion may be reintroduced as a crossover

What is Replacing the Ford Fusion?

Ford had discontinued their car lineup in order to focus on building safer more fuel efficient SUVs and trucks. But will they keep the Fusion nameplate and capitalize on the brand recognition that is associated with the model.

New Crossover with Fusion Name?

Ford has already shifted production, at the plant in Hermasillo, Mexico, from the Fusion to the new Bronco Sport, a smaller, sportier version of the recently resurrected Bronco that is marketed to appeal to outdoorsy type millennials.

Ford plans to take on the Subaru Outback, which is a popular wagon/crossover vehicle that until now has had truly little competition. It has been reported that Ford has a new crossover in the works that will carry the Fusion nameplate. They are taking the Ford Mondeo Wagon – Fusion’s European counterpart – and building it up to create a crossover/wagon that resembles the Subaru Outback. Ford has named it the Fusion Active. It has a tentative rollout date of 2021.

With a price point of around $30,000, the new Fusion Active will sit taller and wider than the Mondeo. It will offer a choice of All Wheel Drive or 4 Wheel Drive with a more rugged build to make it equipped for off-roading. For the drivetrain, they have swapped out the CVT for an eight-speed automatic transmission paired with a 2.0 liter Ecoboost engine. To continue their commitment to creating more environmentally responsible vehicles, the Fusion Active will also offer a plug-in hybrid, much like the Energi.

Should I Buy a Ford Fusion Even Though They are Discontinued?

There are still a lot of Ford Fusions available on new and used car lots. It is actually a good time to purchase a Fusion as the prices will drop to help Ford dealers deplete their inventory.

Will the Parts Still be Available?

Fusion has been a popular car and Ford produced a lot of them in the last fourteen years, a lot of those cars are still on the road. They built a quality product and are committed to providing parts for the Fusion for a long time.

Should you ever have the need for car parts for your Fusion, the dealer service center will stock what you need. If you are doing DIY maintenance and repairs, there are many sources on the internet as well as brick and mortar stores. There will be a lot of used parts floating around out there that you may be able to get your hands on. If you run out of resources, online forums can be helpful with answering questions regarding parts.

Is Ford Fusion a Reliable Car?

If you do purchase a new or used Fusion, you will need to check the recall list and determine if those recall issues have had the necessary repairs. If not, you may run into problems years down the road caused by unreconciled recall repairs. It may be difficult to find the parts you need to fix it.

The Fusion has a lot of loyal fans who are devoted to it because it is a reliable no-nonsense vehicle that also manages to be fun to drive. Barring any recall problems, the Fusion is a sturdy, well built vehicle that will remain on roads long after the end of production.

A well cared for Ford Fusion will last a long time, up to fifteen years, and over 200,000 miles. The secret to its long life is the owner, you need to maintain it well. That means performing any scheduled maintenance at the proper time, no extreme driving, and keep it clean inside and out.

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