Mississippi Car Window Tint Laws (Updated)

Window tinting is a popular feature many drivers like to add to their vehicles for privacy or medical purposes. Even though drivers may be tempted to apply whatever tint they want, this is a bad idea.

Quick Answer

Window tinting is allowed in Mississippi.

  • The front windshield can be tinted with non-reflective tint only. Tint can only be applied to the top part of the windshield above the manufacture’s AS-1 line.
  • The back windshield can be tinted, but at least 28% of light must be able to pass through.
  • Multipurpose vehicles can have the back window tinted without a tint limit.
  • Passenger and back windows can be tinted; however, Mississippi law requires that at least 28% of light must be allowed to pass through.

Window tinting is allowed in Mississippi. The window tinting law is specific to the state of Mississippi and must be followed to avoid legal action. Window tinting laws in Mississippi can be difficult to understand. Contacting the Department of Public Safety in Mississippi to find out more information is recommended.

Window Tinting in Mississippi – What Does the Law Say?

Following the window tinting laws in Mississippi can be confusing. If you are wondering about tinting laws in Mississippi, read on to find out more.

Can Windows be Tinted in Mississippi?

Yes, windows can be tinted in Mississippi, however there are specific guidelines drivers must follow to avoid breaking the law. Here is what you need to know.

Specific guidelines for window tinting must be followed: In Mississippi, which window being tinted determines the amount of tint required. Front windshield can only have non-reflective tint applied to the top part of the windshield about the manufacture’s AS-1 line. Rear and passenger windows must have a tint of no more than 28%. The driver window can be tinted, if, at least 28% of light is allowed to pass through.

Reflective and colored tint is allowed: In Mississippi, there is no restriction to the color of tint allowed. Reflective tint can be applied to all the windows except the front windshield at no more than 20%.

What Windows can be Tinted in Mississippi?

Although window tinting in Mississippi is legal, there are different requirements for the specific window that is being tinted. Following these guidelines will avoid legal ramifications.

Front Windshield: Tinting the front window of a vehicle is completely legal in Mississippi, however, certain regulations must be followed to ensure driver safety. There are restrictions on how much of the window can be tinted. Mississippi law states that only non-reflective tints can be applied along the top of the windshield. Specifically, the tint must be applied above the manufacture As-1 line.

Back windshield: The back windshield, or rear window, allows for more than 28 percent of light to be transmitted through. This allows for more privacy than the front windshield. Multipurpose vehicles are a little different and allow for any amount of light to be transmitted through. That means multi-purpose vehicles can have a high or low VLT. This is great for drivers who want to add more privacy.

Driver Window: The tinting laws in Mississippi states that the driver window must allow at least 28 percent of light to pass through. This is to ensure the safety of the driver and other vehicles on the road. Too much tint can mean that the visibility of the driver could be compromised. That means the vehicle must have a VLT of at least 28 percent.

Passenger and Back Windows: For the passenger and back windows, the percentage of tinting allowed is the same as the driver window. Mississippi law states that these windows must allow for at least 28 percent of light to pass through. Unlike the front windshield, the entire window can be tinted.

Restricted Colors: Mississippi law allows for the use of color tinting. There are no rules or regulations against the color of the tint. Any color tint can be used. This is good news for drivers who may want to jazz up the look of their vehicle by apply red, yellow, or amber tints to their windows.

Mississippi Window Tint Law Medical Exemption

Medical exemptions for window tinting in Mississippi are allowed for drivers who have a physical medical condition. Drivers must always carry the medical exemption certificate with them.

Medical Exemption Laws in Mississippi: Mississippi law does allow for medical exemptions for drivers who have a physical medical condition that requires them to need a different amount of window tinting than other drivers. A medical condition or disease such as Lupus is required. A licensed physician must sign an affidavit stating that the driver is exempt from tinting laws in the state. This certificate must be always carried by the driver and always stay in the vehicle.

Medical Exemption Displayed: The medical exemption certificate issued to the driver must be on a form generated by the Commissioner of Public Safety and signed by the driver. This certificate must be always displayed on the dashboard of the tinted vehicle to avoid legal action from law enforcement. This form is not available online and drivers who want to obtain this certificate must contact the Mississippi Department of Public Safety for more information.

Which Windows is Exempt: Mississippi law does not specify which windows are exempt from the medical exemption for window tinting. However, window tinting laws in Mississippi are subject to change, and drivers who require more information are encouraged to contact the Mississippi Department of Public Safety to find out more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mississippi Car Window Tinting Laws

Window tinting laws in Mississippi can be confusing to some drivers. For this reason, there are often questions about tinting laws in this state. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

What does VLT mean according to Mississippi state law? VLT, also known as visible light transmission, is the amount of light that is allowed to pass through a window. The amount of tinting allowed directly affects the VLT of the window. In Mississippi, the VLT is specific to that state and is different for passenger vehicles versus multipurpose vehicles.

How much does car window tinting cost in Mississippi? Window tinting can range between $200 and $400 for all windows to be tinted. It is always a good idea to check around for the best price as costs may vary. On average the cost of tinting, all four windows on a four-door sedan are around $220.

How dark can your windows be in Mississippi? The darkness of your window tint in Mississippi depends on what window you are tinting. The front windshield can be tinted with non-reflective tint only. The front and back windows as well as the rear window can be tinted at 28 percent. For multipurpose vehicles, there are no limitations on the amount of tint allowed.

Is reflective or colored tint legal in Mississippi? Yes, reflective and colored tint is legal in Mississippi. There are restrictions on reflective tint in Mississippi. The law states that the tint for front and back windows can not be more than 20 percent. There are no restrictions on the color of the tint. Any color tint used is allowed.

Can you get a ticket for tinted windows in Mississippi? The answer is yes. If your vehicle is not compliant with the tinting regulations in Mississippi, then you can be ticketed and even imprisoned in the country jail for up to three months. The fines for breaking the window tinting laws in Mississippi are up to $1000.

Wrap Up

Now you are informed about the window tinting laws in Mississippi. Follow these guidelines and you will be safe from law enforcement.

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