New Mexico Car Window Tint Laws (Updated)

Tinting your car windows can be a quick and easy way to gain privacy and protect you from harmful Ultraviolet sun rays while you drive. While these laws can be somewhat confusing, we have taken out the guesswork for window tinting in New Mexico.

Quick Answer

Your vehicle’s windows can be tinted in New Mexico

  • The front windshield can be tinted on the top part of the windshield only. To be exact, this tint must be applied above the manufacture AS-1 line. Also, only non-reflective tint is allowed.
  • The front and passenger window can be tinted, however, at least 20% of light must be allowed to pass through.
  • Back windows can be tinted, however just like with the front and passenger windows, at least 20% of light must be allowed in.
  • The rear windshield can be tinted. Unlike the front windshield, the entire window can be covered, however, at least 20% of light must be transmitted through.
  • Red, yellow, and amber tints are not allowed in the state of New Mexico. In addition, only certified tint can be applied, and vehicles must display the tint certification sticker in the window.

The law concerning your vehicle’s tinting can be difficult to understand for many drivers. We have simplified the rules for you, however, if you are still not sure about tinting your vehicle’s windows, it is recommended you contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in your area.

Window Tinting in New Mexico – What Does The Law Say?

If you reside in New Mexico and are curious about tinting your car windows but are not sure about how the law applied to you, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out what the laws say about window tinting in your state.

Can Windows Be Tinted in New Mexico?

Yes, you can legally have your vehicle’s windows tinted in New Mexico. There are rules and regulations as to how much tint you can have on certain windows. In other words, there are specific guidelines to follow when tinting your car windows to avoid a legal problem.

Tint darkness needs to be exact: In New Mexico, the amount of tint you apply to your windows does matter. Tint on the front windshield can be applied to the top part of the windshield, above the manufacture AS-1 Line. Front and passenger windows must allow at least 20% of light in. Back windows can be tinted as well, however, at least 20% of light must be allowed to pass through. Rear windows can be completely covered in tint, but at least 20% of light must be transmittable.

Tint reflection is not universal: For multiple passenger vehicles (MVPs) there are different tint requirements for the back windows and the rear windshield than on a regular car. On MVPs, any amount of light is allowed in. MVPs include vans and SUVs.

What Windows Can Be Tinted in New Mexico?

Tinting requirements in New Mexico are not the same for all windows. That is why it is crucial to understand the tinting requirements before you invest in window tinting. It can be a waste of money to have to remove the tint.

Front Windshield: Window tinting on the front windshield is allowed if the tint is applied to the top portion of the windshield only. Specifically, above the manufacture AS-1 line. Also, only non-reflective tints can be applied. No metallic or reflective tint is allowed on this window.

Back Windshield: It is legal to tint the back windshield. For Sedans the tint limit is 20% to ensure driver safety and to protect other vehicles on the road. For Multipurpose vehicles the tint limit for the back windshield is different than Sedans. The back window does not have a tint limit or requirement, and any amount of tint can be used on the back windshield.

Driver Window: Tinting your driver window in New Mexico is permissible if at least 80% of light is allowed to pass through That means the driver window has a tint limit of 20%. This is to ensure the safety of the driver and provide adequate visibility. This tint limit is the same for multipurpose vehicles as well. If you wish to apply reflective tinting on this window keep in mind that reflective tint is not allowed on the driver window.

Passenger and Back Windows: Tinting the passenger and back windows in New Mexico is allowed if you follow the tinting laws. For the passenger window, tint is allowed if it is not over 20%. The 20% rule applies to Multipurpose vehicles as well as sedans. The rear window has a different requirement. On sedans the rear windows have a tint limit of 20%, however on multipurpose vehicles the rear windows do not have a tint limit, and any amount of tint can be used on this window.

Restricted Colors: Although tinting is allowed in New Mexico certain colors are not. Red, yellow, and amber tints are not allowed.

New Mexico Window Tint Law Medical Exemption

Because of medical issues, some drivers need extra protection from sun glare while driving. For this reason, New Mexico does allow for medical exemptions for drivers with a medical condition.

Doctor’s Approval: To be medically exempt from the tinting laws in New Mexico drivers must have a signed affidavit from a licensed physical or optometrist if they want to be exempt from the tinting laws.

An affidavit must be always present: If your physician or optometrist has signed an affidavit stating that you are exempt from the tinting laws in New Mexico, you must keep this form always present in your vehicle. Failing to do so could result in legal action by law enforcement. This affidavit must be renewed annually to avoid legal trouble.

No VLT limit: Visible Light Transmission, or VLT, is the amount of light that is allowed to pass through the window. In New Mexico, there is no VLT limit for drivers who are deemed medically exempt. To find out more information, contact your Department of Motor Vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Mexico Car Window Tinting Laws

Understanding tinting laws in New Mexico can leave you confused and with a lot of questions. Here we try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

What Does VLT Mean According to New Mexico State Law? Visible Light Transmission percentage, also known as VLT, is the amount of light that is allowed to pass through. The VLT in New Mexico is a combination of factory and aftermarket tint that is applied to your windows.

How Much Does Car Window Tinting Cost in New Mexico? The average cost of car window tinting in New Mexico is roughly $233. This amount can vary depending on where you go. For the best price, it is always recommended to shop around first. This price includes the tinting for a four-door sedan.

How Dark can Your Windows be in New Mexico? Darkening your windows in New Mexico is legal nut there are certain requirements that you must follow. On the front windshield only, non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 5% of the window. The front and back windows can be tinted but with a 20% tint limit. On the rear window 20% of tint is allowed, however multipurpose vehicles can have the rear window tinted at any amount of darkness.

Is Reflective Tint Legal in New Mexico? No, reflective tint is not legal in New Mexico. Reflective tints help to reduce glare and heat, but in New Mexico this tint is not allowed. This rule applied to sedans, SUVs, vans and multipurpose vehicles.

Can You Get a Ticket for Tinted Windows in New Mexico? Yes, you can get a ticket for improper window tinting in New Mexico. This ticket is treated as a petty misdemeanor and no jail time or criminal action will result. However, you will be fined $75. For repeat offenses, this fine can add up quickly.


So, there you have it, everything you need to know about window tinting laws in New Mexico. Remember to stay away from restricted colors such as red, yellow, and amber. We hope you find this article helpful.

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