10 Pickup Truck Jobs: How to Make Money With a Pickup Truck

Are you a proud owner of a pick-up truck? Pickups have the raw power that you can put to good use and earn some extra cash. Pickup trucks can be expensive to own and maintain, so it’s only sensible to look for ways to put them to good use. I researched several options for pickup truck owners to pocket some extra dough.

These ten pick-up truck jobs will help you earn extra cash with the help of your pickup truck. I have listed details for what to expect in each of these jobs and how much you can expect to make offering these services.

  • Snow Plowing
  • Moving services
  • Retail delivery
  • Uber / Lyft driving
  • Towing services
  • Renting your truck
  • Clean-out services
  • Small vehicle delivery services
  • Appliance pickup and delivery
  • Garage sale delivery

For some of these ideas to work, you may have to register your business and get the required permits from your state or local authorities.


How to Make Money with a Truck

Snow Plowing with your pickup truck

If you live in an area where you get snow, snow plowing can be a business to consider using your pickup truck for. There are many businesses and residential areas that need help with snow plowing and it can be a good source of revenue for you.

You would need a snowplow attachment which can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000. You may be able to save some money by buying a used snowplow locally.  If you hire someone to drive your pick up there will be an additional cost of Labor involved.

Based on how many contracts you can secure; your income can be anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars a year to a mid-five figure range.

Moving services with your pickup truck

If you have owned a pickup truck for a while, you have certainly been asked by someone you know if they can borrow your pickup truck on their Moving Day. Why not start a business that offers to move as a service – a man (or a woman) with a pickup truck?

You can invest and some moving supplies Such as ratchet straps, a dolly, boxes, padding, etc. These should run you a few hundred dollars. You may need business insurance as many places will only hire movers with insurance.

Independent movers make anywhere from $30-$50 per hour for an individual with a pickup truck and $55-$100 for a team of two. Based on how many jobs you complete; this business has the potential to generate decent revenue.

Retail delivery With your pickup truck

Many local retail businesses offer goods that won’t fit in the back of a standard car or SUV. Customers who don’t have a pickup truck face a hard time having these goods delivered to their homes. You can partner up with these local businesses and offer your services to deliver the goods at a set fee. This is a win-win opportunity for all the local businesses who can make more sales, the customer who can now get their goods delivered, and you who now have a side gig!

The items you may need to invest in are similar to that of the moving business. This investment can pay off quickly with just a handful of retail deliveries.

If you can make just 3 deliveries per week, and if you do that for 50 weeks in a year, you will make 150 deliveries in a year. At an avg cost of $100 per delivery and $20 in tips, this side hustle can help you get an extra $18,000 in your pocket every year.

Uber / Lyft driving with your pickup truck

If you have a four-door pickup truck, you can certainly drive for Uber and Lift. These app-based taxi service alternatives are a good option for someone who is looking for a one-off job to put their extra time and pick up to use. While you can for these companies on a regular basis, a pickup can be expensive to run.

In order to drive for Uber and Lyft, you will have to create a driver profile with them and get your vehicle listed. You will need a smartphone with its app installed. These are so common these days that it’s assumed you will have them.

Driving for Uber and Lyft pays a very variable rate and the net amount you get to take home can also vary a lot. You will need to hit the road a few times on these apps and then calculate you to get an idea of what

Towing services with your pickup truck

One important piece of information every truck owner should know is the towing capacity of their truck. Business and residential communities often need tow trucks to enforce their parking rules for incorrectly parked vehicles.

You may need to invest quite a bit to be able to offer your services in this industry. A good trailer, commercial insurance. You may also have to invest in advertising your towing services.

If you are able to complete 2 towing jobs every week as a side hustle and earn a profit of $200 per job, this business can net you an extra $20,000 per year. While it is not an easy business, there is certainly potential in it for someone who is doing it part-time.

Renting your truck out

One of the reasons you bought a truck is because you know how useful it can be. But not everyone has the ability to buy a truck and care for it. That is why there is a constant demand for rental pickup trucks.

One good think about this is that renting your pickup can be very hands-off for you. You can list it on one of the many car rental apps such as Turo or classified sites like craigslist. Keep in mind that the additional miles you put on the car will require you to invest some more money for its maintenance.

A pickup rental can passively earn you an average of $50 per day. You will likely not be able to rent it for all days of the year but at an average of 1 day per week, you are looking at around $5000 in revenue.

Clean-out services with your pickup truck

Many people accumulate things in their basements or storage over time and then even forget what’s in them. They want someone to just take everything away. Many times, people are even willing to pay you to take their stuff away.

A pick is all you may need. Some padding to keep your truck clean and the items you pick up safe will also come in handy.

There is an opportunity here for someone who has a knack for flipping things and identifying valuable things. As the famous saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What you can make with this pickup truck job really depends on what items you end up picking up and how easy it is for you to convert it to cash. If you are someone who likes to roll the dice, this one may be for you.

Small vehicle delivery services with your pickup truck

Snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV, or jet ski are all items that many people buy and don’t have a pickup truck. These customers want these small vehicles to be delivered either to their homes or vacation homes. You can partner up with dealers and be their delivery person.

You will need equipment to secure these small vehicles properly so that they don’t move around and get scratched up. You will also likely need to invest in a ramp. However, these should pay back relatively quickly.

You can expect to charge anywhere from $100 to $250 per delivery plus cost of gas and tolls. If you can get up to 1 delivery per week, this business can help you generate $5,000 – $12,500 on the side.

Appliance pick up and delivery with your pickup truck

Someone just bought a shiny new TV they want to get delivered or a freezer they can’t fit in their sedan? They will need someone with a pickup truck to help them out. Often appliances cannot be repaired onsite and may need to be delivered back to the store or a repair facility.

In many cases, no additional equipment may be needed other than some ties to ensure the appliance is secure. This service can easily be offered along with other services.

While appliance pickup may not offer enough pay by itself, it can be a good additional service to provide on top of moving and delivery services. If you can complete 2 such jobs per month, this has the potential to get you an extra $1000 every year.

Garage sale delivery with your pickup truck

When people host garage sales, they want to get rid of all kinds of stuff they own. Many of these are heavy and oddly shaped items that will not fit in regular cars. If you partner with a garage sale owner and set a price for delivery, they have better odds of selling items at no cost to them and business for you.

If you have invested in items to offer a moving service then this can be an additional business opportunity to explore with no additional investment. You can find garage sales in your neighborhood on several sites.

This pickup job has the potential to bring in a side income of a few hundred dollars every month, which can add up to a few thousand dollars every year.

Wrap up

There are a lot of ways to earn money with your pickup truck. The only limit is your imagination and the amount you’re willing to invest in equipment. You can even work on this business part-time while pursuing another job if it’s not enough income by itself. Once again, we hope you found some inspiration from our list! Let us know how one of these opportunities has helped grow your side hustle in the comments below!

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