How To Choose The Best Color For Your Pickup Truck

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” (Henry Ford, 1909) In the century since Ford’s time, car color choices have grown to the point where almost every vehicle comes in nearly every color. So how do you know the best color pickup truck to choose?

The most popular color for pickup trucks is white but that does not mean you have to buy a white truck. First, you need to decide what you want your truck to say about who you are. Are you the rugged gravel company that needs to display both an air of hard physical work and a smart business mind? Then perhaps a white truck would be best. Or are you the adventurer who doesn’t care where they go just so long as they are going. Then a bright orange may be just what you are after.

If, however, your thoughts are more along the line of keeping your car looking nice and clean, then your options split between lights and darks. Light colors tend to hide dust better when dry, while dark colors like to display dirt—something to keep in mind if you live in a dusty place.

Finally, the sale and resale values, according to multiple studies, white trucks are the most common color sold and account for roughly thirty percent of pickup trucks on the road, with silver in second at twenty-five percent and black at twenty-three. Unfortunately, since these are the most common colors, they also have some of the worst resale values. So, if resale value is essential to you, try looking at fewer common colors such as bright yellow or orange.

While these are all things to keep in mind when picking your truck, the only question that matters when choosing the color is, Do you like it? Because if you don’t like the color, you are never going to love the truck.

What does a new truck say about your personality?

Black: Gives a sense of privacy and seclusion over other colored vehicles. Often depicted in movies as the vehicle color of choice for secret meetings, black cars imply a person who values their privacy.

However, black is also a very dominating color that has a sense of power all its own; this is why black can project a presence of authority and domination.

White: One of the most visible colors out there white is the choice of color for someone more extroverted, someone who doesn’t mind going out and saying here I am. They enjoy being noticed and usually prefer to be in the company of others to being alone. They also tend to have a bit more of an obsession with keeping things clean than other people.

Gray: Similar to white, gray is also a highly visible color that is a popular choice for someone looking for a visible color who doesn’t want the attention-seeking gleam of white. Metallic grays give a vehicle a futuristic style; they stand out and look very modern and stylish without demanding attention.

Silver: Probably the most popular color for vehicles out there, silver is a practical color choice. It’s one of the safest colors due to its high visibility, and because of its popularity, they don’t stand out as much as other colors, and they retain much of their resale value. Silver is generally for those who don’t care about their vehicle making a statement, or simply see it as a way of getting around and not much more.

Dark Blue/Green: As with black trucks, choosing a dark blue or green suggests a more serious, reserved person, who isn’t looking for attention. However, unlike black, dark blues and greens aren’t as dominating, and their drivers tend to follow suit. They are usually more introverted in personality than others and enjoy their alone time; however, they do care more for family and friends than material possessions.

Red: Choosing red is a pretty obvious sign that someone is comfortable being noticed by others. Red is one of the most expressive and emotional colors out there, and those who drive red cars tend to be the same. They know who they are and are comfortable speaking their mind and sharing how they feel. These people are very extroverted and enjoy being surrounded by those they care about, but they are also just as comfortable cruising around alone and enjoying the company of one.

Bright & Unconventional Colors: If you are driving a car that is an unconventional color, guess what? You’re unconventional. This shouldn’t be surprising, though, as those who pave the ground for the future are always doing unconventional things until the rest of us catch up. Choosing a more unusual color indicates a person that has a strong desire for individuality and self-expression. They are also more openminded people that enjoy creating and expressing ideas with others. These people see every quirk as something unique and every flaw as a chance at something new. They see beauty where others don’t and enjoy life in ways that others can’t.

Which are the bestselling colors for a truck?

Unlike most things that tend to change over time, it would seem that the most commonly purchased color for pickup trucks is fated to remain white. However, this isn’t too surprising as it seems that most businesses that require pickup trucks tend to purchase white ones as these give a more professional look to the vehicles. After white comes a jumble of black, silver, and gray trucks. These three tend to move around each other a bit. Behind these three comes a plethora of colors with the milder blues and greens being more popular color choices among truck buyers over the brighter oranges and yellows.

That is not to say that the brighter colors are unpopular, but they are less common, and because of this, they can be harder to find. So, if you dream of that hot pink powerhouse that can drive through a brick wall, you may have to look around a bit harder than if you settle on the same truck but in blue, or green. With so many color options available, the best thing that you can do if you want a specific color is to ask the seller if they have any in the particular shade of your choice. At worse, they don’t have that color, and you can move on to the next seller that much quicker, or else decide to look at other color options that they may have available. After all of this, if you still have not found the right colored truck, then you can always buy the truck with the specs that you want and then have it painted the color of your choice, though this will require more time and money.

Key Factors to consider when selecting a color

Paint Maintenance/Cleaning: As a general rule, darker colors tend to be worse at hiding dirt and flaws than lighter colors. However, this does not mean that white cars are the best at hiding imperfections as they tend to display darker debris, such as kick up from other vehicles. In actuality, the best vehicles for hiding dirt and dust are ones the color of dirt and dust, such as champagne or taupe.

Visibility: The visibility of a car is very situational as a vehicle that is visible at one point might be nearly invisible at the next. Such as when a white car is driving at night, this is when it is the most visible color on the road, but switch that night drive to one in a snowstorm, and that easily visible white car vanishes into its white surroundings. In these situations, the vehicle’s chances for making it a safe trip were wildly different. So before picking a color, maybe think about what kind of conditions you typically drive in and what colored trucks are the most visible during these conditions.

Fuel Efficiency: Because different colors absorb heat differently, this directly impacts how much heat will be absorbed or reflected in your vehicle. In turn, this determines how much air conditioning is required to cool the vehicle’s interior, which directly affects the amount of power drawn from the engine, thus requiring more fuel and lowering your MPG.

Cost: As far as market pricing goes, the color does not affect the initial price of the vehicle. With this said, the color can affect the resale value, either good or bad depending on what the buyer’s preferences are. So, while this shouldn’t keep you from choosing a particular color, it is something to keep in mind if you ever plan on selling your truck.

How color can Impact your resale value

As stated above, the color of your truck has little to no impact on it’s on the lot price, but it does directly affect your ability to resell the truck and what price range you can likely expect to get for it. Because the more common colors are more common if you are planning on selling the same color truck that everyone else is, as a buyer, I have the option of shopping around for a good deal. But if you have a truck that is a more unique color, then if I want it, I have to come to you and be willing to strike a deal where you, the seller, have more power because the truck that you are selling is not widely available.

This deal works both ways, though; if your truck is just too far from what anybody else wants, then you are going to have a tough time getting anybody interested enough even to make you an offer. If your plan is to resale your truck a few years after buying it, then choosing a more common color such as blue or green may be your best investment. These colors tend to be both common enough that you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding a buyer for it, and unique enough as not to have too much competition on the market.

Now that you know a little bit more about choosing the color for your new truck, you are ready to get started. Go and see what is out there, you never know, the truck of your dream might be right around the corner, or if you feel that you would like more information, leave a comment below and tell us about your truck color experiences.



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