15 Pickup Truck Customization Ideas (Amazing Modifications)

There are so many options to make your truck stand out, but you want to find ideas as unique as you! Guys and gals love their trucks and customization is a huge industry to fit everyone’s perfect niche. Some truck modifications can be inexpensive and easily installed by you. Or they can be expensive and complicated which will need a skilled technician to install.  Here we will look at some fun and functional ways to customize the exterior and interior of your dream vehicle.

This article is for you if really love your truck, can see its potential, can see what it can be, and you want your truck to be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

You will learn about improving a variety of options for your vehicle, whether it is tricked out for fun aesthetics, or all about function and utility, or both! We will cover some options for those of you who are handy in the shop or others who may need to hire someone to do more technical work. So, sit back, relax, and get your creative juices flowing and start planning how you will customize the truck of your dreams!

Interior Fun & Function Customization

Interior design is a great way to personalize the space you’re spending the most time in.  It should be comfortable, inspiring, and functional.

Lighting Customization

Lighting is a great way to personalize your interior and have it reflect your mood or desires.  There are so many options from permanent lighting that can change colors as you see fit. Check out some of these fun options.


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There is also lighting that can create an effect that creates a constellation in the interior.  This option can remain static or dynamic.


Upholstery Customization

Of course, changing the upholstery is another fun way to personalize your vehicle.  There are pros and cons for each type of upholstery depending on the chosen material.  Leather is more durable and will last longer but requires special cleaning and care. Leather is very difficult to install and a professional will more than likely be needed.  Pleather, faux leather, is less expensive but has drawbacks when it comes to warm summer days and shorts.  Sitting on a hot seat can burn the legs or lead to puddles of sweat.  However, many choose this option because there is a multitude of textures and colors. Fabric is another option and easier to work with if you’re wanting to Do-It-Yourself.  Several fabrics come already treated to repel most stains, or you can treat the fabric yourself.  Consider a heavy-duty, natural fiber because the fabric that is too thin has the potential to rip or spills can leak through and damage interior cushions. Check out these ideas…



Floor Mats Customization

Another way to protect and personalize your interior is with floor mats.  Besides protecting the flooring, mats can be laser-cut to customize them with your company logo or favorite sports team.  Of course, you can also purchase mats from a truck company to ensure fit.

Exterior-Fun & Function Customization

Let’s take a look at some customization options for the exterior fo the pickup.

Bed Accessories Customization

Let’s look at some fun exterior bed accessories.  There are tons of ways you can enhance your cargo area, whether you are looking to enhance your work, play, or both.


Bed accessories also include bed liners that protect the truck bed from dents, scuffs and chipping the paint.  The premade liners are made of a heavy-duty plastic and can bolt into the bed of your rig.  This is the type of job the average do-it-yourself person could handle.  If you want something more permanent, the rubberized and texturized spray is a great alternative.  This should be done by a professional.

Bed Covers Customization

There are many options for covering your bed and protecting your possessions.  A Tonneau cover is secure and also collapsible, to carry and protect all of your items of various sizes.


A bed topper or canopy usually provides additional space for cargo protection.  You can even transform your truck into a camper if needed with bedding, shelving, lights, etc.  The options are endless for you to create your own functional space—for hunting, camping, or hauling equipment.



Racks Customization

Truck owners use all sorts of racks for just about everything you can imagine. You can use them to haul camping gear and rooftop tents, for example.


The rack on this set up would meet any hunter/camper/surfer’s needs.

There are options for owners to haul other modes of transportation…kayaks, motorcycles, etc.



Of course, the rack is also a great way to get some work done. Racks can be installed over the bed or under the bed to keep your supplies and equipment (and toys) organized.  Theses under bed rack options keep your belongings projected from the weather and secure.


Lights Customization for Trucks


Lighting has become more affordable and a small change can have a big impact.  LED lights can adhere to your side rails, roll bars, or rooftops for both function and fun.  The lighting adds a coolness factor and provides additional light where needed.  Accessories that light your truck bed are functional to allow you to see your gear when you open the tailgate.

Course there is always a need for actuals lights on the top of your cab.  This is needed for anyone off-roading or traveling through unfamiliar areas.  For safety, it important to see and be seen.




Appearance Upgrades and Customizations



There are so many options and techniques to customize your rig.  No longer are the days of simply changing paint colors to individualize your rig.  Now you wrap your truck in your business logo or design it the wrap to fit your personal image.  Additionally, there are additives to make your paint sparkle and shine.  The options are only limited by your imagination.  Check out these beauties.



Exhaust Customization

A popular upgrade is a new exhaust system!  One word of caution because some aftermarket exhaust systems will void out any manufactures warranties on diesel rigs due to strict emission control regulations.  Double-check the regulations and your warranty before you install it.  However, once you install, know that your truck will look and sound high powered and look even cooler.


Custom Tracks

An amazing alternative to those living in snow areas is to take off the tires and add tracks.  There will be no more slipping and sliding through icy conditions!  You’ll be able to get anywhere you need to go…just keep in mind it will be a bit slower.


Tires and Wheels Customization

An easy way to transition your truck is to change the wheels, tires, or both! It all boils down to the way you’re going to use your rig and the look you’re going for.  Below are some advantages for each and key things to consider when making your decisions.


Tires seem to be fairly straightforward but there are many things to consider.  When it comes to wheels and tires, often we think, “the bigger, the better”!  However, larger wheels and tires can compromise your wheel bearings, wheel wells, and, again, may impact your manufactures warranty.  Decisions about tire and wheel size should reflect your personal style and also personal life-style.  Are you an occasional off-roading type of person? Or are you using your rig primarily for off-roading more often than not?  Because tires can get expensive, you want to balance your lifestyle with your personal style when it comes to investing in tires and wheels.

Suspension Truck Customization

Truck suspension requires extensive alterations and should be handled by a well-respected professional.  Suspension changes alter their performance and the comfort of the ride.  Most owners want height and towing capacity when altering the suspension of their truck, but some like to go “old-school” and lower their rig.  Either way, suspension options gain fun and function in your customized truck.


Lifting A Truck

From a functional standpoint, the lifted truck allows gives you’re a greater clearance to go over things.  This is really helpful when off-roading and blazing your own trail.  Many who get the lift also purchase bigger tires to make it even easier to traverse new areas.



When a truck is raised up, it looks intimidating and certainly adds to the “wow” factor!  Some take can take it to the extreme and to each his own.  You do you!


Lowering A Truck

A low-rider seems to scream old-school with the nostalgic cool factor.  From a function standpoint, the lowered truck doesn’t have much clearance, which is why many owners add air suspension.  Low-riders with air-suspension may draw to mind, vehicles rhythmically bopping around to a strong base mix-tape.  But there are purposeful needs for air suspension, including getting over speed bumps and irregular curbs.  You don’t want to scrape up any part of the body of your truck!  Keep in mind that when you decide to lower your rig, you’ll also need to make modifications to the wheel wells, tires, struts, shocks, and axels when you change the suspension.  This is definitely an investment that should be handled by a professional!


Can you go lower than this?


Wrap Up

After reviewing all these cool ideas, you’re probably ready to begin customizing your truck!  With all the options available, it’s probably a good idea to prioritize a list of your desired changes and check your bank account.  If you don’t have all the funds available at one time, start small and continue to build. Lifetime truck enthusiasts know there are new options coming out each year so there is always something new to add to any want lists. With a detailed outline for customization and realistic finances, you’ll be able to customize the truck of your dreams!


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