Can You Plow Snow with a Jeep Wrangler?

If you are interested in plowing snow with a Jeep Wrangler you are probably wondering what equipment you will need, if there are limitations to plowing using a Wrangler, and how to assemble your plow. Being able to plow snow with your Jeep Wrangler can serve a personal or professional use. This article, Can You Plow Snow with a Jeep Wrangler? is your go to guide for all things related to snow plowing with a Jeep Wrangler.

Quick Answer

A Jeep Wrangler is a tough, recreational vehicle that can be used for plowing snow. Wranglers are effective snow plow vehicle’s because they are made to handle rough terrain, and a plow can be easily attached to their front; however, they are not specifically built for plowing.

  • Additional vehicle weight, creates better plowing capability.
  • Gearing on a Jeep Wrangler allows the vehicle to handle snowy driveways with little strain on the vehicle.
  • When selecting a plow, make sure the weight distribution on your Wrangler will be even. If weight distribution is uneven this can create strain on the vehicle, and the vehicle will age quicker.
  • Jeep Wrangler’s are great for personal use plowing, but not ideal for commercial plowing.

If you are interested in using your Jeep Wrangler to plow snow continue reading for all you need to know about snow plowing with your Jeep Wrangler.


Can You Plow Snow with a Jeep Wrangler?

One of the benefits to owning a Jeep Wrangler is being able to plow your own snow. They are not an ideal pick for commercial use because of the weight balance between the body and the plow can cause strain on the vehicle.

How to plow snow with a Jeep Wrangler

You know your Jeep Wrangler is a versatile vehicle capable of plowing snow, but you may be wondering how to plow. Follow these easy steps to turn your Wrangler into a vehicle with snow plowing capabilities.

Step 1: Determine plow to vehicle weight ratio and desired plow length – It is important to know what your plow will weigh in relation to your vehicle to ensure as little stress is put on your Wrangler as possible. The plow length needs to be longer than your Jeep Wrangler’s width. The average Jeep Wrangler is 61.9″ wide, while the average plow measures 80″ across, so it should not be hard to find the correct size.

Step 2: Purchase a plow – When purchasing your plow there will be a number of different options available online and in stores. To purchase a plow in stores, visit your local big box store. A couple of box stores that carry plows are Home Depot, and Lowes. To purchase your plow online Google searching “Jeep Wrangler Snow Plow” will pull up several options.

Step 3: Assemble your plow – You will have the option of removing the plow when it is not in use. After purchasing the snow plow practice assembling it so you are ready for your first snow. Once there is snow in the forcast assemble your plow following the user manual prior to the snowfall so you are ready to go.

Step 4: Plow the desired area – To plow the desired area lower your snow plow. Use a back and forth pattern while plowing. Direct your snow into your desired piles.

Step 5: Disassemble your plow – The last step in the process is to disassemble your plow, if you do not wish to keep it on. Make sure you put your user manual in a safe place.

Now, you will be ready to plow with your Jeep Wrangler when the snow falls.

What do you need to plow snow with a Jeep Wrangler

To plow snow with a Jeep Wrangler there are a few different things you will need. Different plows will have different assembly instructions; however, there are some consistencies. Here’s what you will need to plow snow with a Jeep Wrangler:

  • Snow plow. Your snow plow should measure more than the width of your Wrangler and weigh as little as possible. Plastic plows tend to weigh less than metal plows. Plan to look for a plastic plow that measures at least 80″ across.
  • Hydraulic down pressure system. This system can be installed by a local automotive shop, and will help avoid wear and tear on your Jeep Wrangler. A hydraulic down pressure system is not a requirement, but is highly recommended.
  • Front hitch hardware. Different plows may require different set ups, but you will most likely need fish wire, bolt plates, nuts, and bolts for your front hitch hardware. Some plows will come with hardware included.
  • Plow mounting bar. Most plows will come with the plow mounting bar, which the plow hooks up to. The plow mounting bar assembles to both the front right and front left corners of the vehicle, and is absolutely necessary for assembling your snow plow safely.
  • Functional front headlights. When you are installing a snow plow on your Jeep Wrangler check your front headlights. Dawn, dusk, and nighttime are popular times to plow, because there are less cars on the road. Making sure your front headlights work well is important, because your plow may dim your lights.
  • The last thing you will need is to make sure your Jeep Wrangler’s heat works. Snow plowing can be cold work. Bundle up, and keep your Wrangler’s heat on while you plow.

How to attach snow plow to Jeep Wrangler

Every plow will be a little different in its assembly. When you purchase a new snow plow it will come with step by step assembly instructions. There are many similarities in how different snow plows assemble. To attach a snow plow to your Jeep Wrangler follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Prepare your parts – Once you have purchased your snow plow, and you are ready to attach it, the first step will be to take all of your parts out of the box. Review the instruction manual for your specific plow. Set your materials out so they are easily accessible.

Step 2: Secure the first bolt plate – Thread your bolt through the first bolt plate with the wire attached, and pull the bolt plate into place using the wire.

Step 3: Secure the first bolt plate to the mounting tab – Pull your wire through the hole on your Jeep Wrangler’s mounting tab. The mounting tab is located on the receiver hitch. Using your wire, pull the bolt through the receiver hitch, and tighten with a nut to secure it.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 through 3 – On the other side of your Wrangler repeat steps 2 through 3 so you have two secured mounting tabs.

Step 5: Install your plow mounting bar – To secure your plow mounting bar you will need to go one side at a time. Starting on which ever side is more comfortable for you, and secure both sides to the mounting tabs.

Step 6: Attach the plow to the mounting bar – The last step to installing your plow is to secure the plow to the mounting bar. Most plows with have two bolts and nuts on each side that tighten into the mounting bar.

Now that you have secured your plow to the front of your Jeep Wrangler you are ready to push snow.

Can you plow on a lifted Jeep?

The snow plows that are available for purchase are not made for vehicles that are lifted. It is possible to modify your plow to accommodate a lifted Jeep Wrangler. The process of modifying your plow includes changes to both the brackets and the blade itself. To plow using a lifted Wrangler you will need to make changes to both the vehicle and the plow.

Reinforce your Jeep’s body: Reinforcing your lifted Jeep Wrangler’s body is necessary to install a plow. A stronger frame is beneficial because the lift already changes the integrity of the vehicles body. Keep in mind these changes can impact the warranty on your Jeep Wrangler.

Make sure the push plate is level: One issue a lifted Jeep Wrangler can have with pushing snow is the vehicles frame will raise instead of moving the desired snow. To avoid this, make sure your plow is leveled and positioned in the correct angle.

Consider using stock tires: Stock tires will be smaller than what a lifted Jeep Wrangler will usually sport. The lower the vehicle height the easier it will be to install a plow.

Install with steering in mind: When you install the plow clearance will be an issue with a lifted Jeep Wrangler. Measure and modify your plow so that you can achieve appropriate clearance without breaking the tie rod link. You should have full steering travel around the braces of the plow.

Look for a blade that will fit your vehicle’s height: While it may be hard to find, looking for a blade that fits your lifted Wranglers height is another option.

One benefit to owning a Jeep Wrangler is the ability to plow snow for both personal or professional use. You can install a plow on any Jeep Wrangler, but the process will change depending on if your vehicle is lifted.

Snow plowing using a Jeep Wranglers: Pros & Cons,

There are pros and cons to snow plowing using a Jeep Wrangler. It is important to understand the benefits and shortcoming before you decide if a Wrangler is the vehicle you want to use to plow.


There are multiple benefits to using a Jeep Wrangler for snow plowing. The benefits include:

  • A Jeep Wrangler’s torque is above average, compared to other vehicles used for snow plowing.
  • Wrangler 4.10 gearing mitigates drivetrain strain and stress.
  • Jeep Wrangler’s do well in tight spots that other, larger snow plowing vehicles can’t get to.
  • Private driveways are an ideal place to use a Jeep Wrangler to plow snow because they can make sharp turns.
  • The short wheel base of a Jeep Wrangler is ideal for plowing, because it has a more versatile steering angle.


While there are many positives to using a Jeep Wrangler for snow plowing, there are also cons to plowing with your Wrangler. Some of the negatives to using a Jeep Wrangler to plow are:

  • Jeep Wrangler’s don’t have as much weight as other snow plowing vehicles. This can make it difficult to plow tough snow build up.
  • The front of a Jeep Wrangler is not capable of carrying as much weight as other snow plowing vehicles.
  • Jeep Wrangler’s are not built for plowing, so expect to make modification if you plan to use your vehicle for commercial snow plowing.
  • Front end sagging can occur due to an excess of added weight on the front of the vehicle.
  • The costs associated with maintaining a Jeep Wrangler that is used to plow snow include, expenses to cover additional wear, front grill damage, specific tires, and damage during installation.
  • Installing a plow can cause cooling problems on a Jeep Wrangler, because of the cooling unit placement in the vehicle.
  • There is a chance of corrosion from salt and other materials used to combat snow, which can damage the vehicle.

Can a Snow Plow Damage a Jeep Wrangler?

It is important to understand the damage that plowing snow can cause on a Jeep Wrangler before you commit to using your vehicle to plow. While there are many benefits to snow plowing with a Wrangler, the damage that it can cause may be a deal breaker. Damage can occur in a few different ways including:

Overloading the front: To avoid overloading the front of your Jeep Wrangler make sure your plow is lightweight and wider than 6.5 feet. Overloading the front can cause serious damage including, stressing the front axle and suspension, hindering the brakes, and creating front end sag.

Damage to the cooling system: If the plow’s bar is installed to high it can cause damage to the cooling system by puncturing it, or wearing it down over time.

Scratching and chipping: Another type of damage that can occur when using a Jeep Wrangler for plowing is scratching and chipping of the paint on the vehicles body. Sharp ice and other hazards can damage your Jeeps body.

Corrosion: Commonly found on vehicles used for plowing, corrosion can occur from the salt put down when it snows. This corrosion usually occurs on the lower front of the vehicle’s body, but can also occur in the tire wells.

Stress and strain: The added weight can cause strain on the vehicles body. This stress can cause problems with your Jeep Wranglers suspension.

Wear on tires: Using your Jeep Wrangler to plow snow can also cause tires to wear out. Similar to handling tough terrain, snowy conditions can break down tire treads leaving tires bald.

Do Jeep Wranglers Need Snow Chains?

Snow chains wrap around your tire and are held down by tensioning straps. Although snow chains are not always necessary on your Jeep Wrangler, when plowing snow, they are highly recommended. It is important to remember snow chains should not be used when there is no snow and ice on the ground. Here is everything you need to know about using snow chains on your Jeep Wrangler.

Better traction: Snow chains wrap around the tire wheel, and create better traction for a vehicle in the snow. This works by allowing the wheels to freely rotate, increasing the grip between the vehicle and the road.

Avoiding skids: The main benefit to using snow chains is to avoid skidding. Snow chains are used in icy conditions when your vehicle is more likely to skid due to environmental causes. For example, a Jeep Wrangler snow plowing.

Effective pushing: When plowing snow, you will be moving heavy amounts of snow into piles to clear the road or driveway. Maximizing your vehicles pushing ability will be important so your Wrangler doesn’t stall out.

All four wheels: You can either put chains on your front wheels or all four wheels. All four wheels is the recommended method when pushing snow.

Square chains: Installing square snow chains on your Jeep Wranglers tires will provide better results than diamond chains. Square chains are known for their performance on ice.

Purchasing: You can purchase snow chains on the internet or at a big box store. Snow chains can cost anywhere between $25-$100 depending on the model and manufacturer.

Wrap Up

If you are thinking about using a Jeep Wrangler to plow snow remember, they are great for personal use. While a Wrangler can easily plow a driveway, and have the added benefit of taking those sharp angles and reaching the hard to get spots, they aren’t the best for commercial use. The wear that goes along with using a vehicle for snow plowing may deter you from using your Wrangler. If you do decide you want to plow snow with your Wrangler remember to purchase a plow that works. If you have any tips for snow plowing with a Jeep Wrangler please leave a comment below!

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