What Are the Typical Dinette Booth Dimensions in an RV?

Traveling and living for extended periods in an RV has taken the nation by storm. And an important part of life on the road might mean upgrading your dinette booth. So what are the dimensions you’re working with?

Quick Answer

Booth setups can vary in size but the typical dinette set will take up approximately 40” inches in depth and 80” inches across. That includes the space in which your seats and table are set. A typical bench is about 32” in height. Again, the space available in your RV for a dinette will vary so precise measurement of the space is recommended.

You will have a variety of options for your RV’s dinette area. For installation instructions and design ideas for your space, keep reading.


What Are The Standard Dinette Booth Dimensions In An RV?

Dinette booth dimensions will depend on the type of booth you are looking to install. There are quite a few variations on the market and, if you are the DIY type, you might be keen to design your own unique setup for your kitchen/dinette space. The most important factor will be properly measuring your space.

The height of your dinette booth will determine the height of your table. Choosing benches that suit your needs should go hand in hand with table shopping. Most seats will be at least 30” tall and some models will go up to 32.5.” Again, if you are customizing your dinette space, the height of your seats could be as high as you want, you will just need to be aware of the space around it so to choose the right supplemental furniture. A tabletop that’s close in height to your benches will be the most user friendly.

The length from one side to the other is important for customizing your dinette area. If you were to take everything out of your dinette booth space and measured it across, you would find approximately 80 inches or 6.5 feet of space to work with. The depth of this nook can be from 40 inches to 50 inches. That’s a decent amount of space and will allow you to explore your options a bit if you are the creative type. For example, if you are thinking of removing the dinette booth feature altogether, you might be able to install a decent-sized bed or U-shaped sofa in this space.

If your dinette area is smaller than average you still have options. If after measuring the entire space you realize you have less room than you thought, you still have options on what you can do. Below you will find some ideas for your kitchen/dinette space, and you can find many great ideas online as well.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Installing A Dinette Booth

You’ve done your research, measuring, and shopping and you’re ready to upgrade your dinette booth. Below are detailed instructions on how to do just that.

Measure Available Space

Measuring the space you have available is probably the most important thing you will need to do. Be precise as each nook and cranny of your RV is going to make a difference.

Step 1: Measure the tables. The tables of your dinette set are crafted in a way to give you the most space possible in your RV. The original design is an important one because it will give you the exact measurements needed to purchase and install a new dinette set. Take careful notes on the dimensions of the table as you go around and measure your dinette area. Be sure to take note of the height, length, and width as well.

Step 2: Measure the seats. The seats are doubly important to measure and will be your first point of disassembly. Again, RV manufacturers designed the vehicle with convenience and efficiency in mind. Measure the booth seats carefully and do so for the entire length of the dinette area.

Gather Supplies

You won’t need much to get your new dinette set into place. Be prepared with the following items.

Step 3: Gather supplies. Having a standard toolbox available is always a good idea but if you don’t have one or want, you will still need to have a good screwdriver on hand. Additionally, you should prepare a broom and dustpan for clean up. Your newly purchased dinette set should be ready for installation. Remove it from any packaging and get it ready by reading through the instructions. Some dinette sets are made with easy installation as one of the features which means less assembly is required for these models. Modern designs make it easy for you to bring your pre-assembled dinette set through the opening of your RV’s door. If your dinette set comes in pieces and needs to be installed, prepare the materials suggested on the manufacturer’s directions for assembly.

Assemble Your Dinette Booth

Once your old dinette is out of the way and your new parts are ready to go, you can complete the assembly process by doing the following:

Step 4: Disassemble your old dinette set and unscrew all the parts of the dinette set. This is necessary because your dinette set will most likely not fit through the doors of your RV without being disassembled. The materials used to make the bench are usually lightweight and easy to manage once taken apart. Just lift the bench cushions off the wood frame and unscrew any parts that can be detached. Now remove your dinette table by simply unscrewing the mount underneath the tabletop and then unscrewing the foot of the table that’s attached to the floor of your RV.

Step 5: Install the dinette seats. Your dinette benches will most likely need to be assembled inside your vehicle. That being said, if your benches are pre-assembled and are already inside your camper, you’re ready to install! Make sure you measure the space available for the benches and leave enough room for your table. Then screw your benches securely. Needless to say, you do not want things moving around while you are driving.

Step 6: Mount the dinette table. Now that your benches are installed, find the center point between them and screw your tabletop in that space. With some designs, you will find yourself mounting the table to the wall of your RV.

Check that all parts are secured and that your dinette meets safety requirements. Easy peasy, your new dinette booth is ready to hit the road.

Can I Convert My Dinette Booth Into A Sleeping Area?

A dinette area is a place to rest, eat, do work on your laptop, and more. It can also be a place to sleep. This extra added benefit makes great use of the space in your RV.

For a quick switcheroo: Due to the size constraints and nature of an RV, many dinette sets are designed for optimum flexibility. This means that the parts of your dinette can be easily removed and converted into a bed. Simply remove your dinette’s tabletop from the stem and place it horizontally between the two benches. There should be a groove on which the table sits. Then place a third cushion onto the tabletop, this may have come with your set or you may have to purchase it separately, either way, your dinette is now a sleeping area!

For something more permanent: If you are sick and tired of your dinette area and decide you don’t need it as much as you need a comfortable bed, you may be wondering how you can change the space permanently. No problem! You will again have to remove your tabletop and the stem or legs of your table. Remove the cushions from your dinette benches but leave the wooden bench frames. With the proper measurements for the middle portion of your dinette area, you will need to craft a sturdy frame that sits in the space between the two benches. Once you have this installed, finding the right mattress for you will be the next step in turning your dinette area into a sleeping area. Make sure your mattress fits snugly into the space you’ve carved out and find a way to prevent it from slipping. One idea is to build an extra “lip” or piece of wood that goes from one bench to the other, where the mattress rests.

Dinette Booth Alternatives

Your RV is going through a major makeover and you want to know what your alternatives are for the dinette booth area. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

Table and Chairs: Banquette style tables and benches are not for everyone. For a modern take for your RV’s dinette area, check the web for some great ideas for installing regular chairs, tables, coffee tables, stools, and more to your vehicle.

Daybed/bunkbed: In addition to using your dinette area as a sitting/sleeping space, another cool option is to have it set up as a bunk bed. With extra children with you on the road, this might be the best option for everyone to get a good night’s sleep.

Sofa/Storage: Many banquette benches are designed with storage in mind. Take a good look at your needs and purchase the right type of bench for you. Additionally, if you are really in need of storage over comfort, consider making this space into a fully functioning storage area!

Wrap up

An RV for many people is more than just a vehicle for getting around the country. It is a home and has its place in form and functionality. Enjoy creating and building your home on wheels!

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