What’s the Best RV for a Tall Person? (Top 5)

If you’re into RV’s and also happen to stand over six feet, you’ve probably had some uncomfortable experiences. Maybe you stepped into a trailer and bumped your head on the ceiling light. Maybe you slept on a bed with your feet sticking out. Whatever you’ve been through, when you buy your own RV, you want to make sure it has enough space. We did some research and found five RV’s that will keep you—and all the other tall members of your family—at ease.

If you’re tall, you’re going to want a motorhome with an interior height of at least 75 inches (six feet, three inches). If you don’t want to feel cramped, you’ll probably even want a little more height.

Your best bet is a Class A motorhome or a large travel trailer. Within these categories, there’s a wide range of makes, models, and prices to choose from. Here are our five top suggestions:

  • The Thor Motor Coach 2019 ACE 30.3 is a top-notch Class A motor home with an interior height of 84 inches (seven feet).
  • The Jayco 2019 Embark 37MB is a quality Class A motor home with an interior height of 84 inches.
  • The Entegra Coach 2020 Cornerstone 45B is a particularly spacious Class A motor home with an interior height of 84 inches .
  • The Dutchman Aspen Trail 2050QBWE is a beautiful lightweight trailer home with an interior height of 82 inches (six feet, 10 inches).
  • The Sandpiper Destination trailer 401FLX is a trailer home with the highest ceilings on this list, with an interior height of 99 inches (8 feet 3 inches)!

Thor Motor Coach 2019 ACE 30.3

The 2019 ACE 30.3 makes a great home for anyone, tall or short. Its reliable makes combined with excellent handle makes it a straight-down-the-middle option for anyone buying a motorhome. Here are some of its unique advantages:

Classy Set-up: The ACE model combines elements of Class A motor homes with a Class C motor home chassis. It is both spacious and also sits a little on the smaller side. Know that for many buyers, ‘small’ is a plus. Smaller vehicles are easier to navigate and can get into parks more easily. Many people say that it is better to start out smaller rather than larger with RV’s because they’re easier to handle.

Plenty of Room: Just because it’s slightly smaller doesn’t mean it isn’t roomy. With 84-inch ceilings and a private bedroom, a tall person has no reason to worry about being cramped here. In fact, this motor coach can actually sleep six to eight people. It includes a drop-down bunk above the chassis, two slide-outs, and multiple sofas. 31 feet in length, it is relatively easy to drive on the highway. Even novices won’t be too intimidated to try.

Amenities: The Thor Motor Coach ACE has all the amenities of a good motorhome. A walk-through bath, dream dinette, outdoor kitchen, 40-inch retractable indoor television, and an exterior television are only some of the features. For pet-lovers, the ACE is a particularly good choice. ACE motor-homes were designed with pets in mind, and include a hidden Kibble Station and a Pet-Link multi-purpose tie-down.

Price (new): $80,000-$120,000

Price (used): $60,000-$90,000

Jayco 2019 Embark 37MB

Jayco is one of the most trusted brands in the RV world, and this Jayco RV will give you plenty of room to walk around. Here are some reasons you might be interested in it.

A Popular Ride: With the 2019 Embark, Jayco stepped up its game by teaming with Spartan Motors to make an innovative raised-rail chassis that handles beautifully. Because of that, the Embark is known among diesel pusher motorhomes as a really pleasant drive. Even with high ceilings, four slide-outs, and an exterior length of 37 feet 10 inches, it accelerates, glides, and turns with the ease of a much smaller vehicle.

A Spacious Interior: Jayco’s 2019 Embark is a great choice for tall people because of its seven-foot ceilings and wonderful layout. Not only does it include a walk-around king-sized bed, it also features a 74-inch hide-a-bed in the living room. The booth dinette has a lowering table that also makes for more sleeping space (the RV sleeps five total). Wherever you go in this motorhome, you’ll have enough space to stretch your legs.

Amenities: The Embark 37MB includes an entrancing outdoor entertainment center, a 17-inch Electric Awning, a built-in navigational system, a washer, and dryer option, and a 50-inch LED television, as well as two other televisions (one inside and one outside). It also prioritizes security. There is a carbon monoxide detector, three security lights, and both smoke and a propane alarm.

Price (new): $175,000-$300,000

Price (used): $175,000 

Entegra Coach 2020 Cornerstone 45B

The 2020 Cornerstone shares many of its basic features with Jayco’s Embark 37MB, but expands on and adds to it for maximum luxury. It is the biggest—and priciest—RV we have included on this list. Here’s what makes it what it is:

Emphasis on Spaciousness and Comfort: Built with all the luxuries, the Entegra Coach 2020 Cornerstone will do more than just accommodate a tall person. It will make them completely and utterly comfortable. The 2020 Cornerstone prioritizes spaciousness. The king-sized bed, the four slide-outs, the one and a half bathrooms, the large wardrobe, and the full-size fridge all attest to this. The full length of the vehicle is 44 feet and 11 inches. Like the other RV’s, the ceilings are seven feet high, so a tall person will have no difficulties. Because of the emphasis on space, this RV only sleeps 4 people.

Amenities: What’s more, this RV has all the amenities of a luxurious home. There is a living room with an L-shaped sofa, a 50-inch television, and a fireplace. In the master bedroom, there is a washer and a dryer, a vanity, and a dresser. There is also a microwave, dual sinks in the bathroom, and three additional televisions (two inside and one outside). To complete the picture of easy and enjoyable trips, add an outside entertainment center, a central vacuum system, a rear-view camera, and blackout nightshades. What is wonderful about the 2020 Cornerstone is that your experience with it can be as simple or as sophisticated as you choose. It is whatever you make it.

Price (New): $530,000-$570,000

Price (Used): not yet available

Dutchman Aspen Trail 2050QBWE

Travel Trailers differ from motor homes in essential ways. They require serious towing and usually come with fewer amenities, but they can be as pleasant and comfortable for anyone—including tall people–to live in. They also come with a much smaller price tag than motorhomes and needless general upkeep. But what makes the Aspen Trail such a solid choice?

Tall, but Light: The Dutchman Aspen Trail 2050QBWE is the smallest RV on this list. For a travel trailer, though, it is long and tall. Its ceilings are only two inches shorter than the others, at six feet, ten inches. Its exterior length is 24 feet 10 inches. Best of all, it has a dry weight of only 4307 pounds, meaning that even a large SUV will probably be able to tow it.

Layout: On the whole, the layout of travel trailers is simpler than that of motor homes. This trailer is comfortably equipped with all the essential living arrangements. In front is the bedroom with a full queen-sized bed. Besides the entry is a bathroom, a small kitchen area with three burners, a microwave, a double kitchen sink, and a refrigerator. At the back is a lovely u-shaped dinette. One key difference between this trailer and others on this list is the lack of slide outs. Slideouts are a must-have for some buyers, but for other people, not having them is a plus.

Amenities: One of the fun things about this model is the way it uses its space. There is a small entertainment center, and at the back, the u-dinette can convert into a bed for more sleeping space. It sleeps four people, travels well in every season, and has plenty of storage space.

Price: One of the best things about travel trailers is the price tag. This is the lowest price on the list, almost $40,000 less than the cheapest motor home.

Price (new): $20,000-$25,000

Price (used): $18,000-$22,000

Sandpiper Destination Trailer 401FLX

Travel Trailers are generally less focused on luxury amenities than motor homes. But just to show the range of what trailers can be, we’ve included the Sandpiper Destination Trailer—a trailer designed to outdo the luxury motorhomes in spaciousness. It also has the asset of a relatively low-price tag, so you can have the luxury without the cost. But let’s look at the main features:

In this RV, you won’t have to even think about the ceiling! This RV has an interior height of 8 feet 3 inches and includes two slide heights. It’s fair to say that a tall person will be comfortable inside.

Downside: Just as the Dutchman’s greatest asset is its lightness, the Sandpiper’s downside is its heaviness. Because of its size, the Sandpiper can be difficult to park and requires large vehicles to tow it. As long as you don’t mind heavy-duty towing, the Sandpiper will be a great option for you.

Space and Features: With a living room complete with fireplace, reclining chairs, and a sofa, a master bedroom with a 72 x 80 king-sized beds, and a walk-in shower, it’s obvious that the Sandpiper aims to be a house on wheels rather than an upscaled RV. There is no essential amenity that it does not have, from washer and dryer to the entertainment center to the ceiling fan. If you want the RV lifestyle, but long for the beauties of a complete house as well, the Sandpiper might be your dream home. Like the Entegra and the Dutchman, it sleeps only four people.

Price (New): $39,000-$55,000

Price (Used): $35,000-$50,000 


Tall people can be as well accommodated in RV’s as all the rest of the world. You just need to give it a little thought.

Now that you have some great ideas, it’s time to decide what you want in an RV. There is an RV home waiting for every person. It’s up to you to think about how your lifestyle will fit into this new home on wheels.

If you have any questions for us, leave a comment below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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