32 RV Furniture Stores & RV Outlet Stores (Top Picks)

You could drive around to countless physical furniture stores, and then find out that their furniture can’t be made to work in your RV.  Or you could just fire up your computer and do your shopping online.

Some of the entries are oddball places you can check out.  Then as you go through the list you will find more mainstream places where you can actually buy RV furniture on line, like WalMart and Amazon.   You will also find places to buy used furniture like Craig’s list and EBay.


Best RV Furniture Stores & RV Outlet Stores

Amazing Creations, located in Junction City, Oregon


This place is more about design and less about the actual furniture.  If you are not happy with the design of your current RV—perhaps you are always bumping into the corner of the counter—then this is the place to do it.  Design is very important when you are trying to fit the most people into the smallest space.   Even though their main business is to do design, they also sell and install the furniture.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Refinishing
  • Remodeling
  • Cabinetry
  • Curtains/drapes
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Electronics



Everyone knows Craigslist!   You know, of course, that Craigslist is almost all used items and the selection will vary widely from one area to another.

The upside?  Sometimes you can get furniture for free if you’re willing to pull it out of the RV by yourself.  Another upside is that you can key in your area on the website and only look at things nearby.  That way you are not driving long distances to get what you want.   The downside? Scams and creepy people.

Recovery Room RV Interiors, in Riverside, California www.recoveryroomrv.com

If you really like the pieces you already have, but they are worn out, Recovery Room will refurbish and reinstall what you already have. But of course, you either have to live nearby or you have to absorb some hefty shipping charges getting your furniture to them.  Then afterward you will have to pay to get it back.  Then, unless you are a handyman, you have to figure out or pay for installation.  Sounds way too expensive unless you are totally devoted to that one piece of RV furniture you just can’t live without.  Or, as we said, you might live nearby.

If instead, you opt for new furniture they do sell new furniture, window blinds and flooring.

Golden Gait Trailers and RVs located in Concord, North Carolina www.goldengait.com

This company specializes in the full remodeling of your RV.  So, of course, you need to live nearby in order to use their services.  Perhaps you are sick of looking at a particular fabric design on your RV chairs.  Like the Recovery Room above, Golden Gait will reupholster existing pieces.  They can even make custom cabinets for you if your RV doesn’t fit any of their sizes and shapes.  That way you can even pick a wood that you find attractive, and have it finished exactly the way you want.

Lazydays RV, Tucson, Arizona; Loveland and Denver, Colorado; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Knoxville, Tennessee; Tampa, Florida


This company has an actual RV resort in Tampa. What a great way to justify a fun RV trip to Tampa – while you are there you can go visit their Tampa showroom and start dreaming about new furniture. Not only do they service RVs and sell furniture, but they also can rent you an RV or travel trailer.  So if you live near any one of these cities, you could go visit and see what they have in their showrooms.  There are some pieces on-line, but not everything.

The Motorcoach Store, Bradenton, Florida


You won’t find any pictures of furniture on this website except inside RVs.  Their main focus is luxury RVs and yachts.  You wouldn’t believe the interiors of these RVs.  Not only is the furniture opulent, the walls and the ceilings are also luxurious.  One of the ceilings has ornate diamond shapes running the length of the RV.  Since they don’t sell furniture piecemeal, you must live close to Bradenton in order to deal with this store; you can’t just order a piece of furniture.  But it’s worth looking at the website just to be astonished.

Local RV Dealerships

Don’t forget to check the RV dealers in your area.  Most dealerships will have a parts department and if they do they will carry furniture.  Most dealerships also have a service department and that means you can get your new furniture installed easily.   The upside:  You can try out that sofa and see if it feels comfy before you actually commit to buying it.   The downside:  they might not have a website so you won’t be able to scan what they have available at any given time. You will have to physically go to the dealership.

Walmart, locations everywhere


Seems like there is always an RV or four parked in the Walmart lot in the summer.  Many people who follow the NASCAR racing circuit drive to the racetracks in an RV.  They need supplies while they are parked at the racetrack, so they go to Walmart.  Since a lot of their customers are coming from an RV, it makes sense that they’d sell RV furniture. They also sell outdoor furniture and grills so you can party with your other RV friends at the track.  Check out their website for the best selection.

Pleasureland, Brainerd, Minnesota


Even though the website says “RV Surplus Parts”, this site is actually part of the Pleasureland company.  In addition to the regular line of RV furniture, their website shows that they do absolutely everything concerning your RV:  appliances, clothing, electrical, electronics, indoor and outdoor furniture, and plumbing.  They are the only dealer in Minnesota to win the elite “RV Business Top 50 Dealer Award”.

Definitely go to the website and check out what they have right now.  They also have a clearance section (ranging from an auger to a chair) and an RV surplus section.

RV Furniture, Victoria, Kansas


Do you like to show off your good taste?  Then this site is for you.   These people make RV furniture—tables and chairs–only out of hardwoods like cherry, oak, and maple. The pieces are so nice you might even use them in a small apartment.   You won’t find anything cheap or tacky at this place.  Even the fabric samples are tasteful.   Be sure to go to the right website – there are several places that call themselves this same name.  This is the website of the manufacturer called RV Furniture.

Discount RV Furniture, Whittier, California


Totally opposite of RV Furniture above, this furniture is not fancy.  On the other hand, their furniture has DOT-compliant basis so you don’t have to worry about safety, and everything is made in the USA. But it is just generic.  Not only do they provide RV furniture, they also stock seats and seat parts for other vehicles like service vans.  It’s not luxurious seating, but if you don’t spend a lot of time indoors when you take a trip in your RV, then this website should suit you.

RV Part Shop, Ontario, Canada


RV Part Shop website says that they carry furniture.  But the pictures on the website are pictures and descriptions of actual parts. It’s hard to shop on this website.  They do everything over the phone.  Even though RV Part Shop sells sofas and chairs and tables, their focus really is on the accessories that are needed in an RV.  For example, they sell bunk ladders, step stools, bedding, carpet protection, rugs, shades and furniture covers.

Dave & LJ’s RV Interior Design, Woodland, Washington


Fortunately, this site has pictures. Like the name says, Dave & LJ’s RV Interior Design exists to re-design the interior of your RV.  The pictures of remodeled interiors are quite remarkable.  High-end faucets in the kitchen,  enormous flat-screen TVs, beautiful sofas.  They also sell shades and flooring.  If you live near Oregon, you can take your RV into their shop and they will remodel it to suit your needs.  If you don’t live nearby, they can ship you what you want.

RV Upgrades, Eastlake, Ohio


RV Upgrades sells many different kinds of RV items, from obscure things like an RV flag pole to stabilizer jacks, and RV air conditioners.  As far as furniture goes, they are only selling outdoor furniture. Obviously, outdoor furniture does not upgrade the interior of your RV, but you will need outdoor furniture if you like to sit around the campsite and chat with other RV owners.   The outdoor furniture that they do sell is the type that folds down.  So that can qualify as “RV furniture” because it can be stored in your RV.  Their chairs are quite elaborate in some cases and consist of rockers and lounges that fold down flat.  They also have some inflatable options, which of course can be stored in your RV. So the ability to store them in your RV qualifies them as RV furniture.

Colaw RV Salvage, Carthage, Missouri


It’s just salvage.  And as is the case with salvage, it’s hit or miss.  You might find a sofa in perfect condition or a captain’s chair in terrible condition.  They don’t spend any time taking pictures of what they have and then posting them. They just tell you the name of the RV that the furniture comes from.    This is mainly because of the quick turn-over you see in the salvage business.   And they aren’t very tech-friendly, so you will need to have an idea in your head and then call them to see what they have.



Who knew IKEA sold RV furniture?   It’s not as cheap as salvage, but it’s very cheap. This is a site where you can find some interesting pieces – something different from the usual run-of-the-mill RV furniture.  What they show is not really “RV furniture” as such, it is just regular Ikea furniture that fits into tiny spaces.  You would have to have outside help to find ways to anchor all the pieces.  But since IKEA is the king of small spaces, it works quite well in an RV.   Of course, all of it comes the IKEA way:  unassembled, folded down flat, and probably won’t hold up over the long term.

Shop4Seats, LaHabra, California


That’s a totally descriptive name!  Any kind of seat you want, in any kind of fabric or leather, in any size.  You know that nice captain’s chair that you sit in when you are driving all over the country?  It is usually the first thing to wear out on your RV merely because you are always using it.  Other pieces of furniture in your RV don’t get the same kind of use as the driver’s chair.  This website carries a stunning selection of driver’s chairs.  Often they have the seat belt built-in. They also sell recliners and barrel chairs.

Opulence Home, High Point, North Carolina


Still wanting to show off?  Or maybe your RV costs $800K and you need furniture to match that kind of RV lifestyle?  This is where you should shop. This company prides themselves on furniture with beautiful design elements, durable exterior surfaces, and solid frames that are able to sustain weight and use.  You can expect this furniture to last the life of your RV. Even though they focus on the gracefulness of the piece, they still put quality above all else.   The only drawback is that the furniture might be hard to bolt down – be sure to ask about that if you order.

Arizona RV Salvage, Glendale, Arizona


Here’s a salvage yard with a twist – these pieces are from RVs that have been totaled by insurance and the furniture might be in perfect condition.  But you can’t be sure without a visual.   But like other salvage yards if you know your year, make and model, you can get an exact replacement for a piece of furniture.

Also like other salvage yards, you never know what they might have at a particular time.  It’s hit or miss.

Countryside Interiors, Junction City, Oregon


Countryside Interiors is an authorized Flexsteel retailer.  This is the brand you want for your RV—sturdy and reliable.   They also carry Best Home Furnishings, Villa, and United Shade. They sell nice theatre seating for your RV; complete with ample storage space between the chairs.  We all know storage space is very important in an RV! This company also has a little twist – they will sell you the raw materials to reupholster your furniture on your own!  Or if you live near their factory, they will do it for you.

Coach Supply Direct, Edwardsburg, Michigan


Coach Supply Direct carries a nice selection of sofa/dinette combos. They also are a Flexsteel dealer, so you know you will be getting quality pieces. In addition, they sell high-quality flooring for your RV.  They advertise that their prices are close to wholesale.  For a little something different, they sell Lambright Comfort Chairs.  This company is an Amish RV furniture manufacturer so you can be sure to get something hand-built and unique.   Be sure to go all the way to the bottom of the website to see everything.

Villa International, Cerritos, California


Villa International was founded by Fred Villa over 50 years ago as a furniture manufacturer using only hand-building techniques.   Over the years it has expanded its reputation for well-built quality furniture.  In 1965 they began focusing entirely on the ever-growing demand for RV furniture.  They brought their quality hand building standards to the RV furniture market.  They are so well known that other dealers now carry the Villa International brand.  This is where you want to go if you want to have something built that is “non-standard.”

RV Parts Nation, Elkhart, Indiana


RV Parts Nation works to keep their prices low by buying manufacturer closeouts.  They also buy items that are discontinued due to a change in the model year. They still deal with new items as well. Their website is very informative—explaining what can happen if a piece of furniture is not properly bolted down.  A loose heavy piece of furniture can actually make your RV turn over!  This site is one of the few sites that has a video so you can see how some pieces of furniture work.  The website also tells you what you need to know about safety and insurance.



There is not a person alive in the US who hasn’t heard of eBay!  However, you may not know that you don’t have to enter an auction to purchase an item. Many people offer their furniture to be sold immediately.   On eBay, the pieces of furniture available run the gamut from a total piece of trash, up to something that is in perfect condition.  You just don’t know what you are getting until you actually look at it.  Furniture, in general, is so expensive you will want to make sure you see it in person before putting down any money.   Unfortunately, eBay is just like Craigslist in one regard:  there are drawbacks like scams and creepy people.

PPL Motorhomes, Houston, Cleburne, and New Braunfels, Texas


PPL Motorhomes is totally interested in buying and selling RVs. They are the largest consignment dealership in the country.  Since 1972 they have sold over 42,300 consigned RVs.   Recently they accepted several container loads of RV furniture on consignment.  Because of this purchase, they are able to sell furniture at a real discount.  But when this furniture is gone, they do not plan to sell furniture anymore.  On the website, search for RV furniture and see their great prices.

Glastop, Pompano Beach, Florida


If you are looking for something upholstered, check out this company.  Flexsteel (who has been manufacturing furniture since 1893) is their primary RV Furniture supplier.  Flexsteel is also the nation’s number one manufacturer of RV furniture.

Besides Flexsteel, Glastop also carries furniture from Villa International.  They have luxurious Lafer recliners and Lambright (Amish) Comfort Chairs.  As far as the actual, Glastop uses a product called ultra-fabric/ultra-leather.  This is a 4-layer polyurethane fabric which is the best possible upholstery fabric available.

RV Furniture Center, Nampa, Idaho


Have you tried a memory foam mattress at home and really liked it?  This place has memory foam that fits an RV.  They also carry other upholstered furniture.  The RV Furniture Center provides all the different kinds of furniture you may be interested in.  They will start with a new design for your RV if you are interested in that.   They also install whatever you want them to including the furniture,  carpeting and even the window coverings.  If necessary, they will ship to you for your own installation.

Bradd and Hall, Elkhart, Indiana


Bradd and Hall have been making solid wood furniture “to order” for over 38 years.  (So be sure to leave 4 weeks for delivery.)  If you need upholstered furniture they sell Flexsteel.  Be sure to check out their website because it shows how amazing their solid wood furniture is. In their flooring department, you will find brands like Armstrong and Shaw.   Look at their beautiful floor treatments, you’ll want them for your own!  Then take a look at the ways they can custom build cabinets around your big-screen TV.  It’s amazing!

RecPro, Bristol, Indiana


A lot of RV owners are in their “golden years.”  This store actually sells a recliner that has a “power-assist” to help you get up!  Can’t beat that!  Be sure to look at their huge selection of furniture on their website.  They have interesting items like hide-a-beds, gaming ottomans, and jackknives.  On upholstered items, they will even send you a fabric swatch before you order so you can be sure of the color you are buying.  Their bunk bed mattress even includes a memory foam gel-infused cooling layer.  What a great idea after a long day of hiking.

Camping World, Bowling Green, Kentucky


Although Camping World Corporate offices are in Bowling Green, Kentucky, there are over 130 Camping World affiliates all over the country.  Here is a place that has absolutely everything for your RV.  You can even buy the entire RV!  Their selection includes awnings, folding outdoor furniture, appliances, kitchenware, window treatments, home décor, floor coverings, and storage items.  Not to mention their complete line of other indoor needs:   mattresses, comforters, and throw blankets;  sofas, recliners, lift-top benches, assorted bathroom fixtures, artwork, mosaics, and even key racks.  You could spend hours on this website.

ETrailer, Wentzville, Missouri


The company called ETrailer dates back to 1946.  This is the home of deep discount furniture.  They carry Thomas Payne sofas, chairs, love seats, recliners, swivel recliners, jackknife sofas, bar stools, theater seating with storage, Euro recliners, pushback recliners, and trifold sofas in many different fabrics.  There are plenty of sizes to choose from, so you will  no doubt find your size here. Not only do they carry Thomas Payne, but they also carry the Aussie brand, which is a slender folding counter height bar stool – very chic.    You should be able to find anything you want at this store – at a deep discount.  They have a “lowest price” pledge and free shipping on items over $99.



Just like with every product in the universe, Amazon carries so many different choices of RV furniture it makes your head spin. Amazon lists over 22 departments for RV items.  This includes living room chairs, furniture replacement parts, folding tables, sofas and couches, mattresses, RV appliances, and loveseats. They list many different brands including Thomas Payne, Dorel Living, Homelegance, MASO, and DHP.  Amazon might not have the best price in the world, but they will probably have exactly what you want.  You might even be able to get free shipping!


Warp Up

It’s hard to believe that there are so many different places to find RV furniture without ever leaving the comfort of your easy chair. Granted, some are better than others.  People you meet while you are out camping will be sure to have other sites to add to the list, and they will definitely tell you their favorite site.  So many opinions!

So, what are you waiting for?   Get out on the road!


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