RVs with Large Restrooms and Bathtub (Best Options)

Recreational vehicles, or RVs, are known for tight, cramped spaces. The point is to spend most of the time outside doing fun things and using the RV for sleeping. Add a lot of people in the RV and suddenly, there is even less space.

There are RVs out there that have a large, spacious restroom or restrooms (yes, some of them do have more than one bathroom) and they come in the different categories of RVs such as the motorhome, fifth wheel, and travel trailer. Besides the nice and large restrooms, there are a few features that make each RV unique in terms of the size, tanks, and how many people it holds. Here are fourteen model descriptions that will hopefully help in picking out the next family RV.

RVs With An Extra-Large Bathroom

Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 26RBWS

The Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite is also a travel trailer. The restroom has plenty of storage, a sink, vanity, foot flush toilet, and a bathroom skylight. The graywater tank holds about 90 gallons, the blackwater tank holds 45 gallons, and the freshwater tank holds 60 gallons.

Winnebago Horizon 42Q

The Winnebago Horizon is a Class A motorhome. A Class A has a strong well-built frame, kind of like an eighteen-wheeler. It gets the worst fuel economy which is probably why this particular model holds 150 gallons of fuel. Because of its large size, not only does the Winnebago Horizon have a large master bathroom, it also has a guest bathroom. The shower in the master bathroom is 41 by 31 inches. The blackwater tank holds 51 gallons and the graywater tank holds 71 gallons. The gross vehicle weight rating, or GVWR for this RV is over 60,000 pounds. GVWR is the maximum loaded weight of the vehicle or trailer. It includes the weight of the vehicle, the weight of the passengers, and whatever is being hauled. This beauty sleeps four and costs over 400,000 dollars.

Dutchman Aerolite 2133RB

The Dutchman Aerolite is a travel trailer that sleeps ten people. A travel trailer is a trailer that is hauled on the back of a hitch of an appropriate vehicle. There are several different sizes of travel trailers, depending on family size and type of traveling. This RV has an exterior shower outside as well as a walk-in shower inside. There is a sink in the opposite corner and lots of storage. This travel trailer costs over 36,000 dollars.

Fleetwood Discovery LXE

The Fleetwood Discovery LXE is also a Class A motorhome that has a spacious bathroom with tile on the floor. There is a glass door on the shower and an overhead skylight in the shower. There are polished countertops, a porcelain toilet, dual towel rings, and lots of storage. The freshwater tank holds about 100 gallons. The graywater tank holds 75 gallons and the blackwater tank holds 50 gallons. The fuel tank holds about 100 gallons.

Milestone 389TB

This Milestone 389TB RV is a fifth wheel. Fifth wheels have a hitch that is pulled behind a large vehicle like a truck or large pickup. Fifth wheels are much safer to haul because when turning, the trailer goes with the vehicle. Another advantage to having a fifth wheel is that a family always has a vehicle with them so the RV does not have to go everywhere like a Class A motorhome does. This particular fifth wheel has two front entry doors with one door that leads to the restroom. There are two bathrooms in this RV. The freshwater tank holds 50 gallons, the graywater tank holds about 120 gallons, and the blackwater tank holds 80 gallons. The GVWR is about 15,000 pounds and sleeps seven to eight people.

Thor Motorcoach Tuscany 40RT

The Thor Motorcoach Tuscany RV is about 40 feet long. There is a polished porcelain tile floor and a shower with a glass door. There is an Oxygenics showerhead which continually introduces air into the water. It can increase oxygen content in the water up to 10 times. There is also a skylight. This RV has dual medicine cabinets. The GVWR is 38,600 pounds. The fuel tank holds 150 gallons, the freshwater tank holds 91 gallons, the black tank holds 51 gallons, and the gray tank holds 70 gallons. This motorhome costs about 464,000 dollars and can sleep about six to eight people.

Thor Motorcoach Aria

The Thor Motorcoach Aria is a Class A that can vary from 34 to 40 feet in length. There is designer backsplash tile in the bathroom. The shower is full-height and large. There are glass doors on the shower and a skylight in the ceiling. There is also a foot flush toilet. This RV has a fuel tank that can hold up to 100 gallons. The freshwater tank holds 91 gallons, the black tank holds 57 gallons, and the gray tank varies with the RV model but can hold anywhere from 51-70 gallons. About five to eight people can sleep in the Thor Motorcoach Aria comfortably. It costs about 327,000 dollars.

Jayco 2019 Embark

The Jayco Embark is a Class A RV with one and a half bathrooms. There is a solid countertop in there with an integrated sink. There is a foot flush toilet, fiberglass shower with a skylight, and a power vent. There is a 10 gallon water heater. This RV also can hold 100 gallons of fuel. The Embark has a GVWR of approximately 36,000 pounds. It can hold eleven people while driving with seat belts for everyone. It has nearly 145 cubic feet of storage space. The fuel tank holds 100 gallons as well as the freshwater tank. The graywater tank can hold 62 gallons while the blackwater tank can only hold about 41 gallons. This great monstrosity of a vehicle will cost about 200,000 dollars.

Volante VL3851FL By Crossroads Recreational Vehicles

The Volante by Crossroads Recreational Vehicles is also a fifth wheel. It has an extra-large bathroom that takes up the entire width of the RV. It has a large bowl sink with storage underneath. There is a glass shower with a shower curtain on a curved track, foot flush toilet, and linen storage. There is also a medicine cabinet with a mirror. The graywater and blackwater tanks both hold about 76 gallons.

Berkshire XL by Forest River RV

This Class A motorhome, the Berkshire XL, by Forest River has a master bedroom that leads to a large restroom. It contains a vanity, a porcelain foot-flush toilet, and a walk-in glass door shower. The other bathroom is across from the bunk beds. There is also a power fan in the bathroom. The freshwater tank holds 103 gallons, the gray tank holds 66 gallons, and the black tank holds 42 gallons. The GVWR for this RV is 38,320 pounds.

Newmar King Aire

This Class A motorhome, Newmar King Aire has six new floorplans coming out in 2020 that will be approximately 45 feet in length. There are one and a half bathrooms. The shower is absolutely amazing at 50 inches by 34 inches. The shower also has glass doors and a fold down seat right in the shower. Finally, there is a vanity and plenty of storage drawers.

Monaco Signature 44M

The Monaco Signature is a Class A RV that has extra large bathrooms. There is a corner vanity and glass doors in the shower. The walls are tile and so is the shower. Finally, there is a foot flush toilet.

Forest River Georgetown 5 Series GT5 34H5

Forest River’s Georgetown Class A motorhome also has one and a half bathrooms. The middle bathroom has a linen storage space while the rear bathroom has a walk-in shower, frosted glass on the door, and a corner seat. The bathrooms have polished countertops and storage compartments. The GVWR is 22,000 pounds. The fuel tank holds 80 gallons, the freshwater holds 82 gallons, and the black and gray tanks both hold 52 gallons.

Jayco Flight Bungalow 2019

The last RV on the list is the Jayco Flight Bungalow travel trailer. It may be last but it is certainly not least. It has a front bath with an extra large bathroom. There is a lot of storage space including a hanging closet! Finally, there is an outside shower.

Wrap Up

These RVs certainly have the features that everyone is looking for in a recreational vehicle restroom and/or restrooms, depending on how many each one has. These Class A motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers are all different and have a lot to offer. They are large, have lots of storage space, contain a nice shower, and so much more. In addition, each recreational vehicle is unique in how much the tanks hold and how much it can pull. Depending on the family size and the type of traveling being done, these fourteen model descriptions will hopefully help in making a decision that will lead to everyone being comfortable while on the road.



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