How Much Does a Sherp ATV Cost? (Direct Answer)

If you’re in the market for a Sherp ATV, cost plays a significant role in your purchasing decision.  There are three different models of Sherp ATVs available-the Sherp Pro 1000, the Sherp N 1200, and Sherp the Ark 3400.  Each model’s pricing varies.  So, how much does a Sherp ATV cost?

Quick Answer

The average cost of a Sherp ATV is $120,000.

  • Sherp Pro 1000 costs $115,000.
  • Sherp N 1200 costs $126,000.
  • Sherp the Ark 3400 costs $375,000-this unit is comprised of two units linked together, and its pricing was not factored into the average cost of a Sherp ATV given it is the outlier of the bunch.

Additional Costs: You’ll also want to consider the cost of add-on accessories. Air conditioning, studded tires, extra benches and seatbelts and more may be required depending on your needs.

Maintenance and Repair Costs: Thankfully, each Sherp ATV model offers a generous warranty that covers maintenance and repairs at specialized Sherp service centers. This offers a reprieve from the additional cost of maintenance and repairs.

Now that you know the average cost of a Sherp ATV, let’s discuss in detail each Sherp ATV model and its cost.


How Much Does a Sherp ATV Cost?

There are three models of Sherp ATV’s on the market-Sherp Pro 1000, Sherp N 1200, and Sherp the Ark 3400.  Each model has its own specifications and starting price.

Three Models of Sherp ATV’s and How Much They Cost

Sherp Pro 1000:

The basic Sherp model, the Sherp Pro 1000 ATV, starts at $115,000.  It has no problem driving through boulders, fallen trees, and other obstacles up to three feet high, and can descend and climb at a 35-degree slope.  It even floats and passes marshes and deep snow with no problem, and can move out of the water and onto thin ice.

Sherp N 1200:

The Sherp N 1200 ATV starts at $126,000.  It is an upgrade from the Sherp Pro 1000, holding nine passengers at a time, or up to 2,645 pounds.  This Sherp model is intended for use by rescue workers, geologists, oil workers, and hunters and can traverse the roughest off-road terrains, including marshes and deep snow.  Its fuel economy lasts 61 hours and it can reach up to 25 mph.

The Sherp N 1200 can withstand boulders, fallen trees, and any obstacles up to three feet high.  The engine is eco-friendly and can withstand the toughest climates.  The engine has a warranty of 3,000 hours or three years.  An upgraded feature with the Sherp N 1200 is the ability for the air pressure in the tires to be adjusted by the driver to suit the current climate and payload needs.

Other advanced features that separate the Sherp N 1200 from the Sherp Pro 1000 include more comfortable seating for the driver and the passengers, six seats with 3-point seatbelts and up to ten seats with benches as 2-point seatbelts, and an advanced control panel.  It also has an increased wheelbase and larger tires to accommodate driving in the roughest terrains. Its transmission drives are placed in oil baths and do not require maintenance.  The Sherp N 1200 comes with a 24-month warranty.

Sherp the Ark 3400:

The Sherp the Ark 3400 ATV starts at $375,000 and consists of two linked units working as a single vehicle, hence its name and price-point that is triple the price point of the other two Sherp models.  The Ark is a massive upgrade from the Sherp N 1200.  It’s great for transporting cargo, water, fuel, or liquid to remote places, deploying teams and passengers under extreme conditions.

The Ark is used for expedition projects or medical care in hard-to-reach places and can hold up to 7,500 pounds and can hold up to 22 passengers.  It can overcome clearances of up to 5 feet, thanks to its three-axis articulated steering wheel.  The front unit of the Ark rises and rotates along the three axes, allowing it the additional climbing capacity the Sherp Pro 1000 and Sherp N 1200 do not have the capability of.

Similar to the other Sherp models, Sherp the Ark’s tire air pressure can be adjusted by the driver to accommodate varying circumstances and payloads.  But specific to the Ark is the ability to shut off the air supply to a punctured tire, while the vehicle continues onward with no further consequences from the punctured tire.

The all-wheel control system allows the driver to switch between different driving modes, another unique feature of the Ark. In all-wheel mode, the torque transmitted to the front and rear of the Ark allows for improved traction and safety.  The ATV’s front and rear sections are also installed with pumps that will automatically pump water out of the cabin.

Top 13 Sherp ATV Add-on Accessories and How Much They Cost

There are several add-on accessories you can equip with your Sherp ATV.  Here are the top 12 Sherp ATV add-on accessories and how much they cost:

1.Air Conditioning

When traversing through areas with extremely hot or humid climates, air conditioning is a must.  You can have air conditioning installed on your order starting at $7,599.

2.Storage Boxes

Add seating and storage for $550.

3.LED Light Bar

Adding an LED light bar provides additional light in the dark.  The light bar is wired into the rocker switch panel.  You can get yours for $1,300.


Adding a winch costs $2,000 and may be a good investment for you depending on what you intend to use your Sherp for.  If your Sherp will be used for rescue, winches are great for pulling in vehicles or other items.  You may also find the addition of a winch useful for other means, as well.

5.Winch Receivers and Bumpers

Winch receivers and bumpers allow the winch to be used at the front or back of your Sherp and start at $1,900.

6.Bench Seats

Installing rear bench seats provides more room to carry passengers.  A 2-point seatbelt bench is $1,100 and a 3-point seatbelt bench is $1,500.

7.Pull-Behind Cargo Trailer

Priced at $9,990, you may find the pull-behind cargo trailer to be a necessary add-on accessory.  As the name suggests, it is hitched to the back of the Sherp ATV and can hold oversized cargo.  This allows for more room for passengers or just allows for extra cargo storage.  It is made from high-strength steel and aluminum and can hold up to 1,200 pounds.  Similar to the Sherp ATV, it has no problem crossing through rough terrains, such as soil, water, snow, marshes, and more.  It easily attaches to the Sherp ATV vehicle with a tow bar.

8.Studded Tires

For $1,200, you can stud your tires, which allows for better traction on snow and ice.

9.Auxiliary Wheel Fuel Tanks

Auxiliary wheel fuel tanks allow you to carry an extra 17 gallons of fuel per wheel.  The tanks are not integrated with the main fuel tank and you will have to manually add the fuel to the main tank when necessary.  As a bonus, the tanks also help keep mud from building up on the tire rims.  You can purchase a set of 4 for $2,000.


For $150, the inclinometer measures the angle of the Sherp ATV for safety.  If you’re driving over uneven terrain, you may find this useful.

11.Bilge Pump

If you will be using your Sherp ATV to cross water, and you likely will, you may find the bilge pump to be a necessity.  The bilge pump is $299 and will automatically remove water from the lower engine compartment.

12.Removable Ladder

For $400 you can purchase a removable ladder that can be used at the front or back of your Sherp ATV.

13.Cargo Sled

Great for snow conditions, your Sherp ATV can drag the cargo sled behind it, allowing for additional cargo space.  You can purchase a cargo sled for $2,700.

Other accessories to consider include a cargo rack, extra mirrors, a backup panel, stretcher and rack, beacon lights, roof hatch, brush guard, and rear windows.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain and Repair Your Sherp ATV?

The manufacturer warranty for each model covers maintenance, repairs, and replacements at Sherp-specialized service and repair centers, providing a reprieve from the extra cost of service and repairs. Services include the following.

Diagnostics: Sherp ATV service and repair centers can test the condition of your vehicle and conduct any preventative maintenance as needed.  Having your vehicle’s diagnostics tested before an extreme excursion is a great way to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of your passengers. Maximizing the warranty period on your Sherp will help you keep it in great shape for years to come at no additional cost to you.

Preventative Maintenance: Taking your Sherp ATV in for preventative maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is a great way to maximize the longevity of your Sherp ATV.  The warranty includes maintenance in full scope, so there’s no reason not to take your Sherp in for preventative maintenance as recommended.

Repair: The manufacturer warranty covers the repair of damaged parts, assemblies, units, and components of your Sherp ATV during the warranty period.

Replacement: When a part is beyond repair, the warranty covers the cost of replacement parts for the duration of the warranty period. Sherp-specialized service and repair centers are the only places Sherp ATV parts are available.


A Sherp ATV will cost you an average of $120,000. Depending on your specific needs, you’ll want to consider the cost of add-on accessories along with your purchase.  The warranty provided by Sherp for each model offers a reprieve from maintenance and repair costs for the duration of the warranty period.

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