What Are The Smallest RVs With A Shower And Toilets?

Small RVs are gaining in popularity.  As more people move toward making environmentally friendly choices, they are drawn to gas-economical RVs that are easier to park and leave a smaller carbon footprint.  Because of their size, however, not all RVs come with a shower and toilet. There are several that do, however, so we’ve put together a list of small RVs that have a shower and toilet.

  • The smallest Class A Motorhomes with a shower and toilet are Thor Axis/ Vegas 24.1, Coachmen Pursuit Precision 27 DS, and Winnebago Vista 27PE
  • The smallest Class B Motorhomes that have a shower and toilet Carado Banff, Winnebago Travato, and Fleetwood Irok.
  • The smallest Class C RV Motorhomes with a shower and toilet are Winnebago Outlook 22C, Thor Motor Coach Quantum RC25, and Forest River Forester MBS 2401R.
  • The smallest travel trailers with a shower and toilet are Airstream Sport, Casita Liberty Deluxe Trailer, and Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB

In some models, condensing your quarters means co-mingling the bathroom sink, shower, and toilet. The floor of this space is waterproof and has a drain. This is called a wet bath. In a wet bath, taking a shower requires getting the whole area wet, including the toilet and sink.

In other units, the bathroom takes the form we know better. In the dry bath, the shower/tub, toilet, and sink each have a designated area. The only area that gets wet when you take a shower is the shower. The type of bathroom you get depends on the model of RV you buy. Let’s look at each of these models:

Class A Motorhomes With A Shower and Toilet

 Thor Vegas 24.1, aka Thor Axis 24.1

The Thor Vegas is 25.6 feet and sleeps five. The kitchen comes with an induction or propane cooktop, convection microwave, and refrigerator/freezer. There are TVs in both the living area and bedroom and has a charging center for electronics and CPAP machines. Its multiplex wiring system is state of the art and it has more windows than usual, letting in a lot of light. The dry bath is sleek and modern and contains a toilet, shower, and sink.  It offers backup and side cameras, a generator, a power awning, and a tankless water heater.  Its engine is a Triton V10 with 305 HP and 420 Lb. torque.

Coachmen Pursuit Precision 27 DS

The Precision is 28.9 feet and sleeps six. It has both a king and queen size bed and three flatscreen TVs; one in the living area, one in the bedroom, and one on the exterior of the motorhome, located in a cabinet, for TV viewing outside.  The kitchen has a 3-burner cooktop, oven, refrigerator/freezer, and a microwave. It has A/C and heat, charging stations for electronics, and plugins for CPAPs in the bedroom. The three-piece dry bath is modern and sleek. Outside, it has a retractable awning, side and rear cameras, and an Onan generator.  The engine is a Ford V10 6.8L with 320 HP and 460 lb. torque.

Winnebago Vista 27 PE

The Winnebago Vista 27PE is 28.8 feet and sleeps seven.  It has a queen bed and three digital TVs. One of those is on the exterior, for watching TV outside.  There’s a plugin for CPAPs, along with a charging station.  The kitchen has a 3-burner gas stove, an oven, microwave, and a refrigerator/freezer. Outside is a power awning, a generator, and side and back-up cameras, along with many other amenities.  It has A/C and heat. Its dry bath is spacious and elegant and contains a shower, toilet, and sink.

Class B Motorhomes With A Shower and Toilet

Carado Banff

This RV is 19.6 feet and sleeps two. It comes with a fully equipped kitchen including a 2-burner stove, refrigerator/freezer, and microwave. Solar panels on the roof charge the lithium batteries, which power the A/C. There is a 24” LED Flat screen LG TV and a Blu-Ray Smart player. The wet bath has a shower, a toilet, and a sink that folds up when not in use.  This unit does everything a bigger motorhome does but in a smaller package. Its engine is an I3.6L V6 Pentastar gas engine with 280hp and 260 lbs. of torque

Winnebago Travato 59K

At 21 feet, the Winnebago Travato has all the comforts of home.  It sleeps two and has a comfortable living area with A/C and heat. The kitchen has a microwave, a 2-burner gas stove, and a refrigerator/freezer.  It’s loaded with outlets and USB ports have solar panels and an LR 24” HDTV. Its wet bath includes a shower, toilet, and a fold-up sink. The exterior has a power awning, back-up camera, and all the standard features. It has a 3.6L V6 engine with 280 HP and 258 lb. torque.

Fleetwood Irok

The Fleetwood Irok is 20.11 feet and sleeps two. It boasts a high-end luxurious interior with high-gloss, solid wood cabinetry and granite countertops. The kitchen has a microwave, refrigerator/freezer, and induction cooktop. The three-piece wet bath is elegant and spacious. It has a sofa bed configuration that electrically reclines. You get instant hot water with its tankless hot water feature, along with solar panels, a power awning, and a 24” TV. It has A/C and heat and is extremely easy to maneuver and park. The engine is a 3.6L V6 Pentastar with 280 HP and 260 lbs. of torque

Class C Motorhomes With A Shower and Toilet

Winnebago Outlook 22C

This model is a little over 24 feet and sleeps up to six.  It has an over-cab bed with a TV on a swing-arm bracket that allows the TV to swivel and is seen from all angles in the RV. It holds a queen bed, and all the kitchen amenities, including a microwave. It also has a dry bath, plenty of storage space, and a large closet in the bedroom.  It also has a back-up camera in addition to GPS that comes through the speakers and a power awning.  The Freedom Elite uses a Ford E-350 with a gas engine that produces 305 hp and 420 lbs.of torque.

Thor Motor Coach Quantum RC 25

This is my favorite model.  It is a little over 26.4 feet and sleeps five.  It has a queen bed, cab-over bunk and TVs in both the eating area and the bedroom. It comes with plenty of countertop space in the kitchen (galley), a convection microwave oven, and a tankless hot water heater, which means hot water on demand.  It has a beautiful dry bath, Wi-fi and is pre-wired for solar power.  There are back-up and side cameras and a generator.  The engine is a Ford 6.8L Triton® V10 with 305HP & 420 lbs. of torque.

Forest River Forester MBS 2401R

The Forest River Forester is 24.11 feet and sleeps five.  The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, convection microwave and refrigerator, and a flip-up countertop extension.   It has two TVs, one in the living quarters and one in the bedroom.  It also has a multi-speed fan located in the eating area.  The bedroom has an upgraded memory foam mattress and a cedar-lined closet. The bathroom is a dry bath with the sink just outside, where the bedroom and bathroom meet.  It has a 12V USB charging station, a Satellite/cable connection, and a 3.6 KW generator with an automatic transfer switch. It also has color back-up and side-view cameras.  The engine is a Mercedes-Benz V6 with 188 HP and 325 lbs. of torque.


The Best and Smallest Travel Trailers With A Shower and Toilet

These are our top three picks for the smallest travel trailers with a shower and toilet. Remember to have reliable roadside assistance coverage with your trailers and RVs.

The Airstream Sport

The Airstream Sport is available in a 16 or 22-foot length.  It sleeps up to four:  two in the bedroom and two in the dinette area which folds down.  It has a wet bath with a sink, a shower and a toilet, and a pass-through that allows you to put the showerhead through the wall leading to the exterior. This feature allows you to wash items outside the camper. The kitchen is small and beautiful, with a two-burner stove, a refrigerator/freezer, and a convection microwave.  The bedroom is clean and modern, with a large memory foam mattress that sleeps two. The Airstream Sport has A/C and heat, a retractable awning, USB, and 110 V charging stations.  It also has an LG LED HD TV, a JVC stereo with Bluetooth, and many more amenities.

Casita Liberty Deluxe

The Casita comes in either a 16 or 17-foot size.  It sleeps two, has a 3-burner gas stove, refrigerator/freezer, and room for a microwave.  The 3-piece wet bath has an exterior shower head outside the trailer, for washing outside. It has a water heater, A/C and heat and a recessed ceiling fan above the eating area.  It also boasts a retractable awning, a TV, and lots of storage space.  The Casita is extremely lightweight and easy to pull, which helps with gas mileage. It’s small and basic yet works well and is extremely comfortable.

Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB

This is a great trailer.  It’s constructed well and comes with a lot of amenities.  It sleeps two and is 19.10 feet long.  The kitchen has beautiful wood paneling, along with a convection/microwave oven, a 2-burner gas stove, and a refrigerator/freezer. A large dry bath occupies most of the back, which has a separate shower, sink, and toilet.  The front holds a Murphy bed, which you can pull down or fold up.  There is room for a TV, a radio/ DVD player and cable and satellite outlets.  It is solar-ready.  It has a generous amount of storage space, an outdoor shower head, and a power awning.  Its power tongue jack makes it easy to hook up or disconnect from your tow vehicle, and its 15” off-road tires and high ground clearance make it ideal for navigating rough terrain.

Small RVs are designed to drive like vans but allow you to relax like you’re at home. Their compact spaces are designed for maximum functionality and meet the needs of the majority of travelers and campers.  With the number of options out there, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a small RV with a shower and toilet.

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