How Long Is The Bed Of A Toyota Tacoma?

If you’re in the market for a Toyota Tacoma, one of the reasons it likely interests you is because of its long bed to store and move everything that you need. When carry equipment or furniture, it’s important to know just how much the bed of your truck can hold.  So how long is a bed in a Toyota Tacoma?

The bed of a Toyota Tacoma is 60 ½ inches for models such as SR, TRD Off-Road, or Limited. If the model of your Toyota Tacoma is a SR5 the bed of your truck will be 73.7 inches. If you’re considering an older model of the Toyota Tacoma, the measurements will vary.

Now that we’ve established the size bed of a Toyota Tacoma, we can discuss how exactly that compares to other trucks out there on the market. What could this mean for other models out there? How does the bed length compare to other types of pickup trucks? What is the width & depth of the bed of a Toyota Tacoma truck bed?

Now that you have a better image of how long your truck bed should be if you have a 2020 Toyota Tacoma, we can get into more of the research. Keep on reading to learn more!


Tacoma Bed Length For Current Models

Depending on if you have a newer model Toyota Tacoma or an older model Tacoma, the length of the beds will vary. The Tacoma Toyota models that are newer have a short bed length of 60 ½ inches, while other long bed lengths are 73.7 inches.

These measurements are taken from the interior of the beds of these trucks. This means that if you have a piece of equipment or furniture that is shorter than 60 ½ inches, you’ll be able to shut the tailgate of your truck fully. This would make hauling much easier and safer. Now, there’s always a chance that hauling your belongings would become more complicated.

There is Toyota Tacoma models that come with both short and long bed options that are available. These include TRD models and both the SR and SR5. You have the opportunity to choose from the one that would suit you comfortably. It is important to note that when reading up bed length, the sellers will label the lengths as being 5 foot for a short bed and 6 foot for long beds. When browsing online, make sure you are not approached with confusion on this detail.

Tacoma Models & Their Bed Lengths

Pickup trucks have been apart of the growing market, and the Toyota Tacoma has been among the favorite of its shoppers. The Toyota Tacoma is the most rounded options available today. The 2020 model has huge resale prices, making the Tacoma better than ever! Among the Tacoma are its different models, which include: SR,  SR5, and Limited.

Toyota Tacoma SR

The most affordable Tacoma model is the SR starting at $25,550. It comes with all of the standard features such as a pre-collision system, able to detect pedestrians, lane departure alert, automatic high beams, and radar cruise control in order to upgrade safety. The bed length of a Toyota Tacoma SR ranges from 60-73.7 inches.

Toyota Tacoma SR5

The Toyota Tacoma SR5 is the most popular model and comes with high-end features. The starting price for the SR5 is $27, 325. When you purchase the SR5, you’ll get projector beam headlights, 16-inch wheels, trimmed leather steering wheel, and remote keyless entry. The bed of a SR5 also ranges from 60-73.7 inches.

Toyota Tacoma Limited

If you’re looking to add some luxury to your vehicle, the Toyota Tacoma Limited is perfect for you. This upgraded model starts pricing at $37,490. It comes with a 7-inch audio interface along with integrated navigation. If you want this model to fully upgraded you can get a leather interior, LED lights, power moon roof, 18-inch alloy wheels, heated seats in the front, a charging system that is wireless, and also push-to-start system. The bed length of the Toyota Tacoma Limited is 60 inches.

Older Models

What if you don’t have a brand new 2020 Toyota Tacoma? Are you looking into buying an older model that is used? Older models won’t have the same dimensions. We know it can be confusing, but it’s also one of the exceptions. Not all of the Tacomas will have a bed length of 60 ½ inches because of the design changes over time.

The Toyota Tacoma came out in 1995 and was sold using the first-generation style all the way up until 2004. While most people think that older models would be cheap, a cheap Tacoma was hard to come by, even in the 1990s. On Autotrader, most used Toyota Tacomas are listed for $10,000 or less.

The second-generation Toyota Tacoma came out in 2005. It introduced a new 4.0-liter V6 engine and increased towing capacity to 6,500 pounds. Like the first generation, a few trim levels were offered, the most interesting being the X-Runner, which had a 6-speed manual transmission, along with 18-inch wheels and lower suspension.

In 2012, the second-generation Tacoma was updated. It brought a fresh exterior, along with a new interior. The original cab body style stopped in after 2015. Buyers were not able to settle on an older Tacoma in a nice trim level such as the TRD Sport or its off-road models.

With very minimal changes that were made to the 2020 model, it did introduce new features that drivers loved. If you were able to afford the 2020 model, we would say go for it!

Tacoma Bed Length Versus Other Vehicles

Just so you have an idea of the options that are available, we’ve done some research to compare the Tacoma bed lengths to other trucks out there on the market. To simplify things for you, we’ve listed different models with their bed lengths side-by-side.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a better truck that is compact. It comes with a turbocharged engine and automatic transmission that provides smooth acceleration. Compared to the Tacoma, it can also tow up to 7,500 pounds. The Tacoma can only tow 6,800 pounds. The Tacoma is a better truck for the quality of its interior, drive assistance capabilities, and off-road features.

  • Short bed – 60 inches
  • Long Bed – 72 inches


The Ridgeline is also a compact pickup truck. When you are driving the Ridgeline, it rides almost just as a regular car does. The interior provides a spacious cabin that can fit up to five people, unlike other trucks that can only hold up to four passengers. Other pickup trucks also let you choose from the rear or four-wheel drive, whereas the Ridgeline is available with front or all-wheel drive.

When it comes to hauling, however, the Honda Ridgeline cannot keep up with other trucks. It only has capacities of 5,000 and 1,465 pounds. If you were looking for a comfortable pickup truck that is comparable to a car, and also has the same qualities as a truck, the Ridgeline would be a great truck for you. Tacoma is a better fit for a more traditional style.

  • Short Bed – 64 inches

Chevy Colorado

  • Short Bed – 61.7 inches
  • Long Bed – 72 inches


  • Short Bed – 60.5 inches
  • Long Bed – 73.7 inches

Nissan Frontier

  • Long Bed – 73.7 inches

GMC Canyon

  • Short Bed – 61.7 inches
  • Long Bed – 74 inches

If you’ve gone over this list of different trucks, you may find that there is a better option suited for you than the Toyota Tacoma. We wanted to ensure you’ve had all the possible research made available to you. Toyota is a great company that makes durable vehicles that can last you years.

The lengths of the various trucks are very similar in size.  Knowing the right size length can be key if you have things you will be hauling in particular. Length really matters if you will be towing equipment or furniture for a living.  The best part about the Toyota Tacoma is that they give you both short and long bed options. Not every truck has long bed options available.

Width & Depth of Tacoma Truck Beds

When driving your truck, you know it’s the vehicle that will give you the confidence and determination that you need. With the Toyota Tacoma, you have different trim options that are available, which we’ve already discussed prior. You will be able to choose one that best fits your size and needs. To give you a better picture of how the sizes measure up, we’ve done our research to go over the width and depths of Toyota Tacoma truck beds.

In every trim of a Toyota Tacoma, your truck will have a height of 70.6 inches and a width of 74.4 inches. The standard truck length is 212.3 inches, but when you add on the long bed it totals it to 225.5 inches. Depending on your bed size, the wheel dimensions will also change.  No matter which size you choose, you’ll be a power driver!

Toyota Tacoma Bed Dimensions

When it comes to the Toyota Tacoma, you have two truck bed options, which are long beds and short beds. Both beds have the same height and width that are available, which are: 19.1 inches and 41.5 inches. With the standard truck length available, you’ll have 60.5 inches in its bed. If you’re looking for the most space in your truck bed, you should go for the long base, which would increase the length to 73.7 inches.

The length of your truck bed is very important when hauling is considered, but many times people fail to remember to measure its width. When it comes down to it, it’s very helpful to have more than just one dimension. These are the measurements of the inside of the bed, not the width total of the truck. It’s important to keep that in mind when getting your measurements.

If you’re wondering if the Toyota Tacoma is a good truck, you’ve picked one of the best trucks to consider for its off-road capability. From its impressive interior to its technology, the Tacoma is one of a kind. The only downside we’ve seemed to find was a weak base engine and a transmission with a slow response. Should you buy a Toyota Tacoma? We say, why not? If you want a truck that is well built and comfortable, the Tacoma is perfect for you.

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