10 Amazing Travel Trailers Under 6000 lbs (Best Picks)

Travel trailers have become a very popular type of non-motorized RV.  There are so many different types and sizes. Campers are flocking to lightweight travel trailers for a variety of reasons.

Probably the most important reason is that a lightweight trailer (under 6,000 lbs) is easier to tow and drive than one over 6,000 pounds.

These are our picks for the best travel trailers under 6,000 lbs.

  • Forest River Wolf Pup 15SW
  • Winnebago Micro Minnie 1800BH
  • Coachmen Freedom Express Pilot 20BHS
  • Crossroad RV Zinger Lite ZR18DS
  • Lance 2295 Travel Trailer
  • Keystone RV Company Passport 240BH SL Series
  • Jayco Jay Feather 24BHM
  • Heartland North Trail 22 FBS
  • Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 23FBDS
  • Coleman Lantern LT 262BH

10 Best Travel Trailers Under 6,000 lbs

So, if you are looking for something super lightweight, start with the first one on the list.  If you aren’t that picky about the weight but you really want something nice, go to the end of the list.

Forest River Wolf Pup 15SW

3276 pounds dry weight, 18’11”

Of all the trailers listed here, this one will be the easiest to tow because the dry weight is only 3276 pounds, and its length is only 18’11”.  In spite of its tiny size, it has all these top-quality features:  sleeper sofa, queen mattress, complete kitchen, LCD TV, and a full bathroom. This tiny trailer can sleep you and the kids without being uncomfortable.  You can see the interior design elements, and take a video tour on the website.


Winnebago Micro Minnie 1800BH

3660 pounds dry weight, 21’

What travel trailer list would be complete without a Winnebago?   Winnebago really means it when they say this trailer is a “micro-mini”.  It’s only 21’ long, but still has the features of a bigger trailer:  full kitchen, with stainless steel sink, dinette, bunk beds, and a queen mattress. Again, it’s tiny but you can fit in your family without discomfort.

Winnebago did not scrimp on design in this unit – space is used very efficiently.  Even with all the features listed above, when you step inside the trailer you don’t feel confined, you feel comfortable.  Being comfortable inside the unit is very important when you are going to be spending a lot of time there on vacation.  Check out the website to see the configuration.


Coachmen Freedom Express Pilot 20BHS

3883 pounds dry weight, 22’

This trailer is just a smidge bigger than Winnebago’s micro-mini at 22’ in length.  A cool feature on this trailer is a pass-through storage area that can be accessed from the opposite side, making it easier to reach your necessities.  This pass-through storage is located at the very front of the trailer, hidden behind the wall next to the queen bed.  You have to see it!  Even at its tiny size, it still includes all the standard features.

It’s hard to believe but this little 3883-pound trailer actually comes with an awning.  This is not a standard feature on small trailers!    Awnings really make a huge difference when the only open camping spot is very sunny all day long.


Crossroad RV Zinger Lite ZR18DS

4360 pounds dry weight, 22’6”

When you daydream about your perfect lightweight trailer you’d be imagining the Crossroad RV Zinger Lite ZR18DS.  Here is a lightweight option that is really lightweight at only 4360 pounds.  Yet your kitchen comes with a cooktop, oven, microwave, and sink—you actually have space to prepare a meal for your whole family; and your bedroom comes with a queen bed. This trailer was designed with a higher than normal ceiling which gives you a more comfortable feeling when you walk in.  You don’t feel all bent over and uncomfortable as you do in some trailers.


Lance 2295 Travel Trailer

4840 pounds dry weight, 27’

We’d be willing to bet you’ve never seen this feature in a travel trailer before:  there is a fireplace in the living room! How cozy when you are camping in the mountains or traveling in your trailer and the weather turns colder. Other features include pull-out storage drawers in the dinette, ample counter space in the kitchen, 32” LED HDTV, and a quality Serta queen mattress.  Check it out on their website:    www.lancecamper.com

Keystone RV Company Passport 240BH SL Series

4911 pounds dry weight, 27’4”

This trailer is so lightweight, you might be able to tow it with your SUV. Many people who live in their RV all year long choose this trailer.  In truth, you might even be able to tow it with your own car.   In spite of its manageable weight, it still has a complete kitchen that has been updated from previous designs,  a complete bath, a U-shaped dinette, and a LED flat screen HD TV.  Sleeping arrangements are also good with double bunk beds, and a queen mattress.  Your family of four will fit quite nicely.


Jayco Jay Feather 24BHM

5465 pounds dry weight, 29’2”

There are several interesting features on Jay Feather.  Not only does it have a murphy bed, but also has a set of bunk beds in addition to a sleeper sofa.

The cool thing about the sleeper sofa is that you don’t always have to be sitting on a bed on a rainy day – you can enjoy playing a board game or watching TV from a sofa like at home.   The good thing about having a murphy bed in addition to bunk beds and a sleeper sofa is that you can fit in a family of 5 or even 6 if they are little kids.  This trailer includes a U-shaped dinette, full kitchen, and a full bathroom.  Most importantly if you are going to Arizona or any other desert-like place, there is also an awning that most of these lightweight trailers don’t offer.


Heartland North Trail 22 FBS

5497 pounds dry weight, 29’5”

This is another trailer that offers the comfort of a sleeper sofa.  It includes a full kitchen and a full bath and also offers room for guests because it sleeps six.  It’s amazing to be able to fit 6 people into a light-weight travel trailer.

This small trailer also offers pass-through storage.  RV owners love this feature because all your belongings are accessible from either end.  You pack something first when you are packing at home. Suddenly that one item becomes something you need as soon as you stop.  With pass-through storage, you can just walk around to the other side of the trailer and open the storage and there it is.  No unloading the whole storage area just to get to one item you need.

The amazing feature of this trailer is the oversized windows.  One of the best things about camping out is usually spectacular views.  We go camping out in our RV because we want to see some new scenery and break out of our daily grind.  This travel trailer makes it possible to see those views and also enjoy more natural light coming into the trailer.  These little things can boost your mood.


Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 23FBDS

5654 pounds dry weight, 25’

We are getting into some trailers with some serious weight now.  But you should still be able to tow it with a pickup truck, and possibly an SUV.   What makes this trailer heavier?  It’s 25 feet long.  That longer length makes it possible to find some nice features:  a U-shaped dinette, lots of storage, full kitchen, full bath, and murphy bed.


Coleman Lantern LT 262BH

5833 pounds dry weight, 30’7”

You won’t soon forget the name of this trailer since it is named after the famous camping lamp.  This is a huge trailer compared to the others on our list.  It is just barely under the 6000-pound mark at 5833 pounds dry weight, and super long at 30’7”.

One of the ways Coleman uses this extra space is by adding an entertainment center. Of course, it includes all the usual features like a full kitchen, dinette, queen bed, bunk beds, and the popular pass-through storage area.  It also has room for a nice amenity like a sofa without sacrificing your walking room.


Pros and Cons of Lightweight Trailer

You don’t have to worry about having a heavy trailer behind you swaying back and forth every time you make a correction with your steering wheel.  Lightweight trailers will still sway, but it is much less dangerous.

Another reason is that they are cheaper in many different ways—cheaper to buy in the first place, cheaper to operate because pulling them uses much less gas, and cheaper to furnish when something wears out.

Even better than all that, a lightweight trailer can be towed with a large pickup truck or even an SUV, depending on the particular SUV.  Best of all, sometimes your own passenger vehicle can tow one of these trailers if it’s the right passenger car.  Be sure to check out the towing capacity of your own car before you go out and rent a big pickup truck for your next vacation.

When you go shopping for a travel trailer, you might hear them called a “bumper-pull.”  This is because when they became popular in the 1950’s they were attached at the bumper of the tow car.  Now trailer trailers are attached to a trailer hitch which, in turn, is attached to the frame of your tow vehicle.  As you can imagine, the current hook up is a lot more secure and safe.

But there can be some drawbacks to a lighter weight camping trailer.  Sometimes the manufacturers will use cheaper, lighter weight materials when building their trailer to keep down the total dry weight (weight of trailer without any optional equipment, passengers, or cargo).   They also might not be designed carefully because design costs money.  Unfortunately, good design is very important when you are trying to fit a lot of living space into a tiny trailer. So keep that in mind before you go shopping – don’t expect brilliant design innovations.

The RV trailers listed below do not include any shoddy manufacturers. But they still come in under 6000 pounds. You can rest assured that these are only top-of-the-line travel trailers.  The list below starts with the lowest weight trailers and moves up to the heaviest.

Warp Up

And there you have it:  ten amazing travel trailers that weigh under 6000 pounds.  Our list ranges from 3276 pounds to 5833 pounds.  You should be able to find a size that suits your needs.  Be sure to visit the websites and see all the amazing different ways your trailer can be configured. On the websites, you can also see what other features you can add, and what you can subtract.  You can basically build the RV of your dreams  So it’s time to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.


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