11+ Travel Trailers Featuring Twin Beds

Nowadays it seems pretty difficult to find a new trailer with two twin beds. Many people who are shopping for trailers are looking for some indulgence. A queen or king bed offering is, then, a bit more popular. This has led to a flood of larger bed options on the market and a reduction in twin bed offerings. What if you’re looking the features found specifically in trailers with twin beds, though? These features might include more space and easier access to storage areas under the bed.

Have no fear! If you’re searching for the perfect travel trailer that features twin beds, you’ve come to the right place! Below is a list we’ve compiled of 12 trailers available on the market and all have two twin beds. Most are compact and a typical SUV or truck can haul them. We do have a few trailers listed, though, that have a lot more space along with a luxurious feel.

Keep reading to find the perfect trailer for your travel needs.

The Best Travel Trailers With Twin Beds

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TB:

Beginning with the smallest and most compact offering, this trailer is pretty versatile. Its unique exterior is sleek and modern looking so you will not have to sacrifice visual appeal. Upon entering the interior, you will see the twin beds to your left.

There is also an option for an insert to transform the two twin beds into a king bed as a customizable option. Looking over to your right you will see the kitchen and bathroom areas.

With a hitch weight of 2,483 lbs. and a total length of 15’10”, you will be able to haul this trailer fairly easily.

Forest River Flagstaff Shamrock 183:

Forest River has another option on this list and this one has great space-saving features. With three pop-out beds, the interior area is plentiful for a kitchen, bathroom, and dining area. With the beds utilizing area outside of the interior, it feels like there is a lot more space to work with on the inside.

There are also some great exterior amenities like extra storage, a gas griddle, and a 15’ awning. It is still compact at 21 feet and 4,179 lbs. making this trailer fairly easy to haul as well.

Casita Independence:

If you’re looking for the smallest and the lightest in trailers, you will find it in the Casita Independence. This trailer sizes at only 17’ of length and 2,210 lbs of weight due to its fiberglass materials. The smallest of SUVs like the Subaru Outback can handle hauling this trailer.

Interior amenities are not that limited either. It has two twin beds with under-bed storage as well as a small kitchen and bathroom setup. This gives you everything you could need in a compact and lightweight trailer.

It also comes equipped with three operable screened windows for scenic, panoramic views.

Coachmen Catalina Summit Series 172BHS:

This trailer can accommodate the whole family on your next camping trip. With a 54 x 74 inch larger bed, along with 28 x 68 bunk beds, ample sleeping room is available for a family of four. Additionally, the dinette booths can also convert to an extra sleeping room if needed.

Under-bed storage is spacious and you can store ample supplies. The storage is also accessible from the exterior for easy loading. Top it all off with a small kitchen and a bathroom with a tub for easily cleaning up your little ones. This is a great setup for the young, outdoorsy family.

This trailer is a bit larger at 3445 lb. and 20’ 5” and also contains a large 33-gallon water tank great for longer trips.

Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite 16CB:

The second option that Coachman offers is a much more lightweight option. At 2306 lbs. and 17’ 5”, it even rivals the lightweight of the Casida Independence. Even though it is more compact, this trailer still offers ample sleeping space. Bunk beds are 28” x 72” and the dinette is convertible into a larger bed option as well.

It also comes equipped with a small kitchen with a pantry and ample storage space. Exterior storage is available as well as storage under the dinette. Like the Coachman Catalina, the Clipper Ultra-Lite has a bathroom with a tub which is easier with kids.

This trailer option is also a great one for those family camping trips and can easily house a family of four.

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17SBH:

Our final Coachmen offering is the Viking Ultra-Lite. A bit bigger than the Clipper at 2559 lbs. and 20’ 4”, this trailer has almost the same setup as the Clipper. The only difference is that a 54” x 74” bed is offered separately and outside of the dinette.

The Viking comes equipped with a similar kitchen and pantry setup as the Clipper. It also has extra storage space under the larger bed. The bathtub feature is one that rounds out this pick as a great option for outdoorsy families.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2108TB:

Winnebago’s Micro Minnie 2108TB is one of the brand’s options that offers a twin bed setup. A great feature with these beds is that they can also be converted into a king bed at your preference.

As for space maximization, a slide-out dinette allows for some extra space in the interior. Lots of windows make for great natural light and cross ventilation.

It also has some great features on the exterior. Patio speakers and a power awning with LED lighting round out this pick as a very pleasant option.

 Airstream Classic 30RB:

This Airstream trailer is the largest on our list at 30 feet in length and about 8,000 lbs.

You can adjust your sleeping position on the two twin power beds and charging stations are near the beds. The trailer can actually sleep up to five people. The convertible dinette can also serve as a sleeping option as well as a large couch.

Great additions to its amenities are separate toilet and shower rooms for privacy. This trailer also has ample closet and storage space. This is a more expensive option in trailers but the space and luxury are worth it.

Airstream Globetrotter 25FB Twin:

Airstream’s next trailer on this list is the Globetrotter. It’s a bit more compact but it also costs a bit less when compared to the Airstream Classic.

The twin beds are made to fit snuggly into the curved walls of the trailer, maximizing space in the bedroom area. The dinette and couch combo allows for ample seating as well as extra space. The dinette can also convert into an extra sleeping room if needed.

Like the Classic, the Globetrotter has a separate toilet and shower rooms for privacy. It’s still a pricier option, but Airstream offers lots of space and more luxury than many other brands.

Jayco Jay Feather X19H:

Are you looking for a more affordable option than the luxury Airstream options? The Jayco brand does have some great trailers at a fraction of the price.

At 3,800 lbs and 20’ 8”, the Jay Feather X19H is still a good-sized trailer with ample space. It has two pop-out tented beds at the front and at the rear of the trailer. The pop-outs allow for extra living space in the interior of the trailer.

It also has a small standard kitchen and bathroom along with a spacious dinette and living room area. At under $30,000, this is an affordable and spacious option among travel trailers.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX7 154BH:

An even more affordable option in the Jayco brand is the Jay Flight. This trailer is much more compact and lightweight so most SUVs and trucks can haul it. At under $20,000 on average, it is one of the most affordable options in trailers.

Yet, it has a lot less space than some other options. Twin bunk beds are the only sleeping options since it does not have a seating area outside of the dinette. Standard amenities are included like a tub/shower, small kitchen, and exterior storage.

Keystone Springdale 189FLWE:

This trailer might be perfect for a small family. The bunk beds have a double bed on the bottom and a twin on the top and the sofa bed can double as extra sleeping space.

Along with the living area, it comes equipped with a small kitchen and pantry as well as a dining area. The tub/shower combo is also convenient and ideal for families with small children.

The trailer is about 4,000 lbs and almost 24 feet long so there is ample space in the common areas for 3-4 people.

Warp Up

The trailer market has changed due to the popularity of trailers with queen or king bed options. Yet, you can see that there are still great options available for trailers with twin beds.

Are you looking for a massive trailer with ample space and luxury items that is fit to house your whole family? Or are you looking for a more cost-effective and compact trailer that your SUV can haul?  Either way, after reviewing your options here, make sure to study up before purchasing.

Have some fun dreaming up a great travel trailer for your perfect adventures!

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