Wyoming Car Window Tint Laws (Updated)

Whether you have just moved to Wyoming or are planning on moving, make sure you know the laws before you go. Even if you are just traveling through, a ticket can ruin a vacation, so make sure your car follows the laws in Wyoming.

Quick Answer

You are allowed to tint your car’s windows in Wyoming.

Passenger Vehicle

Windshield: Above the AS-1 Line

Back Windshield: 28% VLT

Front Side Windows: 28% VLT

Back Side Windows: 28% VLT

Multi-purpose Vehicle

Windshield: Above the AS-1 Line

Back Windshield: Any Darkness

Front Side Windows: 28% VLT

Back Side Windows: Any Darkness

In the following sections, you will learn more about these rules and what they mean for you whether you are traveling through Wyoming or moving to Wyoming.

Window Tinting in Wyoming – What Does The Law Say?

Whenever you are visiting a new place, or moving somewhere new, it is important to be aware of laws that can impact you and your family. The laws regarding window tinting are different in every state, so make sure you know them before you visit or move to a new state.

Can Windows Be Tinted in Wyoming?

Car windshields can only be tinted above the AS-1 line. The rest of the windows on a car can be tinted. The VLT, or Visible Light Transmission, requirement in Wyoming is 28% or more for side and back windows. Wyoming laws allow darker windows than many states, so it is important to check the laws if you live in Wyoming and are traveling out of state.

Passenger Vehicles have stricter laws than Multi-purpose Vehicles. A Passenger vehicle is a family car, SUV, van, etc. A Multi-purpose Vehicle is a truck, SUV, or Van that is used for work and personal use.

What Windows Can Be Tinted in Wyoming?

In Wyoming the window tinting laws vary based on the type of vehicle you are driving. Passenger Vehicles have stricter rules than Multi-purpose Vehicles. The windows can let in as little as 28% of visible light, making them darker than allowed in many states.

Front Windshield: In Wyoming, non-reflective tint is allowed above the AS-1 line, or the top 5 inches of the windshield. Check with your car’s manufacturer to find out where the AS-1 line is. If the AS-1 line reaches beyond the top 5 inches, then you can only tint the top 5 inches. Typically, they are about the same.

Back Windshield: The back windshield of a passenger vehicle must allow 28% or more Visible Light Transmission (VLT). This means that 28% of the light from outside the car or more needs to be able to get through the tint. On Multi-purpose vehicles, the tint on the back windshield can be at any darkness level.

Front Side Windows (Driver and Passenger): The driver’s side window and front passenger side window must have a Visible Light Transmission level of 28% or higher. This requirement is the same no matter what type of vehicle you are driving. Passenger Vehicles and Multi-purpose Vehicles both have to conform to this rule.

Back Side Windows: For passenger vehicles the side windows in the back of a car, van, or SUV must have a Visible Light Transmission of 28% or more. If your vehicle happens to have three rows of windows on the side, the middle row is included in the back side windows category. On a Multi-purpose Vehicle, the side windows in the back of the vehicle can be tinted to any level of darkness.

Restricted Colors: In Wyoming it is illegal to have windows tinted yellow, red, or amber. You may get any other tint color on your windows.

Wyoming Window Tint Law Medical Exemption

Wyoming has a Medical Exemption for the tinting law. There is an application process that includes receiving an official letter from your doctor explaining why you need darker window tint in your car. The Medical Exemption allows a VLT of 25%. Once approved, it is important to keep copies of all documents in your car.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wyoming Car Window Tinting Laws

These frequently asked questions may help clarify some of the rules and expectations for car window tinting in Wyoming.

What Does VLT Mean According to Wyoming State Law? VLT is the term used to describe how much light must be able to go through the window. VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission. When laws say a car needs a VLT of 28% they mean that 28% of light needs to be allowed through the windows. Car windows can always allow more. For instance, in Wyoming, where the law says 28%, you can have a car with tinted windows that has a VLT of 35% because it allows more light in than the required amount.

How Much Does Car Window Tinting Cost in Wyoming? In Wyoming the cost of Car window tinting will depend on how much tint you want and how many windows you want to tint. The average price for a 4-door sedan is about $250-400.

How Dark Can Your Windows Be in Wyoming? Side windows, front and back, as well as the back windshield must have a VLT of 28% or more. That means the windows only have to allow 28% of the Visible Light to get through. This makes them fairly dark, about as dark as typical dark lens sunglasses.

Is Reflective or Colored Tint Legal in Wyoming? Colored window tint is allowed in Wyoming. However, the colors red, yellow, and amber are not allowed. Reflective window tinting is allowed so long as no more than 20% is reflected. That means it has to have a low reflection amount. Windows should not look like mirrors or metal.

Can You Get a Ticket for Tinted Windows in Wyoming? Yes, you can get a ticket for having windows that do not meet the requirements in Wyoming. The minimum ticket you will receive for this traffic violation is $110. If you are from out of state and your car does not meet the requirements, consider renting a car for your trip into the state. If you are moving into the state, you either need to have your windows replaced or sell your car and purchase a new one.

Wrap Up

Now that you have all the facts you can make the important decisions regarding travel within or moving to Wyoming.

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